The True Da Vinci Code

Plantard de St. Clair has probably been proven to be a fraud. What is surprising about any Royal or politico using and abusing anything at all? Some people think that means there never was a secret society of Royals and Stuarts which had the name Priory of Sion. In the first post you see people quoting me as if I believed in some limited Atlantis fiction and then going on to support some of what Plantard said while proving he ripped off others. AGAIN - who is a liar? Can you call all people who knowingly mislead and deceive others who are not willing to do years of research, by the designation liar? Yes, it takes years to pierce all the societies and names and then you start throwing them in with all the religions in their never-ending rehashing of names, concepts and lies which they knowingly put in dead people's mouths. You can even seem to be a debunker of esotericism in some cases while you are trying to make a point about some little part of a far larger issue. I do think that esoteric groups and families have maintained secrets a far longer time than people say Atlantis was on Earth. I am certain the Stuart Royals I call Hibernians have been actively engaged in such Priories and Illuminized efforts including the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci. He is an alchemist mentored by an alchemist and whose DNA shows his blood came from the Middle East region of the Merovingians just as DNA shows Thomas Jefferson was recently proven to have. Thank god for DNA! Otherwise I would have to admit authors on Wikipedia are probably right about everything they say in these matters. I would have to admit I wasted over 50 years of research and a life dedicated to understanding my own roots.

Did I see an explanation for where the money spent by this town priest of Rennes came from? It was more money in real terms after inflation than you will see in any person's control.

The True Da Vinci Code


There are numerous researchers who show the connections of the Illuminati to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Yeats after Crowley and Regardie). Because the Rothschilds include esotericists just as the De Medicis adopted son named St. Germain had set up the schooling system in Vienna for them, as he passed the spy network and financial monopoly (These things are most connected.) to the Rothschilds. Most of these researchers do not get the esoterics behind the acts and organizations or see the Corpus Hermeticum translated and called De Brix for what this means. De Brix is like De Bruges, and I am related to Robert de Bruges aka Robert the Bruce. It is another translation of the Bruttii and a family that founded Rome and Britain which has been ruling and building sophisticated means of control or Empire ever since. These BEES include more than the 'bees' of Childeric which the Merovingian Napoleon put upon his Holy Roman Emperor's investiture robe. They were in Egypt and are the Royal House of Mallia on Crete in 2200 BC. Archaeology is the source for these statements - not publicists now passing for historians.

There are some researchers who are cluing in to the inner sanctum of esoteric Heliopolitan or Luciferian (Druidic) Vatican types who are Hibernian double agents like St. Bernard or Robespierre, Rumford, Lafitte, Da Vinci, Dee, Columbus and all the rest.

It would appear I am the only researcher who has connected Hoffet to both Saunière and Plantard de St. Clair (Sinclair BEE) who both were leaders of The Priory of Sion like Da Vinci. This is the major reason I wrote a book on Saunière. Because I am called an alchemist by high Rosicrucians I have known, I am in a position to know what Hoffet studied and one or more of the techniques he used in his position in the Documentation branch for the Vatican. Bibliomancy and genetic encoded information are just part of the arts and artifices in alchemy for many millennia.

So when you read about Saunière being introduced around the esoteric salons of Paris by this man you are getting close to the true Da Vinci Code. It is all about Synarchy! But that does not mean George Bernard Shaw and his London School of Economics venture was not well-intentioned, anymore than it means Annie Besant (One of a very few female Masons) did no good work with Krishnamurti or in establishing India. It does not mean Yeats or Stein knew the role they played in this Hegelian Dialectic that truly is 'Charmed'. But I am pretty sure Hoffet and his ilk have used The Charm of Making on these people just as it has been used on me. It does make me wonder what role Plantard played at Lake Leman with Kissinger, Baruch and the Rat Lines reconstruction of Europe as well as what he was doing with the Gestapo before they returned him to his role in the French underground during the war. It does make me want to know more about Plantard and Prince Bernhardt of the Thulean Gestapo who founded the Bilderbergs with the aid of the OSS/CIA. Yes, there is a wide-ranging 'Charmed Circle' to say the least.

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Hi Robert,

This is very confusing. It seems to be written in reply to something, but what? And, I don't understand who or what 'Hoffet' is.

You say you have been called an "alchemist". Is this true?

I gather from your post, that you believe there has been a great deal of bunkum and disinformation about the Priory of Sion, Sauniere and Plantard. Is there any way you could concisely summarize your views on what actually transpired?
I take it from your comments you did not go to the thread from whence that one post is taken. I linked it at the top.

Hoffet was the Abbe or Vatican Official who needed access to the Bastille or as part of that uprising got access to Family records of Merovingians so the off-spring of Josephine could be brought to power as Kings of France. He or someone related to him introduced Sauniere around Paris in esoteric circles - I am beginning to think some of this is over your head. Those esoteric circles include Atlantean research groups (because the name Atlantis appears does not mean they believed the cover-up of Plato who was also immaculately conceived). In fact the number of secret society research groups has symbols like the Medusa and octopus or spider for the very reason that they are numerous and need protection from prying eyes of those who need power. The Thule Society of the founder of the Bilderbergs is an example.

When you have read the thread perhaps you will have more specific questions. The whole book is a concise summary.
What does this have to do with the work done at this site? I'm asking as well (possibly with a different approach or question) because this doesn't seem over my head, it seems like a non sequitur. If not I apologize, but there is no reference point or reasoning I'm seeing as to why you posted this with the accompanying link of origin or why this relates to cultural typology? I'm intrigued, don't get me wrong, the information is of interest no doubt. I think however Jerrys point stands.

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Hi Craig,

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