Sheepdogs in Wolves’ Clothing

A frequent metaphoric trope underlying Christianity is that of the Good Shepherd, tending with loving care to his flock, bringing them back into the fold, and into his forgiving good graces, from which they frequently are tempted to go astray. Like the Passion of the Crucifixion (cribbed from the funeral of Julius Caesar) and the virginal Nativity (similarly cribbed from the birth of Augustus), the image of the Good Shepherd was, and still is, intended to evoke compelling warm emotions, tinged with a subliminal guilty eroticism. Perhaps the ultimate example of such questionable taste is Michelangelo’s iconic depiction of the temporarily dead shepherd laying in the arms of his unexpectedly young virgin mother.

A more contemporary cultural mirror of this open duality, if you will, is the patriotic moralizers on Fox News, who are constantly decrying all manner of actual and fabricated assaults on their values — while their Australian patrone, Uncle Rupert Murdoch, broadcasts, with impunity, a never-ending bounty of exactly such depravity on his other media channels. It is all intended, from an insider’s point of view, as a figurative poke in the eye of the sheep, who are kept inflamed with agitprop stoking their fears.

“They know I’m doin’ it Mike,” Nugent shouted over his shoulder, to Huckabee, who was plugging away on a bass guitar.

While these fox-rattled sheep rail against ‘alien’ workers (needed to maintain the holy profit margins of Republican farmers and Democratic hotel owners), they turn a blind eye to allowing Uncle Rupert to cut to the front of the immigration line. Even darker yet is watching the gluttonous fox, Reverend Mike Huckabee (Southern Baptist), playing Cat Scratch Fever (~May 2011) with Ted Nugent, Mr. Wang Dang Doodle. But according to the good reverend it’s ‘OK’ though, because the Huckabee lambs won’t be able to watch daddy “make the pussy purr”.

That’s because the huckster equivocated by saying that, unlike the case with Beyoncé and the Obama lambs, his little lambs were asleep at the time, or at any rate they weren’t at his side:

[Christian Post]: … National Journal’s Ron Fournier said you have a “hypocrisy problem” because you once shared a stage with Ted Nugent singing “Cat Scratch Fever,” which is a sexually explicit song. What would your response be to Ron Fournier?

Huckabee: I know Ron very well, a good guy. First of all, Ted changed the lyrics pretty dramatically when he sang it on the stage that time. And secondly, I wasn’t sitting down with my teen-aged daughter, my daughter, who is, of course, an adult now and has her own children.

It has to do with the propriety of the context. Again, I’m not a prude. I’m aware that there certain expressions that in certain contexts would not be considered inappropriate. Now frankly, I think some of the gyrations of a stripper pole, I’m not sure how wholesome that is at any time. And, you know, I’m sure I’ll deserve some criticism I take for things I do and that’s one of the reasons we have free speech in America.

Unfortunately for Huckabee, the videotape shows that the lyrics were just as naughty as ever. And the little lamb was already on the PAC payroll. Let’s hope, for his lambs’ sake, that Huckabee doesn’t follow the example of huckster Cyrus Scofield, who scribbled the Jesuit’s Futurist School of the End Times into the pseudo-Talmudic marginalia of Scriptures for the benefit of the Low Church Protestant sheep. After he first abandoned his wife and children and committed massive financial fraud, that is.

We must agree with the Church, that it is necessary to forgive these needy sheep. Their sinning against humanity, and all other existence, is born from a profound ignorance and insecurity programmatically passed down to them generationally by their parents and clergy. We know that they are sinners, because the Church cynically tells us so, even though they no longer really like to explain what the real Sin is. So here, I will tell you. Back in the days of fire and brimstone, they would tell you that we are all sinners because the (metaphorical? ancestral?) Eve, in league with the Devil, got Adam to partake of the metaphorical(?) Tree of Knowledge. In reality and conversely, the real Sin is that via the blind acceptance of faith, one thus becomes blissfully ignorant of the craven actions of the figurative shepherds and sheepdogs of humanity, thus betraying not only one’s own self, but everyone else.

This cartoonish plucking of the heartstrings has a most profitable purpose, not only when one does the fiduciary math for the shearing, err … tithing of the flock, but just as importantly it helps provide the means to maintain and build a critical mass for projecting geo-political power in pursuit of the always ongoing global ends of the temporal shepherds, vicariously standing in for their euphemistic exemplar, Christ (Caesar).

Here it is time to briefly address our ambiguous blog byline, “Beyond the New World Order,” as for here, in one sense at least, we mean that the next iteration of a new social order will come, one way or the other. “The only thing that never changes is Change.” Importantly, if enough sheep do not awaken from their blissful slumber, then all of us, and our descendants will be left with the New Boss being pretty much the same as the Old Boss, to paraphrase the Who. The Old Boss, was the ‘collectivist’ shepherds that inherited the universal, harmonized, church invented by the Caesarian emperors, implemented and tuned over many centuries.

This is why the Roman Church still pays such homage to Virgil and his 4th Eclogue’s New World Order. The church insiders know that Augustus ‘Jasius’ Caesar and his caesarian and papal vicars are the cynical shepherds euphemized by the fictive Jesus Christ, the son of a tekton. They, the supposed proud descendants of the fabulous king Solomon, who conjured up demons and spirits, and had a harem of hundreds of purring pussies.

As such, now is the time for all transcendent sheep to demand a new and different paradigm, one without figurative shepherds that rig elections with dark money and hand crafted candidates. Shepherds that don’t fool you into sacrificing your begotten sons and daughters to Moloch, so that they can enrich themselves in various blood soaked con schemes.

In this Next iteration New World Order, quite possibly already in the Tribulatory transitional process: without your intervention, do you really expect that the New Boss will be any different in his nature towards you? Do you really think that you should continue to accept, like any other herd animal, that there is safety in numbers, and that therefore your best game plan is to not stick out from the others, and thus Konform?

If the New Boss will be the same as the Old Boss, then can we expect his coterie of minions, the metaphoric sheepdogs, to be any different in the new age from those of the old? That’s a question I’m not totally sure I can answer right now.

But, if we are ever to make any attempt to do so: first we need to identify the collective historical players, or is that board pieces, in the seemingly never ending and bloody Abramic Game that plays out before us on the global stage. This symbiotic game is fueled by the neurotic and insecure aspirational vanities of its enabling victims (us, the sheep), the acquired sociopathology of its collaborators (the sheepdogs), and the (inbred?) psychopathology of its instigators (the shepherds). Here, my title refers metaphorically to the second group, but it is important to recognize that there are nuanced levels in applying these terms, and further on we’ll look at some others’ recent use of these metaphors so that we can see the importance that one’s perspective makes in applying them. And thus, how easy it becomes to cynically set various groups, the flocks of human sheep, against each other by how our respective views are framed.

It is important to recognize that I am stating that the vast majority of all peoples under this Abramic Matrix, if you will, are indeed truly pawn-like victims — not only via the direct actions of other competing flocks of sheep, but ultimately more so because of the provoking Hidden Hand of the shepherds and their collaborative agents, the sheepdogs. By “sheepdogs”, I mean any person who agrees to carry out the agenda of the shepherd class, whether being paid in cash, or via appeals to their vanity, conceit, or fears.

The Abramic game has been generally framed with great success by the real shepherds, to create the illusion that their first ‘Chosen’ flock (that is, the Jewish people) appear to many others as if they are the foremost sheepdogs, or perhaps even the shepherds themselves. But in a subsequent post we’ll meet a proud representative of some metaphorical werewolves that literally claim to be the rightful and sincerely ‘Good’ shepherds.

And consistent with my prior posts, I assert that most of us have been lied to by the various Pied Pipers of Western History. This includes academia, whose institutional roots are in maintaining the deceptions of divinity for the shepherds’ sake. Unlike today, all universities were church (and thus generally state) institutions, and this includes America’s Ivy League institutions. At one time the latter were seriously considering to make Hebrew the academic language of choice.

In any case, these first Chosen of God, the Jews, have even adopted a deep cultural term for their role: that of the ‘scapegoat’. This would be generally accurate as a metaphor, except to those other sheep and sheepdogs who perversely enjoy playing the sick, distractionary game. One can even find discussions evoking a mass Stockholm Syndrome of sorts: Jews heroically accepting the Suffering Servant mantle, or crown of thorns perhaps, in taking this ‘necessary’ scapegoat role as part of the canonic schema in order for the Abramic god to ultimately reign supreme globally.

As to being sheepish victims within my framework, this generally includes most common Jews, many of whom have figured out, one way or the other, like many others, that this general regime of Abramic Terror is bogus. The list of Jewish scholars and authors whom I consider as true heroes, is indeed long — along with others who are gradually lifting the veil off this system. Thus my application of the metaphors are not meant to be applied as if Christians (and Muslims), say, are the Sheep and conversely that Jews are the Sheepdogs — though that is exactly what the Caesarian Catholic system cynically wanted us to perceive it as.

Of course, the parameters of the game have been altered in the last few centuries and further more so in the last few decades.

First, with the general Western transition to modern and democratic nation-states, we have been ‘liberalized’ away from the monarchical ancien regime in which Christ the King formed a euphemistic and vicarious metaphor for the secular kings and the caesaro-papacy. This change was accompanied by the economic transition from feudal agriculture to Mercantilism and Industrialism, more likely, driven by various inevitable technological advances. The scalability of commercialized mechanization led to the realization that there was more gold in them factory workers than in them serfs, if only one applied their capital funds to such ventures. And ‘pharaoh’ let the ‘serfs’ go free, so to speak.

As a result of these perhaps inevitable changes, the social dynamics for the shepherds had to react and change to the new environment. As I briefly discussed in Black Collared Magic, the serfs leaving the manors and estates of the gentil nobility and the Church were now actually under even more stress from the new capitalists, who gleefully found themselves in a wage race to the bottom, and considered their results as via divine Providence. As a result, the appearance of the Predestined Elect seems to have morphed from that of the hereditary descendants of the long landed, war lords to that of what ancient Rome used to term the Equestrian Class, or equites, from the same root as our modern ‘equity’.

The Equestrians were so named because, in the earlier Roman Republic era, there was no professional standing army. Because they could afford the expense of a horse and associated gear: those of an entrepreneurial nature, and successful as such, were allowed to participate in the aristocrats’ calvary rather than being restricted to the infantry as the plebes and freedmen were. As such, they were also entitled to a higher share of the war booty than the infantry. Later, they became known as ‘knights’, which, by the way, is why this piece on a chess board has a horse head.

I submit that the hereditary shepherd class has not disappeared altogether, despite such as the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, but only that the surviving remnants have veiled their continued existence and/or learned to appear to restrain the behaviors, while pruning a few odd branches off the family tree (the one grafted onto the Root of Jesse – Romans 11). Furthermore, since the very time that the monarchical system began to appear to disintegrate, we have been institutionally conditioned to think that the equites, and other categories of sheepdogs, now actually run the asylum.

Martin Bernal’s lengthy Black Athena (Volume 1) exposed the mechanisms and motive behind the creation of the ‘modern’ university system by the Hanoverian nobility, in order to give (baseless) justification to the Romantic construct for the exploitation of non-Europeans. This, among other exploitable things, was the source of the teeming multitude who would be needed to eventually replace the former serfs heading to the industrial cities, and to populate the colonies granted by God’s Providence to the Euro royals. Eventually those serfs would begin to clamor for better compensation after all.

It should be noted that Bernal’s purpose in his series was to demonstrate that black Africa’s contributions, via Egypt, to Western society were, in the process, being shoved under the carpet. I have a different take on the purpose for which Egypt was ignored, which I will save for a different time.

Another shift in the dialectic is the Catholic Church’s more recent decision to soften its stance viz-a-viz the Jews as being Christ killers, by shifting the focus back onto the Roman soldiers. This last tack didn’t take too well with Catholic traditionalists such as Mel Gibson, the producer of the movie The Passion of Christ, his father, and the millions of other Christian viewers that mostly didn’t even know the difference. Here, we might label Mel Gibson as a sheepdog, perhaps of the unwitting variety, as it appears that he doesn’t understand that his ‘traditional’ Catholic values should not support a res publica as his role in the movie Patriot depicts.

I also assert that all those who continue to engage with this metastasizing Abramic cancer in various manners are serving as enablers, the so-called Useful Idiots, who can be ever depended upon to act and vote against their better interests, frequently because they aspire to transcend from being a sheep into that of a sheepdog, at least. It is not benign as so many secular thinkers are wont to allow.

And no doubt, some deranged individuals will attempt to take my words out of context, as was done for Israel Shahak with his Jewish History, Jewish Religion, indeed ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. His work courageously helping to lift the veil off of the underpinnings of the game got him tarred by his own kind as a ‘Self Hating Jew’. In Chapter 4 he provided some of the details in how Jews were intimately incorporated into the fabric of Christian society, … for a specific purpose. To wit, they would serve as a buffer class between the gentil nobility and the various non-gentil elements of the lower classes, i.e. the plebian craftsmen and artisan, the freedmen, the peasants and/or slaves.

Please note that if one was not part of the medieval nobility, and what later was termed the ‘gentry’, then one was not really part of the ‘gentil’ clique, otherwise known in occult Christian parlance as the ‘Elect’. Prior to modern ‘liberal’ democracies, even the monarchs and emperors who were not the hereditary continuations of dynasties had to be ‘elected’ by their noble ‘gentil’ peers. But today, to keep the religious and cultural scam going, the common folks’ vanities are now massaged into allowing themselves to ‘fancy’ themselves as Gentiles. At the time of the American Revolution, a landed, gentry aristocrat like a George Washington, or a Thomas Jefferson, was thus a ‘gentleman’, unlike a rude Low Church dirt farmer. Later, in the antebellum South, such a dirt farmer might Exceptionally aspire to become a gentrified, slave owning member of the neo-Elect. Today, almost anyone can own an iPhone, with Siri as a slave. This is just part of how the Sheep are still fleeced of their ten percent, as has been the case since at least ancient Sumeria.

As is commonly admitted, today’s rabbinic Judaism was established as being built upon what was known, in the time of Christ (or perhaps technically then as Chrest) Caesar, as the Judaic sect of the Pharisees. What is either profitably ignored or forgotten is that Flavius Josephus stated that during the first war that there were two ‘schools’ of the Pharisees and that one school was exterminated. I hope that I don’t need to explain to the reader why one school ‘died’ and the other survived. Especially after we learn that the erstwhile troublesome Jews, as we are misled to believe as being these surviving Pharisees, were granted ‘liberty’ to re-establish themselves at Javneh, or Jamnia, whence it is stated that their current textual canon, the Tanakh was set in order. All under the imprimatur and all seeing eye of the victorious Flavian regime who had just fulfilled Christ Caesar’s End Times prophecy in Matthew, i.e. that the (third) temple would be torn down to the last stone, exactly within the ‘generation’ (40 years) of the disciples.

Are we really to believe that the Romans, who had already gone to so much bloody trouble to restore order, would allow anybody but collaborators to do such at Javneh? The leader, to become an ethnarch vassal of the emperor, of these Jews had, after all, proclaimed Vespasian (or Titus?) as the coming emperor; as did Josephus, a man with a biography remarkably like the Apostle Paul’s.

Please note that I said ‘third’ temple, as the first was Solomon’s, the second Zerubebel’s, and the third was Herod’s. But today, the Scofieldian Protestants and the Zionist rabbis have conflated the second and third temples, such that we are supposed to be still expecting the third to be built (any time now) so that the genocidal zombies of fundamentalist Christianity can feel justified in their salvic and rapturous blood lust … for Christ’s sake. Incidentally, by doing so, the Jesuit’s Futurist School of End Times prophecy can be made workable without denying the claims of the Early Church Fathers that Titus’ victory was the perfect fulfillment of the Matthew prophecy.

Under the long term Caesarian project to slipstream a pseudo-monotheistic amalgamation of pagan mystery schools under a convenient Judaic façade, the empire’s Jews (comprising roughly ten percent of the population) were institutionalized as a buffer, or middle class, which provided several benefits to the shepherd nobility:

  • The Judaic façade of the new order would mitigate against the prior social tensions.
  • The Jews could be scapegoated whenever times were bad as is frequently inevitable, or not.
  • It helped that there was an historical affinity between the elite Jews and the crème-de-la-crème of the Romans, the Sabines.

It is important here to realize the distinction between the elite Jews and the not-so-elite Jews. For here, we find that the average Jew, frequently isolated in a walled ghetto, as prescribed by the Church, usually led a  rigidly defined life, legally confined to certain ‘professions’, or similar occupations such as monopoly traders, as authorized by the gentil nobility. The dark irony being that, besides being canonically and ritually blamed for being Christ killers, they were despised for engaging in occupations and behaviors that were prescribed by Christian law, and yet vital to the function of the monarchy.

As I mentioned in Peoples of the Flavian Book, all this was enshrined by the papacy and in Church theology, as discussed at length by James Carroll in Constantine’s Sword. To summarize the theology: the vile Jews were necessary to retain in society as a ‘living example’ of what Christians must strive not to be, all the while being legally forced to be just that. This system lasted until the process of modern ‘liberalization’ began to occur in earnest, and the Jews were thus ‘emancipated’; yet we still see the ‘Romantic’ cultural legacy today an otherwise disproportionate predominance of Jews in many professions and other tensions. Where it used to be ingrained in law as to what Jews should pursue as a vocation, now cultural pressure does this job.

In bolstering my claim as to the relationship between the elite Romans and the Jews, Shahak went further and discussed how it was only elite Jews that were allowed the exception of marrying into the European royalty, themselves the interbred legacy of prior Roman alliance marriages. Another elite relationship was that of so-called hofjuden (royal house Jew) status garnered by some individuals doing the direct business or acting as advisors to the royal houses.

From the time of Christ Caesar, these reconstituted Jews, in accord with the Catholic theology described by Carroll, were also especially demonized during Easter, being negatively caricatured, physically and behaviorally, as radically different from the faithful worshipers of the supposed ‘one good Jew’.

Why haven’t you read such an account before? It’s because our institutions of higher learning are heavily biased not to lift the veil. One needs to understand that originally all universities were essentially religious in nature, and religion was, and still is, the left arm of the power structure of society. As Bernal explained, the ‘modern’ university system was launched in Germany at the University of Gottingen, under the the sponsorship of George II, the Hanoverian (German) King of England. While it pronounced itself to be an exemplar of the new scientific approach to scholarship, its first papers were unsupportable racist drivel that advanced the new philosophic paradigm of Romanticism. Unsupportable, though this does not stop those addicted to the propagandic legacy of Romanticism ever since. Sadly, or hopefully, depending on one’s perspective, Bernal pointed out that there is no cultural evidence of significant racial animus between the various flocks of sheep prior to Romanticism.

Can it be any coincidence that the ‘modern’, faux scientific university system came about in the same general time frame as the serfs were transitioning to the city factories? That perhaps this is because a Justification was needed to gloss over the elite exploitation of the other peoples of the world, including rights to their land and resources? This is what religious Justification is all about after all. It is a Game Redefinition that allows otherwise unallowed behavior to be allowed. One does not have to Justify correct or decent behavior, do they?

Next, once the factory and other workers learnt that they could leverage themselves collectively, it was then time to shift their workload, wherever possible, to places where there was once again a virtually limitless workforce, and one where the post-colonial leaders had learnt their lessons in controlling their sheep from the colonial shepherds and their descendants. As discussed in Black Collared Magic, Communism as cleverly formulated by the elite sponsored Marx and Engels was designed to co-opt the earlier socialist attempts to achieve a modicum of balance in economic power with the new capitalists, which included ‘forward thinking’ elements of the nobility, not still wed to the perverse pseudo-caste system of Feudalism. So once more, here we are left to blame the traditional sheepdogs and be distracted from the shepherds.

As stated above, in a coming post I will discuss a radically outrageous claim, that in contrast to the Roman’s Judaic institutional sheepdog schema, that the whole Romantic Aryan construct is also a gross distortion. Imagine if Hitler, a descendant of farmers, can no longer be considered a proper Gentile, because he is not gentil as I discussed above, that now in addition he (and most all of us) can’t even qualify as an Aryan. If so, what’s a vain sheepdog to do?

The purpose of the examination of this enigmatic and highly crafted claim will not be to either advocate or debunk it as much as to examine its potential to either dramatically clarify or obscure the correct contextual understanding of our societal underpinnings. This, as ‘could’ be the case with other literary works or general human communication’s, including my flawed efforts. But whether this metaphorical werewolf’s claims are true or not to whatever extent, a major part of his focus is on establishing completely different, detailed, and ‘inverted’ contextual frameworks for numerous cultural ‘occult’ phenomenon such as being focused on now at Postflaviana. This is important for several reasons, but such ‘inversions’ are central elements to the Abramic Game and found elsewhere such as in the .. ah Brahmic Game. Oh no, more Aryans.

Also, as mentioned above about the Tree of Knowledge, the ‘werewolf’ will give us a wider, and ‘shamanic’ cultural context for what was once merely an ancient and globally widespread attempt to articulate a vision of the unseen underpinnings of reality, perhaps akin to Plato’s efforts, into a latter day psychological ‘scarecrow’.

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