The Philosophers' Take on The Matrix Trilogy

Richard Stanley

This 2004 documentary, Philosophy and the Matrix, gives a survey of commentaries from numerous academic philosophers regarding what is being presented in The Matrix. Since the Matrix metaphor is used frequently here, it might be well to watch this, especially touching on Neo's aspect as The One, a gnostic vision of the Savior. And then how does this compare to the orthodox Roman conception of the same? According to the seeming consensus, Neo and associates, are struggling against the Matrix's Vanity and Corruption, which has put everyone else to sleep. And thus willing to trade reality for an illusion of paradise.

But there is so much more, a tour de force of philosophical concepts.


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For me the matrix needs to be seen for what it is. A spectacular and well produced piece of corporate mass media.

The 'metaphor' seems to be the machines have taken over humanity. But for me the metaphor is corporate mass media itself.

People who watch this film think they have become 'awakened'. In effect they feel they have taken the blue pill .... and indeed they have! But the blue pill is not a narrative outside the matrix, it is just another narrative within it. The blue pill is a dream, just like the red pill. There is no rebellion that comes from watching a corporate production. Not a rebellion against corporation that is.

The film makers even put a scene in that said so. There is a moment where neo is 'outside' the matrix being chased by sentinels ... and he raises up his hand and they fall to the ground. "how did you do that?" asks trinity. "I dont know" replies neo.

well the only logical and consistent answer is that the blue pill is also in the matrix. In other words........ you have consumed a corporate production. You are not awake.