The RedIce Interview on Catcher


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"Healthy sex" is too general a concept to have a specific response to. What is clear to me is that the oligarchs have used sexuality as a weapon to keep citizens from seeing the slave state they are being led into. Huxley's 'epsilon' song is invalueable as it reveals the oligarchs plan in a way everyone can understand.

Allen watt said that the big boys found out that sex for men was stronger then the family ties that bind the man and women to stay together for the children. So they could break up the family to make a better slave by pushing sex for all no more papi no more mommy soma drinks and no more thinking !
Hi Loren,

You asked me earlier to warn you about videos that might have content that you would find disturbing, so I felt it was appropriate to mention that I hadn't yet watched the video. But, it did come well recommended: Allan has some very impressive testimonials & film festival mentions at his website.

So now I've watched the film, and I can say that it's a lot of fun to see. The production values are excellent. As to the theme, I think Allan is speaking about the loneliness that results from an understanding of how the world works; which is something I'm sure all of us have first-hand experience with.

It was Allan's post about "banana fish" here at the forum, that catalyzed the new analysis of Catcher that Joe and I came up with. As a novelist, screenwriter and filmmaker, I think Allan has a lot to teach us as well. I hope we're open to learning it.

"Was I hostile in my post? I say YEs hostile to the world"; so Allan shouldn't take it personally, right? But, there's enough hostility out there in the world; in here I hope we can be kind to each other.

Yes, I still would say I enjoyed the Salinger novel, even with this new understanding about how he slipped Phoebe's sexualization in under my conscious awareness at first reading. Whether Joe would watch Allan's movie and say that his lifestyle is "degenerate", well, I hope not... Allan doesn't seem to be a family man, but I think there's room in the world for surfers.

Here's another video that comes with a warning: how far hyper-sexualization of children in the media has gone. This is what kids have to deal with today. This is being done for profit, or whatever else it is that's motivating "them". Very sick if you ask me. Not that I would agree with the filmmaker's perspective: they equate all sexuality with "prostitution", and their judgment and condemnation seems to be coming from a fundamentalist Islamic viewpoint.

This stuff is so disturbing on so many different levels.
Thanks for posting the film. Love to get your take on it. )....

Classic reactions from people who refuse to take evidence of conspiracy and media cover-up seriously. I'd quibble with some of your pro-Kennedy generalizations, but that's doesn't affect the refusal to believe issue.

Apparently, Kennedy, after his election, was converted from his cold warrior stance to Rockefeller World Government ideas which you may be mistaking for "peace" advocacy. World government tyranny is sold mainly on the basis of peace. Everyone wanted "peace" after WWII, giving the Rockefellers their opening.
Agree, the 1950's and 1960's 'culture' that the 'counter-culture' rebelled against, was dysfunctional in its own way, with a powerful dark side. I believe it's an error to think that there was some sort of "golden age" that we are trying to get back to. .

Back in the 1950s, Masons were more common. In fact, the "DeMolays" were a Masonic youth group that was quite pervasive and often lined-up against Catholic youth groups.