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I thought I had posted on the Hamitic Hypothesis before, but apparently naughty. As such, the following video is a TED Talk presentation by Michael Robinson which discusses a hypothesis (sometimes labeled a theory) by the journalist/explorer Henry Morton Stanley (of Dr. Livingstone fame) that seemingly 'white' peoples claimed to be spread around the pre-Columbian world might be the remnants of the Biblical Ham.

I would place the Hamitic Hypothesis is a similar genre as the development of the baseless Romantic Movement that originated as the very first academic product of the 'modern' university system, launched at the University of Gottingen under the sponsoring aegis of England's George (Hanover) II. As you can see, I've referenced the Romantic Movement frequently:[users]=Richard+Stanley&o=date

Robinson is certainly correct that such as the Hamitic Hypothesis has later led to much carnage such as the Hutu/Tutsi genocide, but there have also been other divide and conquer divisions made in the break up of the colonial period that don't seem to depend upon this thesis, e.g. the infamous Sykes-Picot Agreement.

It is also rather sardonic that under the Hamitic Hypothesis that 'whites' are under the lineage of Ham, while Ham's son, Canaan, was used as the Biblical basis for late race-based slavery. If course, Robinson discusses that the trio of Noah's sons were used to explain most all of the major racial categories, so I guess the leap there is not that far.

Robinson did miss other geographical 'racial' anomalies, such as 'whites' in 'Minnesota' or blacks in Central (Olmecs) and South America, not to mention the vast civilization of the so-called Mound Builders. And, he neglected to mention another increasing likely explanation for such phenomenon. This being the large and better evidence for the Diffusionist Theory (including Catastrophism) over that of the currently dominating paradigm of Uniformitarianism.