The old old boss, the old boss, and the new boss

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I hesitate to post this and link to the following excerpts, simply because that merely doing so will be considered further evidence of being a metaphorical wolf in certain supposedly epistemologically pristine eyes. The main point of doing so is to illustrate the same basic point being made in Jerry's and Waldner's analyses of Marx's co-optation of workers' attempts to gain some semblance of parity as to their respective lives' value, but from different aspects of perspective from Jerry's (and mine). In this case, Peter Myer is a former Catholic seminarian (and former Catholic/Xian) from Australia who provides his views of the globalists' transformation of Australia, which has necessarily had a different vector than which has occurred in the USA, because of a different starting point (from the different natures of the countries' economic systems). Nevertheless there are common threads, importantly, that the various sponsoring institutions, such as various "Left" and "Right" fronts, operating under various appellations end up pursuing goals that undercut the various respective society's 'national' interests, especially affecting the non-elites (the leeches according to some here). As to who ultimately benefits, and is intended to benefit at the end of the global harmonization, goes to Jerry's and my main thesis of the master dialectic (which all else is subsumed to).

To wit: the Traditional rational for Western Civilization, at least, is that of maintaining the entitled status quo of the elites, through such as the Church and other social mechanisms. That Capitalism (and Marxism) eventually emerged, however it came about, it must be controlled (gamed) by veiled means to the ultimate benefit of the same people and their descendants (and/or those willing to go along), who also devised and sponsored Marxism to co-opt from the seeming 'Left'. As such, there is no paradox when seeing Free Trading Western Capitalists electing to send 'domestic' jobs off-shore to 'Communist' countries and other places with a seemingly endless supply of cheap (virtual slave) labor. Capital and Dead Presidents have no national loyalties, and thus the Capitalist Comintern and the Marxist one are essentially the same at the end of the day. This is why the traditionalist Catholic support for the ancien regime of the old aristocracy and the Church's betrayals of the Lady of Fatima with such as Cardinal Spellman's Vietnam War (and such as poor Adolf) can be reconciled -- and all to the elite's profitable confusion of the evangelized sheep.

Free Trade policies, "Double (non)Taxation" policies (for the benefits of multinational corporations), idiotic wars, and the like only serve to suck the vitality out of any otherwise robust national entity. Cui bono? And at the end of the day we are left, programmed, to blame the various victims as being such as leeches and lazy thieves.

Both the [ultra-right - rs] League of Rights and the main Trotskyist organisations have for many years condemned the economy we had in the 1950s - a time of government control of the economy, and government (i.e. socialist) ownership of Telstra, TAA, Qantas, ANL, the Reserve bank, the Commonwealth and State Banks etc.

Well before "economic rationalism" became fashionable, the League of Rights was turning "conservative" voters against such government monopolies, arguing for small business and a sort of economic anarchy (the whole country being run as a sort of giant LETS scheme), while the Trotskyist organisations were condemning the Australia of the 50s because they condemn any form of "socialism in one country". They called the 1950s Australian economy "capitalist" as they called Stalin's USSR "capitalist", but now that we have real capitalism - promoted by those Trotskyists - we can see that 1950s Australia was a market socialist economy.

Just as much as the economic rationalists, the Trotskyists were calling for the abolition of tariff protection: the capitalists never had better allies. As a result, the Australian people have lost the ownership of this country, and any sense of controlling it. As Aborigines were given coloured beads in exchange for their land, we are given cars, 4 wheel drives, and electrical appliances, in exchange for foreign debt and foreign selloffs.

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The Mont Pelerin Society was created on 10 April 1947 at a conference organized by Friedrich Hayek (Friedrich August von Hayek). Originally, it was to be named the Acton-Tocqueville Society. After Frank Knight protested against naming the group after two "Roman Catholic aristocrats" and Ludwig von Mises expressed concern that the mistakes made by Acton and Tocqueville would be connected with the society, the decision was made to name it after Mont Pèlerin, the Swiss resort where it convened.
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These assets [Australian government economic enterprises -rs] of the people were built up over 30 years. Then, the Mont Pelerin Society, the think-tank behind Thatcherism, spawned numerous tax-exempt Institutes clamoring for Privatisation and Deregulation. The politicians followed the blood-money and sold the people's assets off to foreign investors based in tax havens.

In effect, we had Socialism in the 1950s, without knowing it; we only realise it now, after we have lost all those public assets to rapacious carpetbaggers.

Some called our system "Country Party Socialism", because it looked after the bush. Humphrey McQueen, who in his book A New Brittania branded Henry Lawson a "fascist" (see mcqueen.html), would probably call it "National Socialism". But it certainly was not "Chardonnay Socialism". The Trotskyists of the International Socialist Organisation, who regularly lead the strikes in Canberra (e.g. at the ANU, and at the federal public service), just call it "capitalism"; but they call Stalin's system "capitalism" too.

One day, perhaps, we will retake those assets from the carpetbaggers, because their seizure was done through false pretences, fraudulent economic theories peddled by hired guns in academia.

It is only with Privatization and Deregulation, that the bureaucracy has changed into a dispenser of rules, and red or green tape:

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If I was to summarize this into bullet points, I'd try:

1. For some reason, the Trotskyites in Australia are similar to the Libertarians and Thatcherites, in that they all are calling for "free trade", meaning reduced or nil tariffs.

2. Mt. Pelerin Society is a Libertarian / Thatcherite think tank that also calls for free trade & reduced tariffs, plus de-regulation and sale of government assets.

3. Old old boss = Catholic feudalism; Old boss = Capitalism; New boss = Globalism
Pretty much, only we know what "For some reason" is.

And maybe "Globalism" should be more properly framed as something like "Top Down, Crony Globalism". I'm not sure that today's Catholic's should indirectly get all the blame, and maybe a better framing is needed there as well.