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Joe has got a lot of this book decoded, but when I read it, I had the sense that it was dense with as yet unsolved mysteries. Does everything fit cleanly into the framework Joe provided?

Starting from the beginning, Holden Caulfield is talking about his brother DB who has gone to Hollywood. He mentions a book called "the secret goldfish".

I'll just tell you about this madman stuff that happened to me around last Christmas just before I got pretty run-down and had to come out here and take it easy. I mean that's all I told D.B. about, and he's my brother and all. He's in Hollywood. That isn't too far from this crumby place, and he comes over and visits me practically every week end. He's going to drive me home when I go home next month maybe. He just got a Jaguar. One of those little English jobs that can do around two hundred miles an hour. It cost him damn near four thousand bucks. He's got a lot of dough, now. He didn't use to. He used to be just a regular writer, when he was home. He wrote this terrific book of short stories, The Secret Goldfish, in case you never heard of him. The best one in it was "The Secret Goldfish." It was about this little kid that wouldn't let anybody look at his goldfish because he'd bought it with his own money. It killed me. Now he's out in Hollywood, D.B., being a prostitute. If there's one thing I hate, it's the movies. Don't even mention them to me.​

I did a Google search, and voila! Samuel Goldwyn of the famous studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was born as Samuel Goldfish, before he changed his name. So, Samuel Goldwyn was "The Secret Goldfish". freemason&f=false
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he's my brother and all. He's in Hollywood. He just got a "Jaguar." One of those little English jobs that can do around two hundred miles an hour. It cost him damn near four thousand bucks. He's got a lot of dough, now. He didn't use to. He used to be just a regular writer, when he was home. He wrote this terrific book of short stories, The Secret Goldfish, in case you never heard of him. The best one in it was "The Secret Goldfish."​

I did a Google search, and voila! Samuel Goldwyn of the famous studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was born as Samuel Goldfish, before he changed his name. So, Samuel Goldwyn was "The Secret Goldfish".

IN the movie 'Dreams' this 'song' WTTM is played as japan burns and is destroyed by; "fuck u" shima! see more on this form: Mount Fuji in Red, Kurosawa dreams

Dreams ( Yume?, aka Akira Kurosawa's Dreams) is a 1990 magical realism film based on actual dreams the film's director, Akira Kurosawa, claimed to have had repeatedly. It was the first film where he was the sole author of the script. It was made five years after Ran, with assistance from George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and Steven Spielberg, and funded by 'Warner 'Brothers.'

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream.
You dreamed of a big star, he played a mean guitar,
He always ate in the Steak Bar. He loved to drive in his "Jaguar."
So welcome to the machine.

Could this be?

Samuel Goldwyn of the famous studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was born as Samuel Goldfish, before he changed his name. So, Samuel Goldwyn was "The Secret Goldfish".

Master Mason’ is permitted to enter the ‘Holy of Holies’ to learn the ultimate secret of the Freemasons – which, apparently, is that the “Sons of Light” as Robert Burns describes Freemasonry, has sworn to implement an ‘Apocalyspe’ on all non-Masons and to kill everyone who exposes the organization’s plans.

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Goldfish dreams signal prosperity, at least while the fish is alive- The allegedly illiterate Sam Goldwyn aka: Szmuel Gelbfisz, was certainly prosperous, having made a fortune in glove manufacturing before he hit the Hollywood scene in his mid 30's- His behavior was similar to the boy in The Secret Goldfish in that Sam didn't play well with others, having been booted out of his namesake company in the twenties and never produced a thing for MGM- He finally turned belly up at age 94-
Thanks for the research, Jerry. I've gotta ask, is "The Secret Goldfish" a red herring or a revelation? Connecting D.B. "gone to Hollywood" to Samuel Goldwyn, I got thinking who or what Holden and Phoebe might represent. Hollywood is well known for its production line propaganda, especially during WWII. What could be similar? How about the music industry? At the time of CITR publication it was radio and records, crooners and bobby soxers. Holden=crooner & Phoebe=bobbysoxers. The idol and the swooning screaming young and very young women. Rockers and fan clubs, rock stars and groupies. Justin Bieber and the Biebliers. The book is loaded with high weirdness I like that you are bringing it light.
In the original version of this thread, I had claimed that Goldwyn was not only a Jew who changed his name, but also a Freemason. That seems to be incorrect: the reference that I quoted was saying that Cecil B. DeMille was the Freemason, not Goldwyn.
I wonder if Goldfish/Goldwyn's apparent illiteracy made him ineligible for membership- Makes me also wonder if he was just a front for others- These days I would not be surprised-
I wonder if Goldfish/Goldwyn's apparent illiteracy made him ineligible for membership- Makes me also wonder if he was just a front for others- These days I would not be surprised-
Hi Tyrone
What have you been studying lately, new stuff, really love your work on JFK etc.
and or understanding of just how unknown the people who run the show are..
Any more In sites on who They might be..?? Thanks.
Hi Loren- Sorry for the delay- I'm researching and writing a book on the creation of the Adolph Hitler character- It spans an entire century plus, from 1840 to 1950- My thesis isn't new: That the Anglo-American alliance was behind the creation of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union- What I want to show is how the popular culture was tweaked to align people's acceptance of both world wars as unavoidable, how the Hitler character was created to resonate with a certain set of subconscious cues, and to parallel this process with what we are going through today, re: media manipulation and completely false "history"- Tall order to be sure but it allows me to build my day around a passionate project, and who doesn't like having something like that to get the day going?
Dear Jerry at al.,

There is also more to the name Holden Caulfield. That 'caul' means membrane, as in a piece of amniotic membrane lying upon a newborn's head as the reason for the name Caulfield, belies the very name Caulfield, where instead the ending '-field' implies a place rather than an accident of birth.

We studied this wretched debased novel at school in Australia - but our insights were a little different.

In the USA, the car made by General Motors that you call a 'Chevrolet' is in Australia called a 'Holden', paraded in Australia as a new car at the end of WW2, where it was manufactured both in Adelaide and especially Melbourne. Thus the association of the name Holden and adolescent escapism was obvious to us.

Melbourne is also the bastion of the Australian Jewish community and thus of Zionist activity. While Melbourne is almost as large in population as Sydney (4.9m against 5.2m), it has twice the number of Jews. Indeed Melbourne was the first city ever to provide a donation for Zionist colonies in Israel - in 1861, as revealed in Moses Hess' Rome and Jerusalem note X. See...

Whether Salinger knew that I do not know but I do know - given the emphasis on the merry go round horses in the text as well as the cover of the original text - that Melbourne is also famous for its horse racing, notably the Melbourne Cup. It is not the only horse race in Melbourne: there is also the Caulfield Cup hosted on the racecourse in the suburb of the same name.

Now for the clincher: the suburb with the highest percentage of Jews in Melbourne is: Caulfield!

A coincidence?

Yours faithfully
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The 'secret fish' also evokes for me, Juvenal's Satire #4, about Domitian's Big Fish.

A huge fish is caught, so big that it is brought, live, (from the Mediterranean) to Domitian's villa (today the papal summer retreat in the highlands). A meeting is held of important Roman poobahs, and they discuss what to do with the big fish. Should we carve it up and eat it? No, we should have a bigger bowl made for the fish. Of course, in this case, it is not one individual that knows the secret, but the attending Roman poobahs of the Flavian day.

This fits well with Flavio Barbiero's thesis that the Christianity (or Bartram's Chrestianity) of the day was necessarily a sub rosa enterprise, and that it was covertly managed by such as the 'elders' from the parallel (elite) cult of Mithra, the freemasons of the day, till Constantine flipped the switch so to speak. as Barbiero explains, just as 'Roman' Mithraism was an admixture of prior paganism, Freemasonry is the same, Jewish symbology with pagan. The respective 'adherents' couldn't give a damn about such 'purity' as their interest is not one versus the other, but about advancing the common subtext, globalism. This is the reason why Josephus and his Hasmoneans collaborates with the Flavians and the Herodians; and the common hangup on the 'Jews' becomes a trip through the briar patch, a shibboleth. A sacrificial shibboleth which the Church has ever demanded never be terminated.
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Well, here I am again digging around in old threads. This one caught my eye because of the pairing of Atwell and Russell on such an odd topic for this site. I studied the book back in school and was aware of the Masonic overtones. And as a conspiracy buff, I'd read about Salinger's CIA connections.

The curious connection to Chapman and Hinkley is just the start. (Judith Vary Baker says Oswald had a copy.) Spies have been caught with paperback copies of the book, suggesting it may have been used for decoding secret messages. As a readily available but innocuous publication, it would have been ideal.
'Catcher' and Salinger is what brought me to this site. Then, I noticed the Joe Atwill CM work.

Unorganized Salinger guesses:

Salinger is 'signaler' and the J. D. is a 10-4 'ten signal' as J is the 10th letter and D the 4th.

Jerome David sounds 'your Rome David' and using Salinger to spell 'realigns' renders 'your Rome David realigns'. Prince Harry provides a 'David' and 'sings a new song' about the royals.

Woman With Only Recording of J.D. Salinger Will Take Tape to Grave

by Brin-Jonathan Butler

On June 13, 1980, Betty Eppes got the interview of a lifetime. The 40-year-old reporter for the Baton Rouge Advocate had just completed treatment for breast cancer and returned to the newsroom determined to do “something that I thought was significant,” she told me from her current home in Pearl, Miss.

So she talked to her editor and made a list of the people she believed to be the most difficult in the world to interview: Ugandan President Idi Amin and authors Thomas Pynchon and J.D. Salinger. She quickly landed on The Catcher in the Rye author, who hadn’t published anything since 1965 and had given his last interview in 1953.

Eppes flew to Boston, rented a sky-blue Pinto, and drove into the Green Mountains in search of the recluse at his home in Cornish, N.H. She got his phone number from a local grocer and then, on the recommendation of Salinger’s housekeeper, gave a note to the clerk at the Windsor post office where he received his mail.

[‘Windsor’ as in Windsor Castle. also: the Ford engine block: the 351 Windsor used the Gospel of John ‘fish number’ digits The 351 Ford Windsor engine block was formed at the Ford plant at Windsor, Ontario. ]

In all, Eppes recorded 27 minutes’ worth of conversation with Salinger before some of the locals came over and tried to shake his hand. Angry, he stormed off back home. “The whole thing almost sounds like a Salinger story,” George Plimpton told the New York Times in 1981, not long after publishing a version of Eppes’s interview in the Paris Review titled “What I Did Last Summer.”

After playing five minutes of the tape to her bosses at the Advocate to establish its authenticity, she placed it in a safety deposit box, where it’s remained ever since. According to Paul Alexander, author of Salinger: A Biography, Eppes’s tape is the only known recording of Salinger’s voice.

I am guessing that the 'What I Did Last Summer' is a clue to use the Sumerian Code that has been used for years as one way to search for the 666. The Sumerian Code uses the 6 base:

a=6, b=12, c=10 .... z=156 for the Reverse Sumerian a=156, b=150, c=144 .... z=6

The code seems to display some recognizable numbers. I noticed a few years ago while playing with the code that 1698 came up fairly often and a 1698 search brings up the Whitehall Palace fire.

Whitehall Palace history turns up a 1530 as the first year that royals used the palace as living quarters. The fire of 1698 destroyed most of the palace. 'is' in the Sumerian Code equals 168, the difference of 1698-1530. Bill Clinton used the 'is' famously.

Realigning the 1 6 9 8 digits as 1968 is a year most of us remember.

Some examples of outputs using the Sumerian Code:

I use an 's' for the a=6 and a 'rs' for a=156.

Take up the white man's burden = 1698 s
Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital = 1698 s
the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center = 1698 s [Donald Trump born there]
Donald J Trump is a red herring = 1698 s [I got this hint from 'Donald Reed Herring']

Donald J Trump = 888 s 1056 rs god = 156 s 330 rs
Emmanuel Macron = 888 s [ notice the 'roman' in Macron ]
The Art of the Deal = 888 s
Mar-a-Lago = 888 rs

J.D. Salinger served in the U.S. Army's Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in the field in Europe during World War II.

a Counter Intelligence Corps = 1698 s

Peppa Pig - Crown Temple = 1698 rs

the Crown's Peppa Pig World = 1698 s

Peppa Pig Saves UK PM Boris Johnson when Lost for Words › peppa-pig-saves-uk-pm...

Nov 22, 2021 — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was briefly left lost for words on Monday when he appeared to lose ... “I think that is pure genius.”.

I think that is pure genius.” = 1698 s

The Gematrinator site on the net can be used for the Sumerian Code totals if the Gematrinator classic is found and then 'all' is selected.
Thanks for the post, 1698code!

"What I Did Last Summer" is an article written by George Plimpton based on his interview with Betty Eppes. It is available at The Paris Review and is, unfortunately, mostly hidden behind a paywall. At her website, Eppes says that she is "still more than unsettled over George Plimpton's actions", and that "the events that transpired between Salinger and me are far different from the fantastical tales reported in a gazillion posts on the WWW. One day, I will tell all. But not just yet."

The article written by Betty Eppes herself, at The Advocate, was titled "A frozen moment in time - talking with J.D. Salinger". Another paywall, but the toll was only three dollars, so I went for it. The lede was: "First off, there's no more to Holden Caulfield, so we might as well stop IF-ing about him."

For its time, I suppose, that was perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of the book: flaunting the "F" word? The "Is" word starts with I, and so does the "If" word. Using that handy Gematrinator calculator, I get: "If"=234 rs, "Is" = 28 English ordinal, and "Fuck" = 246 s. 234 plus 28 doesn't equal 246, oh well, nice try.

"Watchman33" takes credit at for inventing the Sumerian gematria system in a blog post from 2011, where he points out that 'IBM-APPLE'=444 and 'COMPUTER'=666. As a mathematician, I notice that you don't really need a special Sumerian calculator to do Sumerian gematria; you can simply take the English gematria result and multiply by 6.

All this must mean something, but I'm not sure exactly what. Fortunately more clues may be forthcoming. J.D. Salinger's son, Matt Salinger, gave several interviews in 2019 indicating that he was planning to posthumously publish the works which his father had been diligently writing since his last publication appeared back in 1965. He hoped the task would be finished by 2029, but wasn't making any promises. I hope the world still exists in 2029.

I am thinking maybe I'll get back to writing, and take this blog to Substack in hopes of finding more readers. Hmm, Substack = 720 rs. My first HD monitor was 720p, but now I have a 5K iMac which is 2880 = 4x720. "BoJo looks like Daddy Pig" is 222 in Jewish Ordinal, which is 1/3 of 666. Is that pure genius, or what?

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Thanks for the reply Jerry. Your work has been more than helpful.

Maybe assigning number values to letter as in ancient times is a bit easier now with the use of modern computers.

I noticed what might be the use of the Book of Daniel prophecy of the '70 7s'.

Using the 70 A.D. and moving forward in 490 year increments we have these happenings:

The Daniel prophecy of the ’70 times 7’ is said to be 490 years (of some length). The first 490 years maybe ended when the Roman commander Titus (son of Vespasian) destroyed the Temple in 70 AD. Then, 3 x 490 years after 70 AD was the Holy Roman Empire Revolt of Ghent (1540). The next 490 years after the Ghent Revolt takes us to the year 2030.

The 154 numerals were used as the year of the ’Great Schism’ of 1054.

September 27 – The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is approved by Pope Paul III, in his bull Regimini militantis Ecclesiae. [1540 AD 70 AD + 3 x Daniel’s 490 years]

A remarkable waste of time:

The 2015 Super Bowl avocado commercial 'The First Draft Ever' puts this text on the screen at the start:

'about four billion years ago…' = 1698 s 2190 rs

Emmanuel Macron was elected to a second term as French president on Sunday evening with 58.8% of the vote, according to an estimate from the Ipsos polling institute. His far-right challenger Marine Le Pen won 41.2% of the vote in an election that saw the country’s highest abstention rate in 50 years. Read our live blog to see how all the day's events unfolded.

Issued on: 24/04/2022

[the 58.8 is likely representing Whitehall as: whitehall = 588 s 870 rs

The net helps with the 41.2 by reminding us that at the peak of the British Empire 412 million people were being cared for.

London Bridge is Down = 1218 s 1698 rs [Whitehall Palace fire year?]

Operation London Bridge (also known by its code phrase London Bridge is Down) is the plan for what will happen in the United Kingdom after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Alexander Jones - Whitehall Palace = 1698 s 3000 rs - the Jesuit's = 1698 s

Margaret Thatcher - Whitehall's = 1698 s

Thunberg - the Whitehall Palace's = 1698 s

Prince Charles launches Great Reset project | Daily Mail Online › femail › article-8384549

Jun 3, 2020 — The Prince of Wales has urged businesses to seize the 'golden opportunity' of the coronavirus pandemic to rebuild in a sustainable and

“golden opportunity” - White = 1698 rs

Pont de l'Alma tunnel - White's = 1698 s 2028 rs [where Di ‘died’]

the great architect of the universe = 2028 s 2832 rs

the Queen - the Whitehall Palace's = 1698 s

[looks like it has been made a bit too easy to get the 1698 to turn up when the base 6 is used]:

sixteen ninety eight return = 1968 s 1920 rs

sixteen ninety eight returns = 2082 s 1968 rs

sixteen ninety eights again = 1698 s 2190 rs

sixteen ninety eight repeats = 1896 s 2154 rs

a sacred sixteen ninety eight = 1698 s 2352 rs

sixteen ninety eight - Rome = 1698 s 1866 rs - Roman= 1758 s 1968 rs

sixteen ninety eight = 1392 s 1524 rs - Rome= 1698 s 1866 rs - great = 1698 s 2028 rs
- Jesuit= 1896 s - the great = 1896 s 2316 rs

[notice that great= 306 s and rome= 306 s and 'great' could be 'Greek Roman Empire and ??.]

A few months ago I struggled through with much help from the net in writing a program using PYTHON3 that helps me to do some of the above counts. I had to do a FORTRAN class in school; but I worked only a few years in engineering-type work. I did tool design for Eastern Airlines for a while; but returned to industrial/municipal water well drilling and pump maintenance with the help of family connections.

I found this yesterday:

and the above vid got me to this link that seems to be helpful:

I listen to Joe Atwill on the Tim Kelly podcast; but let most of Tim's other stuff slide.

Thanks much

Since you're using computer programs and Google to search for these oddities, I'm sure you can appreciate that coincidences are everywhere. So when these sorts of clues turn up, it's very hard to know whether they were really placed by elite authors as signals "for those with ears to hear", or whether they're just an artifact of the search process. In CM, Joe was looking at sophisticated instances of ironic wordplay that always looked way beyond coincidental to me, but it was hard to convince the critics.

Iain Davis has written several interesting articles for the Off-Guardian. I wasn't aware of his own website, in-this-together. The section in his NWO article entitled "The NWO Is Not an Antisemitic Trope" is correct when it says that the NWO is not a "Jewish plot to enslave humanity." But on the other hand, I don't think it's helpful to obfuscate the role of fundamentalist religion. The NWO is heavily influenced by Zionism in both its Jewish and Christian branches. The article mentions the importance of Adam Weishaupt and Cecil Rhodes in NWO history. Weishaupt was Jesuit (Catholic) and Rhodes was Anglican, but it's suspected that both Weishaupt and Rhodes were funded by the Rothschild family.

Jerry, The snippet is from putting 'rothschild' in google. About 32,300,000 results (0.62 seconds) turned up when I did the search. Those counts are easily rigged numbers.

My reason for the 'rothschild' google search was the Azovstal name (numerical total) of the steel mill that has been on the news for a few days concerning the Ukraine war.
Last night I used the Gematrix counter because I remembered that if I put something into that counter I could see some of words/text that had been saved onto the site with having the same total.

[I noticed these 's' numbers when putting Azovstal into the Gematrix counter and was surprised to see the rothschild and zuckerberg names turn up. Then using my PYTHON program I noticed the same reverse count for the two names.]

Azovstal = 696 s 600 rs
rothschild = 696 s 924 rs
zuckerberg = 696 s 924 rs [this name brings to mind the 'Dallas Goldbug' images]
norse gods = 696 s 762 rs
team christ = 696 s 924 rs
narendra modi = 696 s 1248 rs narendra modi name = 894 s 1698 rs
Tony Blair = 696 s 762 rs
Youngkin = 696 s 600 rs
reptillian = 696 s 924 rs [may be a numerical clue to the creation of the meme]

The 'zuckerberg' name is likely a 'pen name' and because it could be decided upon, might also have a numerical value installed by the name selectors.
Joe does use the term 'lifetime actors'.
To mention the Goldbug or suzicreamcheez content that Scott Baio, Alex Jones and others helped the net squash could damage/complicate the main message that a person like Joe is delivering. Some at POM and the Miles Mathis also helped in the sidelining of the character recognition movement. Goldbug and suzi may have been in on the net squash of decent research also. But their work is now hard to find.
The suzi watched 150 or so people and worked mostly on recent history. Some of the suzi vids can be found on bitchute and youtube; but are hard to turn up in a search.

The suzicreamcheez gave credit to a German for guessing that the dead John Candy was living on as a Donald Trump. That's unspeakable. I noticed this a few days ago:

trump = 528 s 282 rs
candy = 282 s 528 rs

Maybe the could allude to the famous 'X' as in Xtianity to lesser mind like myself. ....

I noticed back when it came on the net that the 'thoughts' that Scott Baio placed below the image that helped to sideline the Goldbug/suzicreamcheez and related sites might have been chosen for numerical value:

thoughts = 708 s 588 rs whitehall = 588 s

I noticed in a Goldbug pic that Christy Walton and Carole King favored a bit and had been told a bit about Walmart in the early to mid 80s by two of the Walmart pilots.
A Springdale, Arkansas Walmart pilot taught my wife to fly. I had 30k that my wife knew I could put in Walmart stock and my wife was using my money to learn to fly and so got a couple of the Walmart pilots to give me an investment talk to help me along.
My wife was giving me a way to be repaid for the cost of her flying lessons. We were and are just poor folks. Even after the talk I bought no stock of Walmart or otherwise. I didn't want to help delete the mom and pop stores and I could easily see that was what Walmart was up to. I took a night class on Retail Merchandising and understood how retail giants could be created.
A Walmart pilot told me that Sam Walton was only a front for the Walmart operation and that Walmart was funded by large investors that had worldly connections. That info had meaning to me when I saw the pic mentioned above.]

[The Rothschild family is a wealthy Ashkenazi Jewish family originally from Frankfurt that rose to prominence with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court factor to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel in the Free City of Frankfurt, Holy Roman Empire, who established his banking business in the 1760s.] Wikipedia

= 16944 s 22260 rs - Whitehall Palace= 17760 s - Great Reset's= 17766 s

- Roman Empire= 17706 s - Whitehall Pal= 17706 s

- a Whitehall Palace= 17766 s

Spellchecker/grammar-type software is in use for the encoding. The a=6 and z=156 turns up the 153 'fish digits' and other digits and their arrangements that are meaningful to the power families.

I noticed this years ago and thought it might be a possible clue that the base six count was and is being used:

Knoxville, TN USA - › aid › jewish
— Chabad of Knoxville · 7148 Wellington Drive, Knoxville, 37919-5934 TN USA
· · 865-588-8584. Heure locale:

chabad = 114 s 858 rs lubavitch = 588 s 870 rs

The '71' digits in the address can represent the 153 'fish number' because adding up the digits in the 17 = 153. I think there are '17 goals' connected to 'The Reset'. I think Richard Stanley mentioned something about the '74' being the base for some other numbers.

Iain Davis: Iain's bringing up the 'Jewish Subject/Question' was distracting to me. But; he has not lived amongst the Christian Fundies like I have. For few months, years ago, I tried to join them. My father and mother did not 'go to church' when they raised me in Memphis, Tennessee. But; now and then, my father dropped me off at the local Baptist Church and I was expected to attend the Sunday School part of what took place. That was in the 1950's before the

I've read that Europe had little to do with the Scofield Reference Bible other than producing it and flinging it to our US.
Herbert W. Armstrong secured a temporary 15-minute slot on KORE, Eugene, Oregon, on October 9, 1933. That became a permanent half-hour slot on January 7, 1934. Armstrong founded the Radio Church of God with the first broadcast in 1934, to serve as the home church for his pioneering broadcast-based ministry.[2] Armstrong's radio program "eventually reached millions with its message of the imminent end of the world to be followed by the second coming of Christ."[3]
Following the 1939 World's Fair in New York City, the broadcast was renamed The World Tomorrow, inspired by the theme of the fair, "the World of Tomorrow". In 1968, the Radio Church of God changed its name to the Worldwide Church of God.

[This was heard on night time AM radio because of the long skip (reflection) path that was created after dark. I remember hearing it.]

The World Tomorrow, etc and then the 30+ years of the Limbaugh Lobotomy combined with the Billy/Franklin Graham-types was turned over to the 'Last Trump' (and others): ... in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

We may not all like the 'shall be changed' part of what might and is taking place.

Political and religious fundies are of the same mind IMO.

I have done some CB and ham radio since 1966 or so and I know that radio frequency current can be bounced to the moon and back with a fairly small amount of electrical power. I also think there is a possibility that radio frequency could be a part of the population control/reduction plan.

Bill Clinton: In the mid 70s, I think before Bill became governor of Arkansas, (because of next door neighbors) my wife and I got to stay repeated times and over a 3-4 year time span in the home of a woman that lived near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Her husband worked at a big aluminum plant located in that area.
The woman worked as a nurse on the hospital floor with Bill Clinton's mother and was said to be close friends with Bill's mother.
In the 70's I did not even know there was a difference in political parties. I voted only in the presidential elections, and my choices were just on character. I think the only history class I took was a forced class in Tennessee History in high school. If I took a college history course, I don't remember it.
I remember bringing up the JFK conspiracy to the nurse that worked with Bill's mother and I remember her saying something like 'let the JFK conspiracy go and look ahead'.
She told me that she worked with Bill's mother and that Clinton's mother had a 'mother's secret' that would place him in high political positions.
When the internet came on line, every year or so I would look at what I could find about Bill Clinton and 'the mother's secret'. I almost quit the 'counting' habit yesterday. Maybe I will quit tomorrow.

Looking ahead: The simple counting is easy to do; but may be of little value. A team of programmers may be needed if much is expected.
The 'fishing for men' does help!!! We see the trident (flounder gig) associated with Ukraine.

Jerry, Thanks again for your help.

My idea of a God might be 'vibes' or some energy maybe coming from the Milky Way or farther that put living things together. The 5g cellphone next to a person's head may not be a good idea.

I have quit ham radio for a few months. I might listen some on ham radio and let the counting be.

Cell is a 2006 apocalyptic horror novel by American author Stephen King. The story follows a New England artist struggling to reunite with his young son after a mysterious signal broadcast over the global cell phone network turns the majority of his fellow humans into mindless vicious animals. Wikipedia
Originally published: January 24, 2006
Author: Stephen King

[notice: the 696 in the count which is likely rigged ... I think I picked this book up from a bookstore discount table in the mid 90s and the book 'bit me' and and the disease comes back now and then and I am still fighting the number chasing infection.]

Number in Scripture by E.W. Bullinger and
The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson
were building block books for the modern rerun of the Book of Revelation
Here Comes the '174' Son/SUN

In my counting of letters using the a=6/z=156 'Sumerian Code' as named by J R Church, I notice the '1 7 4' numerals turning up.
Some time ago I found out that the 17 is a 'hidden' 153 as the numerals from 1-17 add up to the 153 Gospel of John 'fish number'.

J. K. Rowling = 714 s 744 rs - Whitehall Palace= 1530 s 2358 rs -the Great Reset's= 1734 s 1992 rs - whit= 1074 s 1032 rs - Great Reset's= 1536 s 1704 rs - is the Jesuit's= 1698 s

The Sumerian Code uses the 6 base:

Sumerian Code: a=6, b=12, c=10 .... z=156
for the Reverse Sumerian: a=156, b=150, c=144 .... z=6

Here comes the SUN:

(a little help from the 'net')
At any moment, the sun emits about 3.86 x 1026 watts of energy. So add 24 zeros to the end of that number, and you’ll get an idea of how unimaginably large an amount of energy that is!

Most of that energy goes off into space, but about 1.74 x 10 ^17 watts strikes the earth. (ie: 174,000,000,000,000,000, or 174 quadrillion watts)

In the above rigging, the '153 fish' appears at least a couple of times.

Calculating Planetary Energy Balance & Temperature - UCAR ... › earth-system › planetary-energy...

Plugging in values and solving for E, we find that our planet intercepts about 174 petawatts of sunlight... quite a lot of energy! Since Earth is not completely …

174 petawatts - one seven four = 1704 s 1698 rs

1698 the one six nine eight number = 1698 s 2190 rs

The 'sons' are powerful and noisy:

sun power
= 786 s
John F Kennedy = 786 s
William Gates = 786 s
great quaking = 786 s [with a little G.R.E.A.T. added to quaking]

The G.R.E.A.T. Reset

rese – Wiktionary
to shake; quake; tremble
Verb. rese. (obsolete) to shake; quake; tremble. [obsolete as in 'hidden in plain site?] › dictionary › reset
RESET meaning: 1 : to set (something) again: such as; 2 : to move (something) back to an original place or position.

great trembling
= 906 s
Jesus Christ = 906 s [maybe the Flavian Christ shaking things up]


'Build the Wall & Crime Will Fall': Trump's Dumb New Slogan › intelligencer › 2019/01 › build-the-...

Jan 23, 2019 — 'Build the Wall and Crime Will Fall': Trump's New Rhyming Slogan Is Not True ... President Trump on Wednesday debuted a new rhyming


WALL - Whitehall Pala = 1056 s 1698 rs

Pala definition (from the net)

A part of an insect's leg that is spade-shaped and can be used as a scoop for feeding.

I am also guessing that the word 'palace' has the 'scoop for feeding' meaning within it.

The Beatles Band may be an example of 'scooping or spooning' the 'food' or 'dung' into the minds of a few of us commoners. The 'spade-shape' may be one of the sharp prongs of the Trident.

Whitehall pala = 768 s 1338 rs
[the 7 8 6 numerals and the 1 3+3 8 or '168' years of royals using the Whitehall Palace 1530 - 1698 ]

Britain's ambassador to U.S., Sir Kim Darroch

Sir Kim Darroch = 876 s - a Whitehall Palace= 1698 s

a Reverend Sun Myung Moon = 1698 s 1704 rs

Whitehall movie "Duck and Cover" = 1698 s

Thanks Jerry
Hello 1698code,

Thanks for your wide-ranging and thought-provoking posts. Sorry I didn't reply in a more timely fashion to your post from last Tuesday. I've been researching what to say...

I was curious to learn more about Google's 32,300,000 search results for 'Rothschild'. When I try the exact same search, I get 'About 107,000,000 results (0.92 seconds).' Why so many more, I wonder? Perhaps Google knows that I have been studying the Rothschilds for many years, so it tunes my results to reflect what it knows of my interests. Or does it know that you're interested in gematria, and it thinks there's something significant about the number 323?

I went to investigate my 107,000,000 results, and was surprised to find that only the first 172 are available, in 19 pages of displayed results. Google offers to repeat the search with "omitted results included", and this yields 124,000,000 results, of which only the first 42 pages are available. Consulting another Google search directed to glean some information about the meaning of the huge numbers of alleged search results, I found that it's common knowledge that these allegedly deep results are purely fictional and unavailable.

It's funny: I had always assumed that you could keep pressing the 'next' button for as long as you like, or perhaps that Google would provide an API to download all of the millions of results into a spreadsheet. For all I know, perhaps that was true in the early days of the Internet. But now, it seems to be primarily a meaningless competition between Bing and Google, to see which service can promote a larger number.

The number of results reported, does seem to correlate in some way with my intuition about the ubiquity of information about certain names and topics. For example, my last name 'Russell' or your last name 'Code' both bring tens of billions of (unavailable) documents. Whereas a more specific search, such as for '1698code' (excluding results for '1698 code' as two words) brings only 1,810 results, of which 290 can actually be displayed. Most of the results are diagnostic error codes, most predominantly for Chrysler products. Member '1698code' at Postflaviana turns up on Page 11 of the results. This makes me suspect that we're being shadow-banned, as I feel that the specificity of the query should have excluded many if not all the results displayed more prominently. On the other hand, this proves that this PF site is still being spidered on a regular basis, in spite of infrequent updates and little traffic.

More later....

I will put a long post together in the next few days.

I did a search on the ' 174 ' and google turned up the sun energy is said to make its way to earth. That helped me not to give up my 'counting' for now.

I think you be able to skim the long post that I plan to put together and tell that some numerical encoding is taking place.

I have some saved screen pics, if I can find them, that shows how google rigged the count for me at times. I am guessing the rigging for the google count is easy to do.

Biden's 'Rabid Angel':

Fact check: Biden keeps repeating a false story about ... - CNN › 2021/06/30 › politics › fact-check...

Jun 30, 2021 — Facts First: Biden was friends with the Amtrak conductor at the center of the story, Angelo Negri. But Negri had been dead for more than a ...

Biden, who turns 80 this year, is the oldest-ever president and his critics accuse him of being in mental decline. However, Biden has faced criticism for years about imprecise or incorrect claims. [He dropped out of the 1988 Democratic presidential primary after revelations he exaggerated his academic record and plagiarized both a campaign speech and a law school paper.] (last sentence of article)

What is the Negri body?

For rabies virus, those viral factories are called Negri bodies (NBs). NBs are cytoplasmic inclusion bodies in which viral RNAs (mRNAs as well as genomic and antigenomic RNAs) are synthesized. NBs are spherical, they can fuse together, and can reversibly deform when encountering a physical barrier.

They are named for Adelchi Negri.[3] Wikipedia

Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri = 1704 s 2508 rs
[the 174 is the 'sun power' numerals and the 17 can represent the 153 as the 1-17 numerals= 153]

Angelo Negri = 642 s 1140 rs - a Roman= 1014 s 1740 rs - of Roman Empire= 1530 s 2358 rs

Negri = 318 s 492 rs - Empire= 714 s 1068 rs - Great Rese= 906 s 1362 rs

joseph biden 642 s 107 ordinal [the ‘17’]

Angelo Negri 642 s

evergiven 642 s 107 ordinal [stuck ship]

biden harris 642 s 107
Before I leave the topic of 'search engines', I want to note that a Google search for '1968code salinger' turns up zero results. Whereas, searching for '1698code site:' yields membership information for 1968code, but no forum posts. I can only surmise that Google is indexing our membership directory, but not our forum content. Or that it's not good at detecting the intersection of low-frequency search terms, which seems much less likely.

Searching for '1698code site:' at DuckDuckGo finds these forum items, but searching for '1698code salinger' yields random pages about Chrysler engine code diagnostics and about Catcher in the Rye. So, DDG is also bad at detecting the intersection of low-frequency search terms. Brave browser search is a complete failure.

When I do a Google search on '174', it tells me there are about 4.68 billion results. Among the top 10 pages of results shown to me were: US Code 174, Oregon Revised Statutes #174, places where there were 174 cases of Covid, Quantz's 174th flute concerto, and pharmacies and restaurants at a street address including 174. So, these results are generally tuned to my interests as Google knows them well. It didn't show me anything about solar emission. Does this mean that you (1968code) have recently shown an interest in such matters? There shouldn't be any question that Google results are 'rigged', at least in the sense that Google does its best to tell you what you want to know-- but only what it wants you to know, as well.

Getting back to gematria: I've been wanting to let you know about the book "Jesus Christ, Sun of God" by David Fideler. Most of the first four chapters are available in a preview at Google Books.

In this book, Fideler shows that the ancients thought about gematria as part of a great tapestry of knowledge about sacred geometry, cosmology and theology. Numbers such as square roots, and the ratio of pi (3.1416...) emerged from the study of simple geometrical figures, and harmonic ratios also governed the sounds of musical instruments. Numbers also proved their utility in observing and predicting motions of the planets and stars in the sky. The letters of the Greek alphabet were used to represent numbers, and thus every word also represented a numerical value.

The interplay between words and numbers was used to illustrate some interesting theological relationships. For example, in Greek gematria: Ouranos (heaven) has the number 891, while Theos (god) represents 284. The ratio 891/284 represents pi, thus illustrating that God exists within Heaven. From Fideler, p. 33: