The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives

Richard Stanley

Jonathan Haidt's 2012 TED talk, below, discusses the development of human morality and its differences among 'liberals' and 'conservatives', and most importantly, that there is a useful balance between the two which we have been weaponizing.

Just after 16 minutes in he mentions that one of the 3 evolved functions of the "Righteous Mind" (of either the Right or the Left) is to "blind us to the [greater - rs] truth". He presents multiple evidence that ancient cultures understood the benefit of such balance, e.g. the relationship of Yin and Yang, but we have forgotten it, I think with the help of the 'weaponizers'.

Unfortunately the terms 'liberal' and 'conservative' are heavily freighted and distorted, and the resulting Youtube commentary is abundant demonstration of just how contextually distorted they have become. Haidt's usage of the terms should have been understood in the broadest sense and not limited by various comentators to a late 'American' religio-political context. For instance, a traditionalist, ultramontane Catholic and/or German Lutheran, or a Nazi, would consider an American 'conservative' to be a 'liberal', materialistic monstrosity, the extreme of which would be Randian Capitalism. To a Real conservative, American individualistic Freedom is a very bad, hedonistic thing.

Yes, American 'liberals' can be just as overbearing and tribal, which is why we must get back to a balanced approach, sooner or later after climbing out of the Trumpian abyss.