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Special guest Sophia Smallstorm: Fri, Dec. 16.

Special guest Sean Stone: Fri. Dec. 9.

My buddy, SageRad, got blocked from Wikipedia! Fri. Dec. 2.

Standing Rock; Pizzagate; Color Purple Revolution? Fri. Nov. 25.

Comet Ping Pong & Pizza Pedophile Ring: Fri. Nov. 18.

Post-Election Analysis: Fri. Nov. 11.

Creating Christ (new book by Valliant & Fahy), Fri. Nov. 4

Is the Election Rigged? Let us count the ways… Fri. Oct. 28

Special guest, Austin Wiggin: Farm Internships, Unpaid Labor, Prison Strike, Fri. Oct. 21

Bayes’ Law applied to Shakespearean Authorship, Fri. Oct. 14

Titus Andronicus, Fri. Oct. 7

Lucifer and Superman, Fri. Sept. 30

Standing Rock and the Future of Petroleum, Fri. Sept. 23

Presidential Election Update, Fri. Sept. 16

Christ Mythicism, Fri. Sept. 9

Aldous Huxley and MK-Ultra, Fri. Sept. 2

Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President. Fri, Aug 26

Wars in the Middle East: Russia and China next? Fri. Aug 19

Earthquake prediction: another Wikipedia adventure, Fri. Aug 12

Hillary Clinton Cash & Corruption: Fri. Aug 5

Response to Paul Dunbar’s Critique of SSM: Fri. July 29

Alfred Kinsey: Fri. July 22

Evolution — Beyond Social Darwinism: Fri. July 15

“The” Secret Society? Modus operandi. Fri, July 8

Brexit, Fri. July 1

Special guest, Tim Rocks: Postmodernism — The Comic Book! Fri. June 24

Symposium on Poetry and Madness, Fri. June 17

Quantum physics vs. quantum mysticism, Fri. June 10

A Conversation on LSD: What did it mean? Fri. June 3

Special Guest, Allan Weisbecker: Defense of Ken Kesey, Fri. May 27

Review of Harriman’s ‘Philosophic Corruption of Physics’, Fri. May 20

The Messiah Matrix: Augustus and Christian Origins, Fri. May 13

Nullification of Federal Law by the States, and by the Citizens: Fri. May 6

Gelitin, The E-Team, Back to the Future, and 9/11: Mon. April 18

ISIS Temple at Trafalgar Square: Mon. April 11

Authoritarian Personality: Mon. April 4

‘The Jews’ as a Scapegoat Class: Mon. March 28

The Unabomber and his targets: Mon. March 21

Gordon Wasson’s Genesis typology: Mon. March 14

Vaccinations & Autism; Isaac / Old Testament; Candidates’ Debates: Mon. March 7

Academy Awards; Vaccinations: Dissolving Illusions; Mon. Feb 29

Abraham at Mecca, Israel in Arabia? Mon. Feb 22

Coen Brothers “Numbskull Trilogy”, Mon. Feb 15

Wikipedia — Mon. Feb 8

Malheur occupation; Russell ‘Walkway-Gate Lawsuit’, Mon. Feb. 1

European refugee crisis, Mon. Jan. 25

Big Data, Document Retrieval & the Flavian Signature. Mon. Jan 18

Jane the Virgin, Star Wars, Ken Kesey: Mon. Jan. 4

Abelard Reuchlin and the Piso theory: Mon. Dec 21

Special recording with Giles Gaffney: Flavian Signature news.
Also, Giles made a video edition!!


Why so much complacency? Mon. Dec. 14

Extraterrestrials?  Mon. Dec. 7

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