The plane facts

Ignoring the fact that the massive central columns of the WTC should have prevented, or at the very least dramatically slowed down the rate of collapse, the windows of the buildings were sealed with heavy-duty glass, presumably to avoid accidents/suicides. As the buildings collapsed, the air-pressure on each successive floor should have presented a substantial resistance to the downward pressure from above.

To illustrate what I mean, place your finger on the end of a bicycle-pump, then try to push the handle down ‘at freefall speed’. That sound coming out of the other end of the pump clearly demonstrates how I feel regarding the ‘official version’ of the collapse.

By now, any rational person must be aware that a succession of extremely unlikely events occurred on 9/11, some of which can only be regarded as physically impossible. However, any attempt at serious discussion on an open talkboard rapidly becomes infested with clueless individuals whose sole purpose appears to be to derail the debate. Perhaps it’s simpler to keep on drinking the kool-aid, because I don’t believe we will ever learn the truth about what really happened now.
Hi Farpoint,

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