The Harmonisation of the Gospels with Josephus


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Currently working on the harmonisation of the Gospels with Josephus, for maximum parallel unlocking potential, based on the the best one I could find (at Biblehub). I'll keep John in there, but he definitely seems like a later redaction under Domitian, so I'm not too concerned at this stage in getting his contributions in correct sync with the synoptic Gospels.

I already know fishers of men was slightly out of place, but this also looks like a potential error to be followed up on pretty quickly:

Jerry Russell

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Thanks Giles! I made this another sticky.

I can't find the synoptic comparison at Biblehub. Another good one is at:

I take it that the yellow color-coding indicates a sequence problem? Joe's idea was just to look at the sequence in Luke. The new parallels 'daughters of Jairus/Jacimus', 'Tolerance of Tyre and Sidon', 'Lifeless desert without trees or fruit', and 'Purple clothing concealing deformities' are either out of sequence in Luke, or entirely missing in Luke, but appear correctly in Matthew and/or Mark. On the other hand, I count ~16 parallels that are either out of sync in Matthew, or that don't appear at all there.


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Yeah, there's obviously been some shuffling after shutting out Jesus Barabbas perhaps! Josephus helps, but John doesn't!