Wilhelm II and General Ludendorff

It is an English translated composite that was from an article about Hitler which the author obtained from writers about him, hence, the "For first three years Payne 37 & Jetzinger 65-66. For last year Heiden 49, Jetzinger 65, Maser 35-6, Smith 96". Austrian schoolmasters grade their pupils numerically 1-5, here the American equivalents A-F are used.
According to the great Google, Mt. Holyoke College, Mass. used the first letter grades in 1897. How far and fast the practice traveIed, I can't say. [Edit: Just saw Seeker's explanation after I posted]
Meanwhile, Richard, I'm going through your eschatology thread and we have considerable overlap in thinking. Quotes from various sources assume or insist on a real Hitler, though, but that only reinforces to me the absurdity that anyone would defer to such a character on anything. Assertions from one author and another and another recalling Hitler seizing this or controlling that has me feeling like Luke Skywalker fending off a fusillade of storm trooper fire with my light sword. I did hear something that made me think the scales may one day fall as Joesph P Farrell in a recent podcast talked about how much Karl Haushofer helped "Hitler" write Mein Kampf. Farrell I have always found entertaining which is why his Nazi aliens stuff never turns my stomach. I don't think he takes it all that seriously and that sets a good tone. The fact that someone with his profile is even mentioning Haushofer makes me hope that some of what's discussed in the circles I frequent may one day actually get some air time in wider media platforms.