The Panama Papers Documentary

Richard Stanley


Just watched the above documentary on Hulu. It spends possibly a little too much time of discussing the globally collaborative journalistic mechanics than on the specific details of the massive tax avoidance and laundering scheme, to the extent that one wondered if it was ever going to get around to the substance. But eventually it did some of that.

It mentioned the consequences of having multiple trillions of dollars in tax avoidance occurring every year, in the fostering of the massive division of wealth in all countries. In this regard, it specifically mentioned Putin's Russia as a neo-feudal country, but in reality pretty much everywhere is becoming so.

The participation of Trump and Putin's minions is likely the real ties that bind the two. Saber-rattling with the INF Treaty and such just a veneer to hide their common financial interests. It was briefly discussed how the circular flows of funds enabled Putin and his minions to bypass much of the US sanctions placed on Russia.

Here is the trailer:

The Panama Papers docu should also be seen in conjunction with the Missing Trillions docu.
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