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At Postflaviana we have advanced a sociological model of "human shepherding" which we've termed the Shepherds, Sheepdogs, and Sheep Model (SSSM) to help explain how Western Civilization, at least, has unfolded. It is not controversial that Judaism and Christianity, at least, overtly employ the 'Good' Shepherd motif with even the necessary metaphorical Sheep referred to as well (not quite so much the Sheepdogs). Before that, the pharaohs employed the shepherd's crook and flail in regards to their figurative sheep and chattel ... errr cattle. Via the 'bridge' of the divine caesars the pharaohs' crook became the popes' crozier.

For some time I have wished that we could dive into the mechanisms and details of how human shepherding works, in terms of religion, politics, and the 'divinely' [sic] ordained institution of slavery. In lieu of that, member 'John' provided us with a blog post link (see below) where the author, hexane527, goes into some considerable detail of how religion, politics and slavery interact. This as a means to provide background to his thesis of why the modern state of Israel exists and in relation to an apocalyptic WWIII. (Which is mainly why I posted this new thread under this category instead of a number of other possible places.)

As I stated in my reply to John, I disagree with the author's assertion that racism is the overarching motivation, but rather that racism is one of the means to the (global) end. The global end is overtly stated in the OT 120 times and 80 ties in the NT, but is glossed over by the believers, who are trained to think that the good shepherd is focused on their personal and family salvation, whatever that means. I'm not sure about the Quran's globalism assertions, just that Isa is supposed to come kick some global ass after the Mahdi softens up the evil-doers first. That Isa is (Space) Jesus is implied by the sly Catholic employment of Lady Fatima as the Virgin Mary (aka Isis).

I do agree with the author that the "Israel Project" was designed as means to ignite the wider region, if not the entire world - as WW III would imply, and even that it might mean an ethic/racial displacement of Arabs and Palestinians with various 'whites' under the social construct rubric of Jewish identity. So, as background for his thesis we first get a good discussion of whether or not Jews control the world and when it might have started. I believe that the descendants of the OG shepherds (aka Biblical Ephraim), otherwise known today as the remnants of the Euro-royalty are the Hidden Hand that is cryptically referred to variously. Freemasonry employs 'pagan' symbology, as well as Judaic, the latter derived from former, as even the Tanakh and archaeology agrees. And Freemasonry and the Templars operated under the aegis of the royal houses, and even the Vatican, just as the case with Roman Mithraism.

Since the Abrahamic God was invented by the elite ancestors of today's uber elites, and this God supposedly created Every Freaking Thing, this includes Satan, Jesus (aka Lucifer), the Templars, Freemasons, and the Illuminati ... This should be Ontology 101, but this is a common conceptual problem for most people, even secular rationalists, to grasp.

In any case, hexane527 otherwise does a great job explaining how the elite shepherds sponsor and guide new sects, their new theological take designed to profit a particular political objective of the shepherd(s). This is perhaps best seen today with the phenomena around Cyrus Scofield and his reinterpretation of the Matthew Prophecy pivoting on the use of the word 'generation'. With the Preterist and Roman Provenance theories, 'generation' was a euphemism of the day to mean '40' years, and thus it clearly pointed to the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE.

And so, instead of a 'white' racism, I would instead propose an ultra-elitism, perhaps a bit less exclusive that Nicholas de Vere's tight clan of inbred green-eyed, red-heads. At one time, prior to the Euro expansion into global colonialism such as slavery was not race oriented, as feudal serfs were 'white'. They were not of the same gens, or genetic stock as the royals, or even the lower gentry branches. As I have discussed elsewhere, as does hexane527, religious wars were employed to encourage people, including emancipated serfs, to move to the colonies. In effect, some Sheep were promoted to Sheepdog status as they became slaveowners, the Bible's Ham now being used to justify race based slavery, and as well, the intellectually baseless onset of the Romantic Movement in the 1730's (the very first product of the modern university system at England's George II's University of Gottingen).

So the following has the link to hexane527's blog post and my reply to John:

Hexane527's timeline is further out. You might find his logic and historical grasp intriguing.
Thx John.

I have quickly skimmed that article and, yes, Hexane527 has some interesting arguments and overlap with our positions. It appears that we generally agree with the role of the 'Jews', which we label as Sheepdogs (aka Suffering Servants), as opposed to the elite Shepherds. And, I generally agree over the role of the entire Reformation project, with the Tudor creation of the Anglican Church intended to control and mitigate the other sectarians. And, I agree with the colonization parallel to the USA with especially the OT narrative for the semi-historical Conquest of Canaan and the current Israeli project.