This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy

Richard Stanley

Amazon has produced a series on the global economy, This Global Beast That is the Global Economy, hosted by Kal Penn.

Each episode focuses on different aspects of the global economy.

The first, for instance, focuses on the extent of global money laundering, and Penn investigates on how such is accomplished, learning that the majority of laundered money finds its way into the American economy (that's what keeps us afloat with all of our massive inflation and military spending, etc.). Penn discusses that so-called financial reforms in such places as Cypress, the money laundering capital of the world, only really made harder for the lower rungs of money launderers, while leaving this wide open for the rich. These reforms are how such as Wilbur Ross, the current US Secretary of Commerce, came to run a bank in Cypress, as well as Russian oligarchs.

The second episode asks whether or not rich people are dicks or not, and thus discusses such things as the impact of psychopaths.

The third episode discusses the extreme dependency of the modern world upon natural rubber, and how fragile modern civilization is because of this. This general point was also a secondary thesis of Brain Fagin's in his The Long Summer, where he talked about how the more complex that a society is, the more fragile it is to such circumstances.

Rubber is under constant threat to the so-called Rubber Blight fungus, however it is now more under threat by commodity market speculators. The latter have driven rubber prices down by 70% and rubber farmers are already cutting down healthy trees (to replace them with other things) as a result. If this continues we will have to depend upon Continental Tire to commercialize rubber from dandelions, which they will hold a global monopoly on.

The fourth episode is on the impacts of AI, and what will humans do when so many will not have traditional work.