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Thanks, ZHD. It's interesting to see all these relationships mapped out. I was especially intrigued by the entry on Gene Simmons, "Blood drinker." He is definitely a demonic figure on stage, and known for "blood spitting", although it's not clear whether the stage blood he's spitting is supposed to be his own, or someone else's. More generally, some of these characters might be serious devotees of occult practices, while others might merely be projecting an image for sensationalist purposes. Either way, it's a fascinating cultural phenomenon.
The Gary Oldman connection, to me, is quite interesting. Not only did he play Dracula, but he played the villian in the Fifth Element, in which he tried to summon the Black Star of Nibiru to earth as part of a prophecy laid out by Aliens that put the pyramids in Egypt. Dracula > Nibiru > Annunaki... It's all a little too Ickean for comfort. Also, he played the detective in the Batman Series by director Christopher Nolan, who also directed Johnny Depp's Transhumanism/ Immortality flop called Transcendence.


Interesting that you have Diana Ross randomly connected to Gene Simmons but no connection between her and Michael Jackson...?
Interesting that you have Diana Ross randomly connected to Gene Simmons but no connection between her and Michael Jackson...?
Let me give a disclaimer: This is by no means a complete work. There may be errors, typographical or otherwise. It merely a jumping off point for more thorough research to occur.
Are you familiar with the Jack Parsons story, connected to Crowley and L Ron Hubbard? He was not a Hollywood celeb, but played an interesting role in early American rocket propulsion development. parsons devil's gate
I am starting to hear more and more about him as I look deeper into this subject. I have been listening to a few interviews with the researcher Chris Everard about Crowley and the Anunnaki and he goes into quite a bit of detail about Parsons. He seems to be a character of particular interest. Aparently his business partner was a direct descendent of the "Maharal", who did some strange experiments with animating dead bodies with the life essence of dead people in the 1500's. Supposedly the first "Frankenstein". Everard seems to be an extremely competent researcher and I look forward to reading more of what he has to say about these things.
I came to a realization recently about a possible typological strategy that the elites use to communicate with each other about certain aspects of the agenda of the secret societies. It seems that they are using the roles of certain actors to paint a story over the course of their careers. In other words, it seems that they are "Typologically Typecasting" certain actors to portray the truth that lies behind the veil. I would take Gary Oldman as a remarkable example of this: His roles have included: Sid Vicious (MK Ultra); Dracula (Satanism and blood drinking/ human sacrifice); Jean Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg from The Fifth Element (Nibiru Worship/ Egyptology); Commisioner Gordon from the Batman Trilogy (Elites using bat symbolism); Sirius Black from the Harry Potter Series (Sirius/ Egypt Worship/ Secret Societies/ Witchcraft)

From Fandom Villians Wiki: (Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg) He is portrayed by Gary Oldman, who also portrayed Drexl Spivey, Norman Stansfield, Egor Korshunov, Dreyfus, Lord Shen, Baron Ruber, Count Dracula (1992 film), Carnegie and Mason Verger.

Just look at the names above: Carnegie; Baron; Lord; Mason... Can I get a ding on the coincidence bell, please??