: The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians Christopher Jon Bjerknes:

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    Did you Know
    In 1905, Jewish leaders calling themselves "Young Turks" met in Masonic lodges in Salonika, Italy, Paris and Vienna. They plotted a coup d'etat against the Sultan of Turkey Abdul Hamid II.

    Jews and crypto-Jewish Doenmeh of the Committee for Union and Progress took over complete control of the Turkish Empire in 1909. They had several goals. Their primary objective was to establish a segregated "Jewish State" in Palestine. They also sought to instigate World War I, to slaughter entire Christian populations, and to destroy the Turkish Empire and supplant Islamic religion and culture with a soulless and cultureless society engineered by Jewish positivists in Vienna, Paris, Italy and Salonika. This is their story.

    Originally published: January 22, 2016


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    This is a pretty complicated and contested topic.

    For instance there are claims that the Armenians cynically sacrificed their own kin in their desire to create an independent state, and thus provoked the genocide. And perhaps sponsored to do so by Anglo-French interests? This claim, whether true or not, is very similar to the documented claim (The Transfer Agreement of Black, and 51 Documents, by Brenner) that the Eastern European Jabotinskies (today's Likud) and global Zionists sacrificed their hated richer German Jewish kin, for the sake of the creation of Eretz Israel. Just as German Jews lived in a relative paradise in post-emancipation Germany, most Armenians are said to have done relatively well within the Turkish system.

    In any case, we are all confronted with the dilemma that all three Abrahamic religions have a Futurist apocalyptic component, of which the Zionist goal (centered on Jerusalem) must be realized in order for all three of their saviors' apocalyptic ends to be achieved. Ironically, the Islamic messiah is one and the same as the Christian messiah, Jesus, and identically the savior of the so-called 'messianic Jews' is ... Jesus. The Quran says that once the new age has been achieved by (the Mahdi) and then Jesus that God will decide which Jews, Christians, Muslims, and presumably Sabeans will make it in the new system. Is that 500 million? Have fun with that.

    A similar dynamic currently exists in Turkey with the controversy over Fethullah Gulen versus Turkey's theocratic president Erdogan, whom Michael Flynn took a contract to kidnap and render the former to Turkey for the latter.

    What will our lives be like if we lose this war? It’s actually a very easy question to answer: we’d live the way the unfortunate residents of the “caliphate” or the oppressed citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran live today, in a totalitarian state under the dictates of the most rigid version of Sharia. A Russian KGB or Nazi SS-like state where the citizens spy on one another, and the regime doles out death or lesser punishment to those judged insufficiently loyal. —LTG Michael T. Flynn, The Field of Fight

    This coming from a man who supervised the intelligence operation in Afghanistan, knowing about the tacitly approved opium trade, the American help in creating the Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS, etc.. He could never have been made head of the DIA without explicitly understanding all of this. Flynn, like Trump, Obama, the Clintons and the Bushes speaks with forked tongue.

    On Kemal Ataturk and (Sufi) Islam:

    On 30 August 1925, Mustafa Kemal's view on religious insignia used outside places of worship was introduced in his Kastamonu speech. This speech also had another position. He said:

    In the face of knowledge, science, and of the whole extent of radiant civilization, I cannot accept the presence in Turkey's civilized community of people primitive enough to seek material and spiritual benefits in the guidance of sheiks. The Turkish republic cannot be a country of sheiks, dervishes, and disciples. The best, the truest order is the order of civilization. To be a man it is enough to carry out the requirements of civilization. The leaders of dervish orders will understand the truth of my words, and will themselves close down their lodges [tekke] and admit that their disciplines have grown up.[99][100]

    On 2 September, the government issued a decree closing down all Sufi orders and the tekkes. Mustafa Kemal ordered their dervish lodges to be converted to museums, such as Mevlana Museum in Konya. The institutional expression of Sufism became illegal in Turkey; a politically neutral form of Sufism, functioning as social associations, was permitted to exist.

    The abolition of the caliphate and other cultural reforms were met with fierce opposition. The conservative elements were not happy and they launched attacks on the Kemalist reformists.[90] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustafa_Kemal_Atatürk

    Incidentally, I'm guessing that the word tekke for 'lodge', is from the same PIE root as the Greek word tekton, applied in the Bible for Jesus's step-father, Joseph, commonly attributed as an operative carpenter. The word meaning 'mason'.

    And, BTW, Abraham started his mission in Urfa (as claimed by Islam) and neighboring Harran. This was the land of the Sabeans, also included in the Quran as Peoples of the Book, along with Jews and Christians. Also neighboring Urfa is Gobekle Tepe, in southeast Turkey, an ancient temple site of massive stone pillars, the oldest masons, and aligned with the stars, the Sabeans preoccupation.

    Certainly coincidence. And the reason that turkeys say gobble, gobble (since they can't pronounce the letter 'k'.) But maybe here the turkeys are trying to tell us where it all started? :rolleyes:
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    I think this is a misinformation campaign in order to divert hatred onto Jews, away from Muslims who actually committed the Armenian genocide.
    If you're familiar with Islamic Antisemitism you will realise that projection plays a huge role in it: my antisemitic Muslim acquiantances accuse the Jews of wanting to take over the world... when they themselves are Muslim because their ancestors were forcefully converted to Islam (by contrast Judaism is nationalistic rather than imperialistic: the Jewish people have no real interest in controlling territory that isn't Israel)
    Also both Muslims and cray-cray Christians believe that Israel's messiah (the one who actually fits the criteria laid out in the Hebrew Bible, which Jesus failed to do) is the antichrist. My theory is that the early Church promoted this belief in order slander any Jewish messianic claimants, who unlike Jesus, did actually fight against the Roman occupation (like say Bar Kokhba) & thus constituted a threat to Roman imperialism.
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    If you were familiar with my most recent posts you'd also understand that prior to WWI there was little historical antipathy between Jews and Muslims, except for various transient incidents. But with Max von Oppenheim, of the German Jewish banking family, the notion of a global jihad (ostensibly against British and French colonialism, but not German colonialism) was launched with the Ottoman sultan and his religious authorities. This effort was picked up by the subsequent Nazis and built on after WWII by both surviving Nazis and such as the CIA and other Western intel agencies.

    Shlomo Sand (or Zand) wrote the interesting and apropos book, The Invention of the Jewish People, where among other things he posits that today's Palestinians were formerly the Jews of the land, before the coming of such as the Ashkenazi (of which Genesis states that the Ashkenazi are descendants of Japheth via Gomer, and not descendants of Shem). Sand is an Ashkenazi descendant of Holocaust survivors BTW. And he is a professor in Israel BTW.

    I think you should take your partisan blinkers off so that you can see the bigger picture. The Romans ... with help from the vaunted Maccabees (Josephus) .. created Christianity in the first place, so yes, they did not want a 'proper' Jewish messiah. After this time, the Romans, and their Church, used the common Jews as their convenient foils, while rewarding their 'leaders'. Read such as James Carroll's Constantine's Sword and Israel Shahak's Jewish History, Jewish Religion (especially Chapter 4) for the relationship of Rabbinic Judaism to Rome and what came later.

    Just as Donald J. Trump is no friend of his 'deplorables', the Maccabees were no friend of the common Jew. Josephus had already sold out his 'people' when he went to Rome to negotiate with Nero (and the Flavians).

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