Who Created the USA and .... WHY?

This Washington/Lee family also has connections going back to Native American history, through Martha (Dandridge) Custis, wife of George Washington. Besides being descended from the West family, who were Governors of Virginia (this family married into the Saltonstall settlers of Massachusetts too), her Aunt Unity (West) Dandridge had an Uncle, Captain John West (also Martha's step-granduncle), the son of Cockacoeske, female leader of the Pamunkey tribe of Virginia, which was part of the Powhatan Confederacy. Martha may also have had a half-sister born into slavery, Ann Dandridge Costin, whose enslaved mother was of African and Cherokee descent.
Yes, according to the facts, the family, relatives, and connections of Numero Uno Founding Father George Washington certainly extended throughout all of American history, and even prehistory. Could Tupper Saussy be correct, in his "Rulers of Evil", when he surmises that a Committee, authorized by Congress in the fall of 1775, when the American Revolution had just begun, composed of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Harrison, and Thomas Lynch, "mysteriously shared its authority with a total stranger. This stranger was an elderly European transient known only as “the Professor.” Saussy believed that this "stranger" could actually be the recently "deceased" Jesuit Superior General, Lorenzo Ricci, the Man Who Created the USA, who made an eventual national icon of President/General (and Freemason) George Washington. This prototypical American hero became "The Father of His Country" (also a title of Julius Caesar), who, like Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, was a "secret" Roman Catholic until literally on his deathbed (?), with his successors ruling from Washington, D.C. (originally called "Rome"), and, also like Caesar, he was granted an apotheosis into a "God" in the Roman "Capitol". One of the strangest stories that I have ever heard about him, is that Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit-taught professor of canon law and founder of the Illuminati (in the same year of American Independence, 1776), ultimately took the place of George Washington as the first President of the United States, because of a perceived resemblance to him. What an ultimate Roman "triumph" that would have been for Superior General Ricci!
Abraham Lincoln is supposed to have told his law partner, William Herndon, that his mother Nancy Hanks was the natural daughter of "a well-bred Virginia farmer or planter", and that he inherited his superior abilities from him, making Lincoln distinguished from the other Hanks family members, which in that regard was certainly true. It has been speculated that this "planter" could have been George Washington, as the Hanks family was also in Virginia, and both Washington and Lincoln shared exceptional height. As wild as this identification may seem, Washington and Lincoln were also two of the greatest US Presidents, and so would certainly fit into a secret elite US bloodline of "real players", perhaps the supreme one in this country, exercising power during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, times of extreme crisis in American history. So we have a Washington step-descendant marrying Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and a Washington natural descendant (?) Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States during the Civil War. Was this "controlled opposition" within the same American elite family, just as Jesus/Izates revolted against Julio-Claudian Roman Emperor Nero at the commencement of the First Jewish-Roman War, even though Julius Caesar was his great-grandfather?
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The following is mostly from "Pandora's Box", by Alex Christopher, which includes information about "hidden" United States history and elite families. According to records found by Christopher, I shall continue with Abraham Lincoln, his family, and connections into modern US history. In a nutshell (there is much, much, more to this), Lincoln's true father was a Springs, originally Springstein (then where's the Boss?), which is a branch of the Rothschilds ('nuff said). Lincoln, in turn, had his own natural children by a Habsburg daughter farmed out in the US (future controlled opposition between these two related factions), and his descendants by her include Howard Hughes (who like Lincoln also has many illegitimate descendants all across the country), and the astrologer and author Linda Goodman (my stars!). His official wife Mary Todd belonged to the Illuminati Collins family of witches, and Lincoln himself was a Rosicrucian on the Council of Three (Order of the Lily), with Paschel Beverly Randolph and General Ethan Allen Hitchcock. The niece of a nephew by marriage to one of Lincoln's natural daughters married James Baker, Secretary of State and White House Chief of Staff to President Bush Sr., and afterwards as a UN envoy to Western Sahara and an Enron consultant. A cousin of Lincoln, Leroy Springs, had great-granddaughter Crandall Close Bowles, one of the top women executives in the United States, and thus the world (Chairman of Springs Industries, Inc., Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of Springs Global, Chairman Emeritus of the Springs (private investment) Company, Director of the Carolina Federal Reserve Bank, Director of JP Morgan Chase, Member of the Committee of 200, Hillary financial supporter, among many other "real player" positions and connections). She is married to Erskine Bowles, former White House Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton, thus we have both Republican and Democratic Chiefs of Staff from the same Elite 1% family, two sides of the same coin, and more controlled opposition, even today? He also served as Democratic co-chair of President Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Erskine and Crandall Bowles are now fundraising for Joe Biden this year, so this brings us right up to date, as this family have been and are making US history, especially if the Washington and Lincoln connections are true. By the way, and this is a fact, George Washington, besides having a de Vere descent, is the 2nd cousin, 7 times removed of Queen Elizabeth II, and the 4th cousin, 7 times removed of Queen Elizabeth I. If the latter really had Edward de Vere and Francis Bacon as children, then they are kin to Washington also, with their Shakespeare, Freemason, Rosicrucian, John Dee, King James Bible, Virginia Company, "New Atlantis", etc. relationships. It really doesn't get any better (or bitter) than this!
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I wonder if Jesuit Superior Lorenzo Ricci could have been the "Grey Champion" during the Revolutionary War Crisis of "The Fourth Turning"? Certainly George Washington was a "Champion" of America in actual deeds (who found repugnant the idea of becoming "King of America", just as his prototype and ancient ancestor Julius Caesar had publicly refused to become King of Rome), and may have been associated with Ricci, according to Tupper Saussy in "Rulers of Evil". Interestingly enough, Washington did have English "Champion" ancestry, being a direct descendant of Sir Edward Dymoke, King's and (Queen's) Champion at the coronations of the "red headed" Tudor monarchs Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. His daughter Frances Dymoke, who married Sir Thomas Windebank (Clerk of the Signet to Queen Elizabeth I and King James I, Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council, and associated with the Cecil family), was the ancestress of George Washington, but her brother Sir Robert Dymoke, George's "Uncle", succeeded his father as Queen's Champion for Elizabeth I, and was even named a Roman Catholic martyr after his passing.
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Now you are pointing to what may be his 'Norman' lineage. Somewhere on this site, I believe, is a reference to his Norman lineage (but this might be lost somewhere in my earlier e-mail archives with Jerry). There are many mentions of GW by me on Postflaviana.

And, of course, all humans have an ever expanding tree of ancestors, excepting the degree to which they are inbred (like traditional royals or extreme hillbillies). Therefore, considering matters like alliance marriages, all of these vectors you've mentioned can be true.

Here, is a similar account, tracing back to Odin (sic).

George Washington’s family originates from Norway, according to genealogist Albert Welles’ explicit explanation. Now it has been added that he is also Vossing. According to Washington’s own statements he is from the family Vass, which had come to England about 970 and settled in the vicinity of Durham. Welles has learned that Washington descends from the Orkney earl Torfin Sigurdson, who was to have had a son, Bardolf, who was supposed to have settled among his co-descendants, vassings, at Durham. In addition, he assumed the name Vassingetun. There can well be doubt whether this Bardolf was a son of Earl Torfin; because the sagas say that he only had the sons, Erlend and Paul, who joined Harald Haardraade in the battle at Stamford Bridge, but who are never mentioned by Albert Welles. On the other hand, it is evident that this Bardolf must have been a Vossing, to judge by his name. It really is Bard-ulf, that is to say, Ulf from Baradal, now Bordalen is only at Voss. Ulf Vorske, of course, went to Iceland in the Landnam (land-taking) times and there are several things that indicate the Vossings went along on the expeditions to the British Isles. Then too, the name Vors is found on the Shetlands. ....​
That would makes sense, considering that I think the actual 'Norman' descent from 'Vikings' is dubious as well. I.e., a cover story.
Don't quote me on this yet, but just from memory, I believe that Charles N. Pope, of the "Domain of Man" site, believed that both Norman dynasty founder William the Conqueror, and Plantagenet ancestors the Foulques Counts of Anjou, were both descended from the Byzantine Roman Emperors, in turn descended from the original Western Roman Emperors. I also seem to remember reading, years ago, that genealogists believe that George Washington has the most royal ancestry of any US President.
Pope's Forum is not available anymore from his site, where all of his discussions on this subject were. However, he did believe that the Norman lord Tancred of Hauteville was actually (among others) Manuel Comnenus, founder of the Byzantine Comnenus dynasty, and that Foulques V (1089/92-1143), Count of Anjou, Crusader King of Jerusalem, Knights Templar associate, and ancestor of both the Plantagenets and Kings of Jerusalem, was the same person as Byzantine Emperor John II Comnenus (1087-1143). George Washington was descended from several Plantagenet Kings.
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Somewhere on this site, I believe, is a reference to his Norman lineage
You mean that George Washington was ultimately of ancient Sabine lineage? From your posting last Aug. 2 on the "From Cleopatra to Christ" thread:
"the foundational ruse of the "Rape of the Sabine Women" allowing the Sabines to take over early Rome from the Tarquin kings. Romulus would ascend to Heaven and become a god, just as would the later Norman great, George Washington. Sabine kingship would be eschewed by the new republic (as did George)". This would correlate with the Charles N. Pope identification of Normans (and Plantagenets) as actually belonging to the family of the Comnenus Byzantine Emperors, descended from the original Western Roman Emperors, and thus from the Sabines.
Sir William de Hertburn, a 12th century paternal descendant of the Earls of Northumbria, acquired the estate of Wessyington in Durham in 1183, and adopted that name for his surname, which later became Washington. His wife, Margaret of Huntingdon, was a Scottish Princess, Duchess of Brittany, and a direct descendant of Adelaide of Normandy, sister of William the Conqueror (direct elite Norman connection plus some Angevin). William and Margaret's son William is the direct male line ancestor of President George Washington. A brother-in-law of this younger William was Prince Geoffrey Plantagenet, son of King Henry II, and the father of two very unfortunate claimants to the English throne (direct elite Angevin/Plantagenet connection plus maternal elite Norman), and a half-brother of William's was the Magna Carta surety Henry de Bohun, 1st Earl of Hereford, whose mother-in-law's granduncle, Geoffrey de Mandeville II, 1st Earl of Essex, married into the de Vere Earls of Oxford family. All of these elite Norman connections (and more) are just from this original Washington named ancestor with his wife and son.
Jerry and I have visited the Getty Villa museum when he came down for a visit some years ago. It is supposed to be a replica of the Piso estate at Herculaneum, so according to some theories, it was the real 'estate' where Christianity (back in 'Chrestian' times) was actually cooked up.

The video presentation about the Hittite calendar is really very interesting as well.
Charles N. Pope sent me this comment today:

"There has been much speculation as to whether the USA is Rome. Perhaps, but this country began under the Greek independence model. A symbolic "Revolution" was staged to (ostensibly) free us from an oppressive British Empire (as neo-Persia). Then there was the Civil War, which mimicked the horrific Peloponnesian War in Greece. Surprisingly, America emerged from that disaster to ultimately take the place of Britain on the world stage. The spread of American culture and values across the globe is analogous to the Pan-Hellenism of Classical Times. But, in the minds of many the USA has now become (or is becoming) the next "Evil Empire" along the lines and imposing its will like "Pax-Romana."

Maybe after I get the Persian Period material reposted in book form, we can revisit this subject."
As the eagle grasps the snake.

Was the Peloponnesian War rigged like the American Civil War (dualing Masons and such)?

Charles N. Pope just sent me this:


First the eagle freed itself from the snake, then it took control of the snake!

In mythological terms, God's Throne was "on the Sides of the North." Ursa Minor was originally the "wings" of the constellation of the "serpent" (Dragon/Draco). Ursa Minor broke free and ultimate came to dominate the former master. But, at what cost?

Everything in the ancient world was definitely rigged. The whole Sparta versus Athens was pure theater, except there sure were a lot of "extras" being killed off on the stage!

If America was being developed as a New Greece, then some kind of civil war was obligatory. There didn't even have to be a reason. Tradition dictated it, so it must be! Exactly what were the Spartans and Athenians fighting over, does anybody even remember? Apparently Greek lives didn't really matter much either!


I always thought it was strange that the leading generals of the Civil War chose teams like you would for a pick-up basketball game. Somebody forgot to tell Grant that the war was supposed to go on for decades until there weren't any more poor patriotic Athenians or Spartans left to sacrifice."
Charles N. Pope also gave me this identity "bombshell" for this thread:

Louis, Dauphin of France (b. 1729 -1765) George Washington, son of Augustine Washington (b. 1732)

Martha Washington (b. 1731) Maria Josepha of Saxony, wife of Louis, Dauphin of France (b. 1731)
If this is true, both Louis and Maria Josepha "passed away" young, in the mid-1760's in France, when George and Martha were living in comparative obscurity at Mount Vernon. Good time for a complete, permanent change of identity.
If King Louis XVI was indeed their son, it would explain why he wanted to help "Dad" out during the Revolutionary War.
Washington was supposed to have loved Lafayette like a son, and as Dauphin Louis he would have been in France at the time Lafayette was born in 1757, so ........ (connect more dots?).
Passed away, or passed over ... the Atlantic?

If true, it impacts the French Revolution significantly, and all the propaganda BS about the masons 'against' the monarchy(s), adding to that Napoleon was of Italian nobility. It's just more of the same deception, here retaining de facto control, as we've long asserted.