The Missing Trillions

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Richard Stanley, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    The Corbett Report brings us up to date on the Pentagon's "Missing Trillions", now covering a lot more 'trillions, a staggering addition to what was already staggering.

    This story begins the day before 9/11/2001 with a curious announcement made by Donald Rumsfeld, the then Sec Def. It would be Rumsfeld on the very next day who stated that a missile hit the Pentagon, pure disinformation. Among the claimed victims of the Pentagon attack were a small group of accountants (all black women I believe) that were working on this accounting 'problem'.

    I have always wondered just how anybody could comprehend the entire federal budget, much less the Pentagon's, including their 'black budget'. In any case, the scale involved here makes me wonder if this is just another 'front' in the war against democracy, in the resulting lack of confidence garnered from such news, and the claimed malfeasant reactions by 'responsible' bureaucrats.

  2. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    I found the video rather frustrating to watch because there was very little specific information, beyond astonishment at the huge amounts of money involved.

    Perhaps no one specifically said this, but I got the impression that perhaps the way the numbers get so huge, is that the same expenditure is counted (or rather, reported as unaccounted) at several levels. For example, a billion-dollar contract for an Air Force fighter jet might involve a billion dollars issued at the Federal Reserve, then passed to the GAO, from there to the Pentagon operations office, from there to the Air Force, then on to the contractor, subcontractors and individual salaries. So maybe that billion-dollar contract leads to 7 billion dollars in un-audited transactions. And maybe the amount siphoned off as graft, bribes, and pork barrel projects is only a few hundred million at most?? No one knows, because no one cares. In the end, we get a fighter jet -- whether it flies or not is beside the point.

    One aspect of this I find rather pleasing, is that we are not getting all the murder and mayhem we are paying for with the US military budget. But, hundreds of billions of unaccountable slush has got to have a massive corrupting effect on our so-called "Democracy". And, I agree with Corbett: the fact that no one in the MSM or Congress is the least bit interested in fixing the problem, is proof that the corruption goes to the core.
  3. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    I suppose that's one possibility. If there was a slush fund out there, that large, then it would be insanely inflationary.

    Maybe this whole thing, as started by Rumsfeld's 9/10/01 announcement, was meant to be a barometer of public and media 'wokeness'?
  4. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    The timing was certainly suspicious. on 9/10/01, there might have been enough documentation that a real audit would have sent a lot of people to jail. But on 9/11, I understand that much if not all of that documentation was destroyed, having been stored either in the Pentagon or Building 7. If anyone had been "woke" enough to look into the situation after 9/11, there might have been enough surviving documents to cause a high level of general suspicion that something was wrong, but maybe not enough to identify specific criminals.

    As it turned out, the situation has been ignored for 17 years since then, and they've presumably gotten very good at covering up whatever it is they're doing. And furthermore, based on the total lack of public attention to the issue ever since 9/10/01, they feel comfortable that no one is going to be asking questions.

    Starting around 21:30, the video discusses that as of just this year, the Feds have decided that the budgets voted on by Congress and presented to the public, will be completely fictional. The real (target, unaudited) numbers will become classified information.
  5. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Yes, I forgot to add this ominous aspect.

    That this particular action happens now, during the Trump Administration, when there is otherwise so much negative attention to Trump, only bolsters my opinion that Trump is not a separate phenomenon, but rather part of a bigger 'production'.

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