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It looks as though Tupper Saussy believes that Virgil was indeed referring to Augustus Caesar as the "Savior", but then skips over three centuries (which time frame includes Josephus, the Flavian Roman Emperors, and of course "Jesus of Nazareth") to the time of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, who "legalized" Christianity. In other words, it looks as though he either did not or would not carry this "Savior" evolving into "Esau" being grafted onto the "Messiah" in the period of the Jewish War.
As to whether GW converted or not I don't know, but as I mentioned before, Saussey's book discusses close associations to the Maryland Catholics across the Potomac from him.
GW was also in a close "father/son" relationship with the Marquis de Lafayette, an "Enlightened" Roman Catholic, who nevertheless became a Freemason, as GW was. Though Lafayette was not a practicing Roman Catholic, his wife was a devout one, and on the way to Yorktown, during the Revolutionary War, he was said to be accompanied by his own personal chaplain. As of member of one of the oldest noble families of France, his family would have naturally been loyal to the Roman Catholic Church at that time. Washington was also the first President of, and Lafayette an original member of, the elitist Society of the Cincinnati formed after the Revolutionary War, and both of them were also early members of the American Philosophical Society, composed of some the finest minds of high renown in America and Europe at the time.
http://granddesignexposed.com/pdf/barbelon.pdf pp. 5-8 mention the Revolutionary War, Jesuit/Roman Catholic/Illuminati involvement, the Carroll brothers (Charles Carroll almost running for President?) and George Washington's supposed Roman Catholic baptism, even that he was a secret member of the Great Council of the Rosicrucian Fraternity! However, Rosicrucians are believed to have settled in Pennsylvania from Germany in 1694, and Washington certainly was in Pennsylvania during his lifetime, so who really knows?
Interestingly enough, Washington and Lafayette were also both redheads. Washington is believed to descend in the male line from the 5th century Irish King Niall of the Nine Hostages, which if true would take him back to the redheaded Egyptian and Scythian royalty, according to Nicholas de Vere.
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For his part, the redheaded Lafayette had numerous French (and otherwise) aristocratic and royal descents, including from the Foulques Counts of Anjou, according to Nicholas de Vere the younger branch of the de Vere Counts of Anjou (Fulk the RED was the 1st Count of this Anjou branch), and with ultimately the same redheaded ancient Egyptian and Scythian royal ancestry. As a Roman Catholic who was also a Freemason, Lafayette should have been automatically excommunicated, but I can find no record of this, was he an exception because he was a bridge-builder (Roman "pontiff") between France and the United States, obviously he and George Washington were "real players" in the American Revolution, with Lafayette also one in the French Revolution besides. Knowing all of this, could it have been "planned" beforehand that the French Roman Catholic-cum-Freemason the Marquis de Lafayette be planted to become the "son" and disciple of the American Freemason and Commander-in-Chief George Washington?
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Your mention of GW in this context prompted me to remember my earlier mention of Anton Chaitkin's work on Albert Gallatin with respect to GW and the Louisiana Purchase - funded by Gallatin's familial Swiss banking connections. As I remember, the Swiss Gallatin's were closely allied to the Savoys.

It seems that Chaitkin has an online book, American Prometheus, discussing similar American history as Saussy. The below except is on Aaron Burr and Gallatin. Note the link to Lord Bute and George III, of whom Saussy features.

[The book intro begins perhaps too romantically for me, as I consider such 'noble' American aspirations as being under constant siege since colonial times, where we are allowed to maintain our self-delusion of 'freedom' (per Goethe's expression about mental slavery).]

Burr and Gallatin
To “turn” these two states, Jefferson and Madison now began working in tandem with Aaron Burr in New York and Albert Gallatin in Pennsylvania. Burr had just become one of New York’s senators, having defeated incumbent Senator Philip Schuyler, Hamilton’s father-in-law.29 Gallatin, whom we have previously observed inciting opposition to the U.S. Constitution, was now a leading member of the Pennsylvania legislature, operating alongside Jefferson and Madison in the then-state capital, Philadelphia.
Burr and Gallatin would constitute the third and fourth leaders of the Jeffersonian party that would drive the founding nationalists from power within a few years.
Both Burr and Gallatin were personally affiliated with the British intelligence apparatus which Lord Shelburne operated from London and Geneva into France.30
Born in colonial New Jersey, Burr was a shockingly cynical lawyer and power-broker – a political adventurer. He had been raised as a step-brother to Peggy Shippen, who helped move her husband Benedict Arnold to his famous treason against the American Revolution. While Burr was a Continental Army officer in 1780, he had entered into an affair with Theodosia Prevost, whose husband (Marc Prevost) and his brother (Augustine Prevost) were then high officers in the enemy British army. The Prevosts were members of a leading Geneva aristocratic family involved with combined British-Swiss political and financial interests all over Europe. When Marc Prevost died in 1782, Aaron Burr married his widow and adopted his children, and soon served as attorney to the Prevost family interests in New York State. Theodosia introduced Burr to the work of Jeremy Bentham, Lord Shelburne’s team leader for intrigue in France, who became Burr’s life model.
As a student at the Academy of Geneva, Albert Gallatin formed a life-long friendship with Étienne Dumont. Gallatin invited Dumont to participate in his western Pennsylvania operations.31 But Dumont went instead into the service of Shelburne, as intermediary for the Bentham team’s regime-change intervention in France.
Gallatin was, from early childhood and throughout his life, intimately acquainted with the Mallet family of Geneva. Prof. Paul Henri Mallet tutored Gallatin and directed his historical studies after having been commissioned by Lord Bute32 and George III to write the history of the British royal family. This professor’s brother-in-law was the British officer Marc Prevost, whose children Aaron Burr adopted.33
As Jefferson and Madison began in 1791 forming the national faction that was to become the Jeffersonian political party, Senator Burr was shaping a New York state political machine that could deliver votes against Jefferson’s opponents. Gallatin was meanwhile engineering a direct revolt against the federal government’s fiscal program: On January 14, 1791, while the Whiskey Tax was pending before Congress, a resolution by Gallatin was introduced in the Pennsylvania Assembly calling it “subversive of the peace, liberty and rights of the citizen” through which the nation would “enslave itself.” 34
During 1791, Jefferson founded a Philadelphia newspaper, the National Gazette, to attack Hamilton and his program. National Gazette editor Philip Freneau was paid by Jefferson’s State Department for a sinecure post as a translator.
It should be noted that while this factional assault was being assembled, Shelburne’s elder son Lord Wycombe was in the United States. Though his son had just finished serving as Shelburne’s political eyes and ears in revolutionary France, he was on “no Political Errand whatever” in America, according to Shelburne’s assurance to President Washington.35
The initial tactic of the political attack by Jefferson and his partners was to boldly lie against Hamilton, rather than to debate his arguments. Hamilton was called a “monarchist”; they said his programs were deliberate designs to overthrow the republic. These slanders have echoed down through the centuries to the present era, adding a great deal to the stupefaction of Americans about their own history.

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Both Burr and Gallatin were personally affiliated with the British intelligence apparatus which Lord Shelburne operated from London and Geneva into France.30
Very interesting information from another angle. The Lord Shelburne (born as William FitzMaurice) whose British intelligence apparatus Burr and Gallatin were personally affiliated with, was a male line descendant of the Anglo-Norman FitzGerald family, who claim to be descended from Tuscan noblemen and related to President Kennedy through his maternal FitzGerald line. Seems like a stretch to me, but I just found out that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is a collateral descendant of his. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uk...e-discovers-blue-blood-in-her-own-family.html
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funded by Gallatin's familial Swiss banking connections
In Part II, Chapter 7 of Chaitkin's "Treason in America", he also ties Rome into American subversion by Gallatin and the Swiss bankers: "Robison (Professor John Robison, author of "Proofs of a Conspiracy") "brainwashed" President John Adams and many others, into believing that the French government of Lazare Carnot, which had crushed the Jacobins, was complicit in conduiting the Jacobin insurrections of Albert Gallatin et al. into the United States. In fact, the British, together with the suppressed Jesuits and the Swiss bankers allied to London, had created and directed the Jacobins. In consequence, the Essex Junto (wealthy New England Federalist "traitors") became the foremost backers of the same Gallatin as a member of the Jefferson and Madison cabinets!".
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into believing that the French government of Lazare Carnot, which had crushed the Jacobins, was complicit in conduiting the Jacobin insurrections of Albert Gallatin et al. into the United States. In fact, the British, together with the suppressed Jesuits and the Swiss bankers allied to London, had created and directed the Jacobins.
I just posted the following in my last post on another thread:
In any case, there is a theory that the expulsion of the Jews from Rome by Claudius was done under this pretext, so that they could be put to better use elsewhere. The same is likely, IMO, for other expulsions and for such as the Jesuit Disestablishment.
Making an unusual connection to George Washington, as he was regarded as a "father" to Lafayette, and portrayed as the "apotheosis" of a god in the US Capitol, with Lafayette naming his son after him, could he also be regarded as a divine ancestor of the Habsburg dynasty today, as Julius Caesar regarded "Venus" as his divine family ancestor, since some of the Habsburgs are actually descended from Lafayette?
This is quite a speculative, tortuous undertaking, but it is possible to create a male line Habsburg ancestry from today back through the Austrian Emperors, Holy Roman Emperors, Dukes of Lorraine, the Carolingians and the Merovingians, to King Genger (Cestrinus) of the Cimmerian Bosporus (Scythia), grandson of King Priam of Troy, back to Dardanus (Darda), great-grandson of the redheaded(?) Jacob, who finally "sojourned" in Egypt, the grandson of the Sabean star watching "shepherd" (?) Abraham.
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Habsburg dynasty today
Add to this, a healthy dose of Savoy genes, and the "Habsburg" nomenclature appears to be a covering for all of their Roman/Italian blood, just as Napoleon is considered to be a "French/Corsican" Emperor but had Italian blood going back centuries to Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (incidentally. even he married into the Habsburg dynasty). Going by the following article, the late Dr. Otto von Habsburg was the true heir to both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires, besides having Anglo-Saxon, Tsarist Russian, and many other claims, including King of Jerusalem. Had the Habsburgs inherited the Anglo-Saxon throne, Empress Maria Theresa and her son Emperor Joseph II would have ruled England during the Revolutionary War. http://my.raex.com/~obsidian/pretends.html AUSTRIA-HUNGARY Emperors of Austria and Kings of Hungary. Also Kings of Bohemia, Croatia, Galitzia, and rulers of much else - see just afterwords, the article on Dr. von Habsburg.
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Speaking of royalty, after the Revolutionary War a wishful thinking Colonel suggested the idea that George Washington could become a King, which in no uncertain terms Washington dismissed, a parody of Julius Caesar turning down the diadem from Mark Antony at the Lupercalia? Regardless, both Caesar and Washington, the "Fathers of Their Countries", both became "gods", anyway.
Burr had just become one of New York’s senators, having defeated incumbent Senator Philip Schuyler, Hamilton’s father-in-law
It seems that in conventional United States history, we are taught that Burr was the "bad guy" and Hamilton was the "good guy", based in part because Burr killed Hamilton in that infamous duel. Since Hamilton established a national bank, however, it seems that in some conspiracy theories he is made to be "not so good", could it be that they were both controlled opposition "real players"?
One has to ask themselves several questions first. First, whether or not a so-called 'national central bank' is owned and operated "for the people" or not. Today's Federal Reserve Bank, like most country's central banks, is a private corporation deviously disguised to look like a government entity. Instead it is owned by its private member banks.

Hamilton was one of the so-called Federalists, and as such then one has to decide whether such as Federalism is a good concept, and we are now struggling with that question in the re-emergence of nationalist versus globalist issues. Of which I see as just one parallel layer up from the prior state versus federal nation issues. Some people want their current status quo while others want to expand the current framework. This is the schizo dialectic problem for a nation that was formed by biblical principles of Conquest and which also messages to not stop till the global job is accomplished. So looking at Hamilton, or today's Clintons and Bushes depend upon the viewers' biases of the moment.

One might like the free trade caused by the Constitution's Commerce Clause for state to state trade, but this concept creates problems for some of the same when extending Free Trade to the global level.
Unless he had a hidden death wish, it almost seems as though Hamilton is setting himself up to be a "martyr"(he wrote that he intended to throw away his fire), while Burr becomes the "fall guy", who nevertheless is never tried for Hamilton's death, and then later on acquitted of treason charges. It just all seems a bit too "good to be true", but perhaps it was.
So ..... Obama was born in Kenya and a subversive crypto-Muslim?

This video argues that America is an deep Islamic plot, led by the Islamic royal leaders of the Anglican Church, the British Crown, descended from the red-headed Muhammed. Hence the Muslim motif of the Masonic Shriners.

At the end of the video Louis Farrakhan leads his flock through the Muslim connection, apparently the knowledge sourced from Albert Pike, whose hand was also in the formation of the KKK (the gematria value of 33). Be careful what one wishes for.
We were having a related discussion about Berber origins last Sept. 11, on page 16 of "Cleopatra to Christ". At that time you produced another Robert Sepehr video entitled "Rh- Negative Blood and Antediluvian Civilizations", and I mentioned that he was accused of promoting a racial supremacist agenda. You replied that "I've only watched a few of his many videos and have caught what might be a racial trend, but haven't researched further to see if that is true, or whether he is just 'reporting' what's out there, so to speak. So infer to endorsement one way or the other from me." In the six weeks since then, have you come to any more definite conclusions concerning the agenda and reliability of Sepher's information?
He seems to comment on all manner of peoples and such, and so far I can't detect any racial slant. I think some people get triggered about such as swastikas which were a global phenomenon from way back.
Speaking of swastikas, Berbers, Muslims, etc., according to Peter Levenda in "Ratline", the escaped Adolf Hitler converted to Islam in Indonesia. Hitler's DNA has been discovered to be of the ancient E-M35 Y-Haplogroup, one subclade of which later became the Berbers.
Dear Seeker,

Perhaps I should explain that I'm not laughing at you...
Speaking of swastikas, Berbers, Muslims, etc., according to Peter Levenda in "Ratline", the escaped Adolf Hitler converted to Islam in Indonesia. Hitler's DNA has been discovered to be of the ancient E-M35 Y-Haplogroup, one subclade of which later became the Berbers.
...but rather that some minor non-European gene variant was found in Hitler Y chromosome - and was thought by Peter Levenda or anyone else to be important. This is because the ideology behind it, starting with Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA, thought that pieces of the DNA would control emotional and intellectual thinking, including ideology, in human beings like they control the development of embryos and the production of various proteins and hormones. As if humans are puppets controlled by mutually squabbling platoons of selfish DNA, the sort of stuff that Richard Dawkins still peddles to this day!:D

The Y chromosome has very little variation - particularly the nonrecombinant version. In medical school we learnt that the Y-chromosome deals only with male anatomy and secondary sexual characteristics - with one supposed exception, eyebrow-like hair on the front of the ears appearing from puberty, found in about 3% of men in India. But I guess they didn't ask women there whether they liked this minor secondary male feature.

But even this doesn't compare with Hitler converting to Islam in Indonesia. Wasn't Argentina enough? Though I think Richard is onto something with the Shriners which I previously only knew of as a name (quite apart from the video being correct that the first modern humans in Europe were indeed of sub-Saharan African appearance (the Grimaldis). I'll have to ask Moslem friends about the Shriners though.

Yours faithfully