The 'Seeming' 9/11 Cultural Mashup

Richard Stanley

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In the 9/11 post I discuss that Judaic (Temple of Solomon), Greek (Castor and Pollux, Apollo, etc.) and Mithraic elements are represented in the WTC drama during September 11, 2001. Which begs the question as to why there is such a mashup up cultural elements. Besides our OT analysis series asserting an intentional, synthetic dialectic of Gentile vs. Judaic cultures, created by the elites, the following from Flavio Barbiero adds a complementary assertion regarding his discussion of the relationship of the later 'Roman' cult of Mithra actually being a convenient occulted vehicle for the 'hidden hand' steering of aspects of Roman society, which he argues was likely controlled by the priestly family of Josephus Flavius - whom had been saved from the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Flavius. Later on, the structure and function of which would become the basis for Freemasonry.

Also, the place of origin of the name of Mithras, as the sun god, creates a direct link to the Jewish priestly family. It is mentioned for the first time in a document of 1375 BC, a peace treaty stipulated between the Hittites and the Mitanni. Both of them invoked the sun god as the guarantor of the treaty. The Mitanni called him by the name of Mithras. According to the Bible, Abraham was born at Nahor and from there he moved to Haran, both cities of the Mitanni.6 Thus the roots of the Jewish religion can be be found in the empire of the Mitanni. "The Secret Society of Moses: The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia" by Flavio Barbiero​

The Mitanni were uniquely intermarried to Amenhotep III, the father of Akhenaton, and whom appear to be Arya in descent - rather than Semitic. This might be somehow related to the earlier Hyksos, the so-called Shepherd Kings, whom introduced chariots to Egypt, and were expelled from Egypt by Ahmose I, the first king of the 18th Dynasty.

Inspired from Barbiero's discussion of the biblical period of the so-called Judges, the next addition to that thread will be on Samson. With regards to 9/11, the captured and blinded Samson, having regrown his Nazarite long hair, directly brings down two columns of the Philistine temple to Dagon. Standing atop the temple (for some odd reason) are approximately 3,000 partying Philistines, who died as a result of the collapse. On 9/11, approximately 3,000 individuals are reported to have died at the Twin Towers.

The Philistines would go on to destroy the Israelite temple at Shiloh (Bethel) thus paving the way for a new temple (Solomon's) in Jerusalem and a monarchy replaces the prior anarchy of the 'Judge' period, when men did what was right in their own eye.