Vatican Secret Societies - Jesuits and the New World Order

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    Probably the best documentary on the psychopathic ruling elite - none other than the Jesuits assisted by the Freemasons:
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    Why hello there Giles, I thought we were never speaking again. You're welcome to post here as long as you respect the terms of service. Also, as moderator, I reserve the right to edit your posts to remove personal attacks against the management, or other TOS violations; or to change the headlines of threads.

    Notice to other readers: this website does not endorse the video 'Vatican Secret Societies and the New World Order'. I haven't watched it. It might or might not contain useful information about the Jesuits and Freemasons. In my opinion, the 'New World Order' includes many important components aside from Freemasons and Jesuits; including but not limited to Republicans, Democrats, bankers, industrialists, Muslims, Jews, Protestants, Atheist intellectuals, and many more. But furthermore, many members of all these groups (including Jesuits and Freemasons) are innocent, and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
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    As far as I can find, the video was originally posted by 'The Watchman' and has been watermarked and re-posted by BibleOrTraditions, which is an egregious copyright violation. I've taken the liberty of modifying Giles' post so that it points to the original version.

    The video features a lot of footage of an interview with Eric Jon Phelps. In reading Phelps's material in the past, I've noticed that he offers a lot of unsupported assertions and speculations along with some possibly valid and interesting arguments.

    'The Watchman' is a fundamentalist Seventh Day Adventist website; see:
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    At 24:00 into the video, they're talking about the "Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction." The only evidence given that this oath is genuine, is that it's been read into the congressional record. If the Jesuits are a secret order, then how has this been leaked? Or conversely, how do we know it hasn't been spuriously invented by opponents of the Jesuits? What little discussion there is, suggests the latter; see

    So what we have is a document anonymously circulated during a heated election campaign. Both sides disavowed its authenticity. It was included in a House Report summarizing an investigation of that election, because it was attached to a document submitted by one of the candidates. The Report was reprinted in the Congressional Record.

    All in all, no sane person could conclude that this constitutes any sort of "authentication" of this document by Congress.
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    Speaking of Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) antipathy towards the Jesuits is a book by former SDA minister, Bill Hughes, titled The Secret Terrorists. Below are some serial screengrabs from the Intro. I have not read the book, but apparently Hughes claims that the Jesuits (and presumably through its numerous fronts) foment most all the global terrorism that we see today, including 9/11. All in service of its global(ist) ambitions, which I assert are consistent with the subtext and text of the Bible, contrary to the SDA's former positions -- now subjected to infiltration and revision.

    In the video further below, Hughes is interviewed by yet another expelled SDA minister regarding such Jesuit infiltration of the SDA Church, as part of a 3 part video series. Such mostly covert infiltration methodology has a general name called Entryism, where the infiltrators have an agenda to revise the infiltrated institutions core beliefs and such. This did not just happen to the SDA, but all of Protestantism. The latter portion of the first part discusses a very blatant such infiltration, which is rather hard to dismiss, even by appeals to the ecumenicism of the day. And this is what the ecumenicism is really about in any case, realignment with the Mother Church (which seems to making its own concessions to becoming a global religion, its 'catholic' (universal) goal after all).

    Where I differ from these SDA folk is that the RCC and the Jesuits were gaming the system long before this time. This was told well by Tupper Saussey in his Rulers of Evil book, and additionally there is evidence that the entire Reformation(s) were cynical ploys to achieve specific geopolitical purposes. And now that those purposes have been achieved, the various branches of Protestantism are gradually and quietly being re-adsorbed into the Mother Church.

    Similar to what I have discussed before, the Roman Church, via such as the Jesuits, is yet in league with the interests of the surviving remnants of European monarchies and the associated descendant families. Families which retired Italian admiral, Flavio Barbiero labels (in his The Secret Society of Moses) the "priestly families" -- of the Hasmonean relatives of Josephus Flavius --> and I also claim additionally as descendants of the Roman aristocracy. This is also consonant with the otherwise paradox of finding the Libertarian / Rand movement quietly sponsored by the 'monarchists' (Hapsburg, etc.) sponsors of the Mont Pelerin Society, and in the USA via such as the Koch Brothers, otherwise known as Traditionalist (aka monarchists) Catholics. It is through the cynical Koch vehicles of such as the confederated Tea Parties that their 'patriots' espouse that government, including their own, is inherently evil and now we have 'somebody's Beastly solution --> Trump (and his cabal of Georgetown Jesuits in the WH).

    Create the problem, and provide the solution.


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    I forgot to include in my comments above that the above video series, Jesuits in the USA, and especially in Part 3, mentions the phrase "apostate Protestants" fairly often. The SDA considers other Protestants as apostate because of several doctrinal reasons, the first being a (retained Catholic) failure to keep Saturday as the Sabbath, which most people know today was changed to Sun-day by Constantine (the Roman emperor and Mithraic high priest of the Sun, Sol Invictus). The SDA also has a typical Protestant problem with Catholic transubstantiation and munching of the Sun wafers (that 'Christos' is an esoteric Greek gematrical and sacred geometrical name for the Sun is besides the point). And the SDA also has a problem with such as Baptist immersion baptistry, and I guess a few other problems.

    As I mentioned above about such infiltration and takeover of churches by Entryism this happened to most all the other sects, but the entire video series doesn't mention this, as if the Catholics and Jesuits were so singularly focused on the SDA. Well, why not? The 'apostate' RCC should be so afraid ... because God's so concerned about keeping Saturday holy. This issue of Sunday versus Saturday is the basis of original SDA belief in that of allegedly coming enforced Sunday worship being the Mark of the Beast. The Beast (of the Sea) being the RCC itself.

    The Seventh-day Adventist Churcha[›] is a Protestant Christian denomination[3] distinguished by its observance of Saturday,[4] the seventh day of the week in Christian and Jewish calendars, as Sabbath, and by its emphasis on the imminent Second Coming (advent) of Jesus Christ. The denomination grew out of the Millerite movement in the United States during the mid-19th century and was formally established in 1863.[5] Among its founders was Ellen G. White, whose extensive writings are still held in high regard by the church.[6]

    Much of the theology of the Seventh-day Adventist Church corresponds to common Protestant Christian teachings, such as the Trinity and the infallibility of Scripture. Distinctive teachings include the unconscious state of the dead and the doctrine of an investigative judgment. The church is known for its emphasis on diet and health, its "holistic" understanding of the person,[7] promotion of religious liberty, and its conservative principles and lifestyle.[8]

    In the series is mentioned the original doctrinal basis for the SDA, which is the Three Angels Messages (prophecies), coming from the three angels of Revelation 14 (see the red highlighted text above). The Book of Revelation was included in the (Roman) Christian canon after much debate at the Council of Nicea, run by Constantine and Eusabius. The entire order of the Christian canon (ignoring books excluded from the Protestant canon) was assembled by Eusabius. Thus, I claim that there is no legitimate path for any Christian sect that claims not to be Gnostic in orientation, that is, to have not come through Rome. "All roads lead to (or from) Rome."

    Additionally, it appears that they are otherwise rather orthodox Protestants in that they seem to adhere to the King James Version of the Bible, originally, at least, strongly opposed to later watered down interpretations.

    Thus it is ironic to see adherents of the original SDA, like Vierra and Hughes (in the video series) proclaim other Protestants to be apostate, while they themselves come theologically from a canon that descends from Rome as well. No matter ones' interpretations are, it is all one script to be played out, in terms of a Futurist End Times that is. Doubly ironic that it was the dreaded Jesuits that launched the notion of a Futurist (second) Second Coming (the first Second Coming being in 70 CE). As such, these OG SDA are complaining that the Jesuits are messing with their essentially Jesuit inspired theology.

    If one is going to create a 'sacred' script, then various 'somebodies' have to play all the roles in the play. 'True believers' have a need to openly play the perceived 'good guy' roles, while others must labor covertly for the Dragon and the Beasts. Without these last the script can't be fulfilled. This is why Christians also needed Judas and/or Pilate.

    Incidentally, the city of Nicea's name honors the Greek goddess, Nike, known in Rome as Victory. Victory is sometimes depicted as standing with one foot atop a 'globe'.
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    Jusits in today's government
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    I am In agree with you Jerry on the who, (the big boys! rulers of the the world) it's a combination or combine of people, old and new families and institutions with the levers of power in there hidden hands we see there shields like the red shield family called Rothschilds.. But we are in the dark as they are much safer being on know, the world. It's only on a need to know basis would they be know.
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    popes army the bible not true just the pope

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