Why the emphasis on eating?


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This thought popped into my head as I was listening to your interview with Henrik over at RedIceCreations.

In The Walrus and The Carpenter story both the walrus and the carpenter eat the oysters at the end of the story. At the end of the Beatles' Walrus music video after the nuclear explosion you see people frantically eating.

I'm not understanding the emphasis on eating. Could this point towards the well-known conspiracy that some sort of entity receives nourishment from human suffering? Is this the point of genocide?

If you guys could explain the focus on eating at the end of the story and song then I would appreciate it.
Cannibalism is a big part of the argument around here- Titus Andronicus- The Eucharist of the Gospels, etc. Imbibe previous posts and podcasts throughout the forum- The motif will become clear-
Hi Antelope

The Gospels are a cannibal joke made by the Flavian Caesars against their enemies the masonic, messianic Jews. 'Shake speare' is literature by a Jewish group that reverses the joke and envisions the Gentiles eating human flesh. 'I am the Walrus' is genocidal humor that continues with the 'Shakes Speare' perspective. Thus the focus on 'eating' at the end of the Beatles' apocalyptic clip. This humor is also the basis for the absurd volume of flesh eating zombie films we have to suffer with currently.