What happened to Ryan G?


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He did some good podcasts with Joe Atwill ahead of the London event, and gave away some home truths about psychopaths who "have no soul" but "feed off other people's soul"! They discussed the brain as being a possible cause, but failed to mention about childhood up-bringing and not having emotional needs met.

Jerry Russell

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Hi Gilius,

I hope that Ryan G will help again with publicity for the new book & website. I know that the work he did for the London event was very successful and brought a lot of attention. For those who haven't heard them, the podcasts with Ryan are readily available from their original sources and easily located by Google search, so I haven't copied & posted them here. There are also other excellent older podcasts & interviews with Joe and Red Ice Radio, with Jan Irvin at gnosticmedia.com, with Acharya S, with Rodeph Emet, and probably others I don't know about. I've been posting the Revolution Radio podcasts here, because they're hidden behind a paywall at their original source after their original airtime.