The Science of Fasting

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The following is a docu The Science of Fasting. It is also available for viewing on Vimeo and free on Amazon Prime.

The following discusses strict water fasting, as opposed to other forms of fasting, like juice fasting, and/or carb restriction.

At the end of the docu it discusses the possibility of using it in conjunction with cancer chemo-therapy, where a pre-chemo fast causes the patient to tolerate the chemo much better, while the cancer cells remain subject to the effects of the chemo. This is because of the differential effect that fasting seems to have gene expression between normal cells and cancer cells. The docu shows the difference in results on lab rats, and some humans have successfully employed it.

BTW, there is also another similar adjunct to chemo-therapy called insulin potentiated chemo-therapy where the patient is injected with insulin shortly before the chemo is applied. This causes the sugar hungry cancer cells to demand more of the chemo.

In both situations, there is the implied possibility that more chemo cocktail can then be administered per session to improve success.

This same effect on gene expression seems to have a positive effect on many other health aspects. Interestingly, the process for humans appears to provide beneficial results for up to an approximate 40 day window, which is what such ancient sources as the Bible encourage. After this window one starts slipping into a dangerous process of consuming one's one organs for protein needs, regardless of the amount of excess fat that one started with. One then needs to break the fast, with breakfast, of course, for a sufficient period before performing another such fast (if such as losing excess weight is the goal).

While life expectancy is increasing in Western countries, cases of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cancer are increasing, and the use of medication has exploded. Does this mean that in order to live to a ripe age we are condemned to swallow more and more drugs? What if there was another way? For half a century, in Russia, Germany and the U.S., doctors and biologists have been exploring a different therapeutic approach: fasting. The results are amazing. Soviet researchers have provided a body of clinical studies of exceptional wealth …only published in Russian, and thus unknown in the West. Young biologists from the University of Los Angeles [actually USC, aka: the University of Spoiled Children - rs] have overturned conventional wisdom and used molecular biology to demonstrate the powerful effects of fasting. These researches suggest a wide-ranging potential, which could include treatments for the disease of the century, cancer. If these scientists are right, maybe our approach to disease and treatment will need a rethink.

The following is a full 90 minute docu called Facing the Fat, where the subject undergoes a 55 day water fast.
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I had tumors come out my mouth form neck after 2 weeks fasting
Record fast is like almost 1 year
He lost like 400 pounds
As long as you have fat you can fast

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