Young Turks on end-times prophecy

Jerry Russell

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Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks produced this amazing short video on Biblical end-times prophecies, posted May 14. He fully gets that this is a core aspect of the world predicament. Well worth watching.

Screen shots of TYT's sequential list of end time prophecies:

Is this a good summation, or is this distorted in any significant, biased way? Out of 11 points, they only give scriptural references for two.

Quote from Uygur's narration:

Finally, Christ will defeat all of his enemies, capture alive the Antichrist and the false prophet, and cast them into the lake of fire where they will be tormented. I thought Jesus was supposed to be the Prince of Peace. Understand that in their sick, sick scenarios, almost everyone on the planet dies. They look forward to Armageddon, and Jesus kills almost everybody. Except, of course evangelical Christians. Because Jesus can't get enough of Missouri. This is the madness that elected officials believe, a lot of people in our media believe, and drives the United States government. These are the most dangerous people on earth.

Richard Stanley

Good find Jerry.

Uygur is generally correct that this is what is the underlying basis for everything that we're seeing today in the world, and for the past 2,000 years plus actually. The list is generally correct, but of course, there are many ways to interpret details. The big question is though, is all this happening organically - from divine origins as via the 'divine prophecies', or is some kind of script being followed -- under the guise of a divine prophecy?

These End Times scenarios are the real focus of the collective 'secret society' of which all other phenomenon are subsidiary. But to what real purpose or 'End'?

I'm currently reading Weidner and Bridges The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye, which among other things clearly demonstrates the common focus of esoteric Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the same general eschatology. One can also add the Vedic source to this and even the essence of Buddhism. They demonstrate the development of an transmission of related esoteric knowledge and other collaboration between elements of these religions. The fact that 'moderns', like us, generally summarily reject such knowledge systems does nothing to address the fact that human affairs of state are indeed getting played out in such a fashion. This trend to ignore was also facilitated by many sects and denominations that chose to ignore the apocalyptic aspects of their canons.

As I have stated elsewhere recently, the messianic Jews still expect their messiah modeled upon Joshua ben Nun (aka Yeshua > aka Jesus), and the Muslims expect Isa (aka Jesus) to immediately follow the Mahdi. Jesus is considered the Prince of Peace in this regard because he (and the Mahdi) will eliminate all the evil-doers and thus create a new millennium of glorious Peace, as did Augustus. Ronald Ray Gun riffed on this theme with his Peacekeeper MX missiles.

William F. Buckley asked whether or not such 'fundamentalist' people on the political stage were indeed "immanentizing the eschaton" or not. However the problem is much deeper that the fundamentalist sheep. It goes to the shepherds and their better access to esoteric knowledge, that appears to have been the real focus of the early gnostic Christians. BTW, W&B definitively demonstrate that when read through esoteric eyes that the entire Christian canon is focused on an apocalyptic End Times, not just the florid metaphorical imagery found in the Book of Revelation.

So then the important question becomes the confusion over the Preterist interpretation(s) and Futurist interpretations. W&B make a great case that the highest esoteric adepts (and thus by implication the real 'secret society' that really matters) were proposing an apocalyptic Alpha and Omega scenario, derived from the cosmos just as the religious canons assert, and which get mimicked upon Earth by men (and Jesus and the Mahdi). "As above, so below". They claim that this massive event is tied to the timing of the precessional Great Year of the Zodiac.

The cosmic aspect did not play out in Jesus time, or in Christ Titus's time, but they are claiming that we are in the proper time window, generally speaking now. This as we are precessing through the galactic ecliptic within our local solar system's environment. W&B demonstrate what appears to be a knowledge linkage over time that a huge dual event happened at the previous crossing of ecliptics about 13,000 years ago (a half cycle of the Great Year).

There was such a dual cosmic sourced disaster that impacted Earth back then, but the question for me is whether or not these events were just one-off and cosmically random or indeed tied to the timing of the Earth's precession. In order for the claims to be true, then we should see the record of such events happening cyclically in such as the glacial ice cores and sediment strata. I'm not aware of any such findings.

But imagine if you are a bunch of elites sitting around in Plato's mithraic-esque cave and come up with a brilliant scheme to create a new global order, realizing that humans like their local 'cultures' so much and are resistant to too much change too quickly. So you create one common meme within different controlled opposition camps of human sheep. That meme says, consciously and unconsciously, that the present order is going to get slapped silly and a new and better one will get put in place, at some point in the future, which only the insiders gnow when.

Then, when it comes time for a programmed big change, the various deep state operatives of the global web blow their trumpets, entrained those already primed to action. The mass chaos employed is overwhelming to most all, and the new order can be effected.