What if THEY Gave a War ...

Richard Stanley

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... and Nobody Came?

Obviously, in order for something like this to work, the concept would have to go viral, as unilateral or partial disarmament of aggressive states would be dangerous. Corbett discusses the White Feather campaign during WWI to shame men into enlisting, and that it was literally too effective. So why not do the opposite?

Shame and Fear are normally tools of the Church and State, so turn the tables on those who have benefited. The Culture of Chauvinistic Sexual Harassment, a long running Tradition beyond even Western Culture, is coming under serious attack (even in the shadow of Trump Fascism), because a critical mass of attention has been achieved for various reasons.

World aWar I anyone?

We may be looking at the echoes of WWI, but we are no mere shadows consigned to observe the events taking place around us. We are conscious actors with the ability to give our identities over to the next “great” war cause, or to retain our humanity and refuse to give in. And make no mistake: your choice does make a difference.

This is an excerpt from “Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next ‘Great’ War,” delivered at the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2017. Please watch or listen to the full lecture at corbettreport.com.

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