Unacceptable Risk of Nuclear War

Richard Stanley

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Fortunately(?) we're all off the plantation. But I consider Trump and Hitler to be part of the neocon/neoliberal script. Does Saker believe that these two individuals were/are unwitting lambs being slaughtered?

Saker stated:

Since the Neocon coup against Trump the West is now on exactly the same course as Nazi Germany was in, roughly, the mid 1930s.

Oh sure, the ideology is different, the designated scapegoat also. But the mindset is *exactly* the same.

Funny, I just got the image of Isaac being pulled back from the sacrifice of Abraham at the last moment. He then symbolizes the first one who went to the first Western (at least) Hidden Resort. The new Israel not being synthesized (in the Bible narrative at least) by the Egyptians until Jacob is assigned this name (immediately after Jacob fought God to a draw in an all-night wrestling contest). Fake News anyone?

I think y'alls concern is dependent on the real ends of the players -- and to the extent that all nuclear weapons are indeed under the control of 'controlled opposition'. If they are then nuclear weapons, beyond the showcasing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, are little more than metaphorical scarecrows.

I opine that the controlled opposition(s) have it in the bag, regardless of claims of 'deadhand' control. But who knows? Does fear of the deadhand make it harder to cut off the head of the snake? Does a snake have hands?

Jerry Russell

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Trump announced yesterday that the US will be leaving Syria "very soon". It seems that nobody believes him, although the Washington Post is upset that Trump would "telegraph military strategy" and thus "tip off the enemy".

Saker continues to believe that Trump meant what he said about trying to disengage the US from foreign wars, and that he has been overruled by a "Neocon coup". But, as of now, Saker hasn't mentioned this latest word from Trump. Personally, I take it as an encouraging sign that Trump, for one, sees how dangerous the situation is, and is trying to back off. Same thing in Korea, with the overture to meet with Kim Jong-Un.

However, Saker does give a most interesting analysis of Trump's motive for choosing this particular moment to start a trade war with China (my color coded emphasis):


Yes, the Empire is currently taking on both Russia and China, but everybody, from its leaders to its zombified population, seems to think that these are two, different and separate foes. [We can use this opportunity to most sincerely thank Donald Trump for so “perfectly” timing his trade war with China.] They are not: not only are Russia and China symbionts who share the same vision of a prosperous and peaceful Eurasia united by a common future centered around the OBOR and, crucially, free from the US dollar or, for that matter, from any type of major US role, but Russia and China also stand for exactly the same notion of a post-hegemonic world order: a multi-polar world of different and truly sovereign nations living together under the rules of international law.
Maybe we can notch the doomsday clock back to 2 minutes before midnight, where the esteemed Atomic Scientists left it?