Z Nation Nation starts on, drum roll please, ta da!

The news season of Z Nation starts on September 11th on Canada's Space Channel.

Can this be just a bizarre oversight?

Or some campy tacky joke?

Richard Stanley

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Well this is just great. They are headed my way, and at first in looking at the map I was relieved that they were going to San Diego - by the position of the star. Then I realized the tag says Mt. Wilson, which is in my old hiking playground.

I searched for CDC lab at Mt. Wilson, and it looks like the writers took advantage of search term proximity or something, as this CDC link includes a discussion about a tick born pathogen discovered in a man working at Mt. Wilson. Maybe they are planning to have these spirochetes be the cause of zombyism, ala syphilis? Except the show says its a virus.

BTW, I've personally never even seen a tick in those particular mountains, unlike say oodles in the Sierras.

These clustered spirochetes look disturbingly like the FSM:

I guess even the FSM, like God, gives with one noodley appendage and takes with the other.

In any case, I think they may also be trying to tell us part of what is coming.