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I ran across the above link while doing additional research on the Sabbah Brothers' thesis of Egyptian origins for Judaism. For those that enjoy reading about such as the Templars and their possible origins, and actual relationship to the Roman Catholic Church, well ... this link has a bit of it all then. With some significant differences this has some surprising correspondences with Jerry's and my research and conclusions. Take note of the reference list provided.

Most conventional analysis comes to the wrong conclusion that the Templars, and later Freemasons as well, were and are separate and contrary phenomenon to that of the Roman Church. This is only true for the surface narrative, as is the exact same case for Judaism as we have been presenting it. With the latter we've adopted the terminology of the Jewish / Gentile construct as being the "False Dialectic of Western Civilization". A more common term would be the 'controlled opposition'.

Controlled oppositions are mandatory for the plans of the 'Lord' (the hidden PTB) to advance, as with every new change to be imposed, there is always significant cultural and financial resistance by those who feel, correctly or incorrectly, that they are being put upon. These controlled opposition groups are free to do a variety of actions that the Mother institution and its controlling human lords must necessarily isolate itself from for a number of reasons.

These controlled opposition groups are the metaphorical sheepdogs within Jerry's and my SSSM model. With literal sheep and sheepdogs, it makes no difference that the sheep can see the sheepdogs are intimately connected to the shepherds, but with humans this relationship becomes problematic and thus mandates that the 'loving' shepherd(s) have a covert relationship with the sheepdogs.

Researcher Peter Levenda discusses the curious phenomenon of churches like the ACC in one of his books, and terms their ecclesiastical leaders 'Wandering Bishops'. As one can see discussed in the ACC's links, they invoke Roman Catholic canon laws for a variety of their functions, and in this case they refer to the legitimacy of their leader's apostolic succession from Peter, as does the RCC. One is left to wonder what the exact official position of the Roman church is on these various networked congregations though, and here we get to a convenient mechanism that is typically employed in such situations, that being the concept of Plausible Deniability.

As Levenda discussed, there are a number of these 'churches' extant and their very inscrutable nature lends themselves to a number of possible functions that a more visible historical institution might want to maintain deniability for. Historically we can compare these actions to such as the very Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaler, etc. that used their religious and 'humanitarian' cover stories to carry out covert dirty deeds and whatnot -- for the greater good no doubt.

A classic example, brought up by Levenda, was that of David Ferrie, the odd CIA and airline pilot connected to the JFK assassination. Levenda tied him to one of these 'churches'. Daniel Hopsicker also displayed a photo of Civil Air Patrol captain Ferrie standing between his young charges, Lee Harvey Oswald and later to be infamous (CIA) drug smuggling pilot Barry Seal.

In any case, with the ACC account of their Christian history, they trace themselves back through a gnostic Jesus all the way through Akhenaton and his father Amenhotep III, almost just as Jerry and I have been slowly building the case.

One big, and growing, similarity is the intimate association of so-called gnostic (Judeo-) Christians to the early Roman Church from the earliest days, all of which can be tied back to the 18 and 19th Dynasties of Egypt and further. These same 'uncomfortable' linkages are then found in such as the paradoxical characterization of the Jesuits, supposed cryptoJews to some, that oddly emphasize Classical Greek paganism.

As I'll try to reveal more of, David Fideler, in his Jesus Christ, Sun of God, exposed the heavy presence of esoteric 'pagan' Pythagorean thinking within the canonic gospels, that the Jew 'Josephus' neglected to erase under his Flavian sponsors nose. As well, this thinking is focused on solar cosmology that is both 'gnostic' and provides an ideological path back to the Egyptians.

Everything else, is just confused people, the hoi polloi, trying to protect the beloved cultural heritages of their respective synthetic nations that their respective 'lord' temporaily bequeathed to them ... and their controlled oppositional enemies.

So then, one is justified in asking just why there is such an open exposition of such a church history that reveals so much contrary to common notions. What are these people up to.

For one thing they claim to be very ecumenical, and forgiving of past bloodsheds and tortures. They claim to desire to form friendly bonds between all Christian sects. Excepting that is, that of the Anglican (Tudor) heresy, which still needs to be resolved. Well, if the canons are correct, and there is indeed a global plan, i.e. the unfolding 'Logos', then at some point all the schisms have to be resolved, especially after their initial purpose has been fulfilled.
Good find Sarge. I think the author of that post has it pretty well figured out, generally.

I'd just add that while it might be just a hoax for scamming money, it (like all the parallel 'churches') may be some kind of recruiting front, that provides 'plausible deniability' to the real players, as I stated in the opening post.

In the days of yore, post 9/11, I was asked to join a 'church' that was claimed to have 2 million members worldwide, but the two persons (one fairly well known) recruiting me refused to identify the organization. The one well known person was supposedly a lapsed Catholic.

In this same vein, I just got up to date watching a new to me (and apparently cancelled after the first season) TV series called The Bastard Executioner. Takes place in the 14th century in Wales, and it turns out to center around a Templar connected group attempted to protect Gospel of the Nazarene from the grasps of the Church. I may make a new thread on this. If for anything else, it depicts the reality of those times in horrific detail. It is interesting to watch the terms used for the 'English': first as the 'English', then as the 'French', and once or twice as the 'Normans'. This seems all part of a larger whole to modify cultural perceptions regarding particular Christian notions, as with the show Lucifer Morningstar.
As far as I can find, there's not a peep about this group in the mainstream media or any other so-called "reputable" publication. So, no Wikipedia article for them.

The alleged qualifications of the current leadership are at this other website that is operated by the group:

Their PR outreach seems to be conducted under the name of "The Arbitration Court of International Justice" and the website They've done a number of you-tube interviews, and produced this really slick 6-minute introductory video that made me almost break down and cry.

:: holds Jerry, turning towards the producers of the video with a judgmental look :: This is what happens when you capture audio with a potato