The Planned Demolition of America?

Richard Stanley

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In the years immediately after 9/11 I came to the conclusion that what was happening to America was the bringing down of America by its own elites. But why? The most likely scenario to me was that it was in the furtherance of the cause of Globalism. This meaning that the USA was but a disposable steppingstone to the next or perhaps last phase. This seemed too incredible to most, as it seemed more likely that the USA would dominate at the end.

As such, the following two RT videos discuss this, the first talking about the planned destruction analogized to the phased demolition of a building. However, this actually started with Reagan's adoption of Neoliberalism, and oops, Nixon's opening the door to China. But Reagan was the one where the jobs really started leaving the country. And every president since, Republican or Democrat, added on more demolition charges.

The second video is with Colonel Wilkerson, and he provides the answer near the end, after criticizing all that has gone on. The answer likely being a ... global solution. Hmmm

Create the demolition, provide the new structure? The first video briefly ponders who might be behind all of this without an answer. Well, we Postflavians know that Neoliberalism and the corresponding libertarian movement was sponsored by the Mont Pelerin Society run by the 'remnants' of European royalty.

Wilkerson insists that Trump is a blithering idiot, while if true then he is at least capable of following a script handed to him every day. And, as I have documented on the Trump thread, Trump's presidential persona is not his Trump Tower persona.

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The following is a still yet prior RT Renegade, Inc. video from the above two, apocalyptically titled Four Horsemen: Chickens Come Home to Roost. As such it discusses the four pillars, or horsemen, of the American empire's financial system, and that it has created the typical circumstances that cause empires to collapse from within. It briefly discusses an economic cycle that is somewhat analogous to our CCCS geopolitical cycle.

As with the Wilkerson interview, where he presents Trump as authentic to his presidential persona, the whole series seems to present the American tableau as being organically driven by 'collective' human tendencies, and I have to agree that there is a significant component of this that allows this to work. When we study the real history of the USA and beyond, we see that there is indeed a hidden hand at the tiller. Thus, I'll claim that, using Wilkerson's metaphors, the Scramble has a Bluprint.

The following video is IMHO what America will look like if the Scramble happens. The first part of the video looks at the border situation between Venezuela and Columbia followed by the situation in the cities. This is the result of radical extremes holding sway, with imperial American corporations and governance typically strongarming matters followed by some seemingly ill-considered reactions by Maduro.

The following is a very intelligent discussion about the topic of (Vatican approved) Agenda 21 in terms of this thread topic, especially considering that we are in late 2020. This lens can perhaps better help us to see what Trump, the fake poopulist, is really down to, and hence his close friendship with such as the Clintons and the Epstein web (e.g. the Barr CIA Deep State nexus).

Trump's job, in the time frame, is to drive Chaos, and the issue over the police is one key dialectic that is being exploited, both sides being taken to extremes. We are presented with militarization and death squads (e.g. Los Angeles Sheriff's Department) versus the rhetoric, at least, of 'defunding', and now 'disarming'. All of which is to become somewhat moot under the emerging concept of AI policing and citizen policing (aka 'informing').

I have witnessed some rather strange technocratic phenomenon in my community, and now it all makes sense under this lens. I had just thought we have an exceptionally quirky mayor.

This related video asks whether or not we are living in Margaret Thatcher's (and Ronald Reagan's) Neoliberal Museum. As such, they mention the Mont Pelerin Society, whose monarchist members put all this and the libertarian financial divide and conquer movement in play via the Austrian and Chicago Schools of Economics.