Trumpublican Social Media Conspiracy Theory Ironically Backfires

Richard Stanley

The following excerpt of an article discussing the fun at the Congressional hearings about alleged problems with social media bias and misinformation is pretty funny and ironic:

Two images will endure from Wednesday’s congressional hearings on social media bias and misinformation. Neither one quite captures what the Republican leaders who convened the hearings had in mind.

First, far-right conspiracy monger Alex Jones hijacked a press interview with Marco Rubio outside the Senate hearing room, irritating the Republican senator so much that Rubio turned to him, glaring, and threatened to “take care of you myself.”

Later, alt-right provocateur Laura Loomer interrupted a House hearing and was escorted from the room, while Republican Rep. Billy Long of Missouri mocked her from the dais by performing an impressively authentic-sounding auctioneer’s call.

There’s nothing wrong with Republican politicians standing up to right-wing trolls or denying them the chance to spout their vitriol on Capitol Hill. Except for one awkward irony: The hearing from which Loomer was forcibly removed was motivated partly by Twitter’s alleged censorship of those very same obnoxious voices. Turns out it’s hard to focus one’s outrage at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for silencing fringe figures while they’re being dragged out of the room. ...

Maybe the solution to trolling is a counter-trolling platform. We could call it Doxatroll maybe?