The Irreproducibility Crisis in Science

Richard Stanley

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The following video is a talk about the Irreproducibilty Crisis, aka the Reproducibility Crisis, in contemporary Science. It discusses the various reasons that 'scientists' can come to errant and non-reproducible results. Among other phenomenon it discusses the problem of non-transparency in data and the problem of a priori agendas affecting conclusions.

Imagine if a global institution like the UN created a program called Agenda 21, and that institution created an agency whose apocalyptic work product is used to support the goals of that 'agenda'. And that the current pope supports said agenda and the conclusions of that other agency.


Jerry Russell

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Didn't you just say we were going to agree to disagree, over in the MMGW thread?

Randall's conclusion is that policy makers should rely on research that's been reproduced. That would be true of the global temperature data. We have the basic weather station dataset, an alternative weather station dataset, satellite data (after corrections for errors by Christy & Spencer), and 173 independent proxy datasets, all giving similar results.

Richard Stanley

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Yes, I'm not going to debate you on MMGW. However, here I'm just pointing out the peculiarity that the UN's global Agenda 21 seems tightly linked to the IPCC agenda. You can call the IPCC interpretation of the imcomplete and extrapolated data set not conflicting with reality if you so desire and I'm not debating that with you, it is theoretically possible after all that a powerful agenda does not impact conclusions. The problems only happen when money and power are at stake, no one's ox is getting gored here