Trump Branded Pizza

Richard Stanley

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During a September 2004 discussion, Stern asked the real estate mogul if he could refer to then-22-year-old Ivanka as a “piece of a--.

“Yeah,” Trump replied.

The link states that Ivanka "liked" a Tweet regarding this, before thinking twice. The pics below shows that she obviously enjoys such branding, from the man that beat her mother. No wonder he lets her sit in on high level government meetings and help run his business affairs (or pretend to). This creepy nepotistic despot is going to make Teapot Dome look like frozen Totino's and Pop-Tarts before there were microwave ovens.

Donald Trump famously said about his 15 year old pizza: “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, y’know, her father…”



Jerry Russell

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The pics below shows that she obviously enjoys such branding, from the man that beat her mother.

To be more specific: according to a 1993 book by Harry Hurt III, Ivana gave a deposition at her divorce court proceeding. In this deposition, Ivana said that Trump assaulted her, tore her hair out, and then raped her. Over the years, Ivana's version of this story has softened: first, she said it was not a rape in any criminal sense, but that she felt violated. Now, she says the entire story is "totally without merit".
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So I guess if the avatar of the age of Taurus is a golden calf, the age of Aries a Golden Fleece, and the age of Pisces a fish then is the age of Aquarius going to be represented by a slice of pizza carried off by the gods?

Richard Stanley

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The age of Pisces was probably originally a Gold-fish. :rolleyes:

The Aquarian pizza probably has these Gold-fish on it which the initiate must eat, symbolizing the end of age. One downs it with some cheesy Trump branded bottled water.

Marcilla Smith

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This isn't funny


Richard Stanley

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The sardines would say this is 'sardonic'. I wonder what the anchovies are thinking, having their pride of pizza place displaced?