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After three global wars and two major revolutions, the United States would remain the only world power, but, during the third revolution which Pike said would be the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known, the United States was to be disintegrated by internal treachery, and fall into the hands of the Luciferian conspirators “Like over-ripe fruit.”

Pike set forth quite clearly that World War One was to enable the directors of the W.R.M. to subjugate Russia and turn that Empire into the stronghold of atheistic-communism. This was accomplished with the first major revolution in 1917. Communism and Nazism were to be used, together with anti-Semitism, to enable the directors of the W.R.M. to foment World War Two. This was to end with the destruction of Nazism as a world power, because it would, by then, have served its purpose.

The Sovereign State of Israel was to result from World War Two, as was also the United Nations. Political Zionism was to be used to enable the directors of the W.R.M. to foment World War Three, by playing up the real and supposed differences between Israel and the Arab states. World War Two was to end with Communism taking over control of most of the Far East. Sufficient territory was to be kept free so that Communism in Russia and China could be kept in check, or ‘contained’ until the Synagogue of Satan were ready to use it in the final stage of the Luciferian conspiracy. Communism was to be organized and also kept in check in all the remaining nations until the directors of the W.R.M. decided it was time to throw ALL Communists and ALL non-Com- munist at each others’ throats. Pike explained all this to Mazzini in his letter dated August 15, 1871.

This programme has been carried out EXACTLY as Pike intended; he simply applied his military genius to put Adam Weishaupt’s plans into effect. Thus the people on this planet are involved in the semifinal phase of the Luciferian conspiracy.

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