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dear Joe my god friend
You have given me the gift of understanding
Let us pass it on.
The men stand to protect and to learn what to takes to survive

The alarm on iPad never again
Was fuk ushima live 3-11-11
100k to fly out Japan that 1st night
With in 6 days I was sealed in basement for 2 weeks to let plum pass by
With in years I found the west coast will be toast in 2 years or so.
That we all got cancer on the same day
That 1 billion people would be infected for the next billion years
Then I found out about the Southern Hemisphere
I study people Who got cancer and beat it and stared to do what they did before. i got cancer .

Moved to Fiji
Only to find. Out I now have cancer.
Joe opened my eyes to the big picture.
The hinden hand that gave me this life, an take it ..l
Never marred had
No children
Could have had
Children and grand children
Never work again life on sliver plater in college
Home school
No vaccine
Organic garden chickens goats. Sheep horse dogs all having babies ..
The big Bo's didn't want me to have children
Sex pot hippy fun die at 62
On the west coast . Fun fun fun
To find my self n Fiji
Rent and elec. $70 mo.
Internet $25 mo.
Grass feed butter I make gee.
Grass fed eggs.
Okra cabbage curry
Coconut cream
$2 shave
Chicken feet bone broth
Bus to town 10 miles .50 cents one way.
Sun ocean green bananas green magos green papaya. hand picked in my back yard
Purple Sweet patatoes
Can't talk
Can only drink soap
Low energy
The cancers in my neck
Little pain
It's raining now
My drinking rain Barrel is full.
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