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David Talbott, Saturn Theory Mythologist
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I have not seen anyone address this before, except in a few unrelated bits, and I don't want to write it up, and would be pleased as punch if any of you did, or just enjoyed. Using the Internet and typology I was able to discover that gay spy Roald Dahl encoded some amazing things in two books, and so likely more. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory encodes the greatest accomplishments and tactics of the Temple Alliance, as well as hidden plasma physics. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator encodes Saturn Theory, catastrophe, and more, esp. noticeable in the vermicious knids.

Master of the double entendre, Dahl has a triple, at least, with chocolate (blood, poop) and bubble (tv, plasma etc.). The grandparents are King George III, George Washington, Joseph the Patriarch and Josephus Flavious. The ticket holders are: Charlee- bastard prince Forrest Mars, Sr., Agustus - Kaiser Wilhelm, Veruca-Cardinal Woosley and St. Veronica, Violet- Napoleon, Mike- Moon Hoax, America. Karl Marx and Hitler held the forged ones, depend on version. Reading and watching the movies both helps, they switch things around to hide and reveal.

It looks like Ian Flemming was his boyfriend and doing the same things, at least in part. Diamonds are forever encodes Mars, and, I think, reveals that Howard Hughes was a cover for him, a Spruce Goose. Mars Attacks reveals accomplishments, like turning the media into a lapdog, etc. I'm sure there is more, but I need drop this in the laps of others.

A new day

I'm seeing more and more comments on the sites I visit concerning Roald Dahl's "Chitty, Chitty" and "Charley". I, too, would love to read a more in depth analysis on him and Ian Fleming. Maybe you, Wolfsire?