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Jimmy Dore, below, demonstrates the reality that Trump's Zionist blitzkrieg decision to relocate the US embassy, and quickly followed now in his recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, as having been preceded and supported by Bill Clinton, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Minority Leader of the Senate.

President Bill Clinton had actually signed the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, which has been delayed every 6 months since then, by the need for the existing President to sign a 6 month waiver. Trump signed his first one, and is now finally letting it all lapse.

It was part of the larger 'typological' plan all along, and like a Damocles Sword, it is finally dropping. The likely resulting violence will help Trump to weather the ever growing attention on his massive treasonous, and other, scandals. And, as I suggest his pretext to become Julius Caesar, as Dictator preceding the new imperium.

15 minutes

In the unfolding script 'redux', being slowly 'revealed', Zion's new (it has to be built first) Temple must be destroyed, and if on a true millennial construct, this will happen in 2070 CE. The first Third Temple was destroyed in the year 70 CE, and 1000 years later, the first half of the Norman Conquest was effectively concluded (107o CE), approximately 3.5 years after it began in 1066 CE. For the necessary 7 years of Tribulation it needed another 3.5 years of mopping up of the 'evil' Anglo-Saxon nationalists. The war was memorialized in the Domesday Book. Domesday, meaning Doomsday, from the Book of Revelation, where there is 1,000 years for the light of Christ (the esoteric Sun), and 1,000 years for the black light of Satan, analogous to that each literal 'day' has its day and night.

Like Jesus, Trump will lead his metaphorical, demon possessed, zealous, nationalist pigs over the metaphorical cliffs of Gadara, like the Pied Piper and his lemmings.
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