The Founding of Radical Islam by Western Counter-Intelligence?

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It has been recorded by others that radical Wahhabi Islam in Saudi Arabia came about in the late 18th century with the arrival of the British there, getting Mr. al (Bert) Wahhab to shill his stripped down version of conventional Sunni Islam. Doing so was a boon to the House of Saud in consolidating control over most of the Arabian Peninsula, which the British put to profit till the Americans took over influence post-WWII.

Similar to the recent spate of books commenting on the Apostle Paul strongly appearing to have been a Roman military counter-intelligence operative against the radical rural Jewish nationalists, whom were also literal interpreters of their holy texts (as opposed to the 'urban elites' of Jerusalem), the following excerpted long article discusses an American from a military family who it now appears to be ISIS's primary propaganda voice. One who made the push for ISIS to declare a caliphate. His main radicalization seems to have taken place in England. Hmmm

His plans were thwarted for a time after the Free Syrian Army captured him. He was eventually released, and silently vowed to return to behead his captors. For a brief while he feigned cooperation with the group. But in mid-2015, he made his way to the caliphate’s capital. His shattered back would have earned him exemption from frontline military duty—but isis’s leadership by then recognized that his talents were best put to use not as a grunt but as a scholar and spokesman.

On December 8, 2015, Yahya’s voice came through clearly on Al Bayan radio—the voice of the Islamic State. He is now the Islamic State’s leading producer of high-end English-language propaganda as a prolific writer for its flagship magazines, Dabiq and Rumiyah. For a while, he tweeted under pseudonyms, but in keeping with a general Islamic State move toward other, better-encrypted media, he stopped and now appears to be limited to official channels. The profile photo for one of his last personal Twitter accounts is a well-worn laptop with a Browning 9-mm semiautomatic handgun resting across the keyboard. ...

The article does not make the connection that this person might be acting so, and so here I am reading between the lines.

This person, became extraordinarily adept with classical Arabic and Islamic law, such that he was adept at arguing with Islamic imams, pushing a similarly strict version of literalist, intolerant Islam.

Of course, one finds prescriptions for such bloody intolerance within the Quran, as with the genocidal Judaeo-Christian OT. However, as is pointed out in Wright's book, The Evolution of God, the Quran alternates between quite open tolerance and interfaith dialogue and extreme intolerance depending upon whether Muhammad and his nascent movement are being attacked or not.

Another interesting parallel, to Dave McGowan's work on rock musician's of the 60's, is 'Yahya' / John's youthful counterculture dabbling in drugs which was retained even as Yahya made his conversion. This is like radical Islamic 9/11 terrorists drinking liquor and going to strip clubs.

Yahya's creativeness was able to discover legal workarounds to the Islamic proscriptions against such drug use. The family story is that Yahya (John) was not physically robust enough for the family tradition of military duty. This person's father, who claims to have disowned him, took his supposedly radical wife (and 3 sons) back in after they made an Islamically illegal migration back out of the caliphate to safety. The wife now wears stylish Western clothing and such.

And finally, we see that he has a parallel to Steve Bannon's hate for secularists. Cui bono?

One difference with the Apostle Paul is that Yahya is stoking extremism, but here we must note that the extremism is directed against fellow Islamists, Yahzidis, and secularists.
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Thx for the 'like'. I made some grammatical clarifications and the following:

Another interesting parallel, to Dave McGowan's work on rock musician's of the 60's, is 'Yahya' / John's youthful counterculture dabbling in drugs which was retained even as Yahya made his conversion. This is like radical Islamic 9/11 terrorists drinking liquor and going to strip clubs.
Joe mentioned a rumor that the Saudi royal family might be Jewish. I tried to track this down, and a typical source of the story seems to be this one:

Boiled down to the essentials, the claim is that in ~1447 AD, a Jew named Mordakhai concealed himself as an Arab. After a number of adventures, he took sanctuary at a farm near Riyadh, and murdered the owner of the farm. The newcomer "practiced polygamy by marrying a lot of Arab women and begot many children", the story says.

Some 300 years later (1744), a descendant of Mordakai by the name of ibn Saud teamed up with the theologian Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab to found the Saudi royal family. Ibn Saud and Wahab set out to 'purify Islam', and create a united Arabian peninsula. Their campaign apparently involved a theological appeal to righteousness, as well as a military conquest.

Hmmm... after ~8 generations of intermarriage with the local Arabs, the fraction of Jewish blood in the actual founder of the Saudi dynasty would have been 1 part in 256. And that's even assuming that the story about Mordakhai is true. (Also, the ten commandments would obviously frown on Mordekhai's alleged behavior. In fact, part of the anti-Semitism of the story is the matter-of-fact characterization of murdery and treachery as expected Jewish behaviors.)

Somewhat more credibly, an Iraqi military intelligence report from 2002 quotes earlier studies that say Wahab himself was the grandson of a Donmeh Jew. The Iraqi report also relies heavily on the journal of "Humfer" (that is, Hempher) which purports to show that the British were the ultimate source of Wahab's ideas. Hempher's diary is certainly a forgery, as discussed here.

The first readily verifiable British intelligence involvement with promoting the Saudi royals and their Wahabbi faith, was in 1901, when the British Protectorate of Kuwait assisted the Sauds. They had been utterly routed by the Al Rashid clan in 1891, and driven into exile. Following WWI, the Saudi state became a British protectorate as well, part of an alliance against the Ottomans.

Freemasonry is ostensibly illegal in Saudi Arabia, but as Joe rightly pointed out on the show, the Saudis make abundant use of Freemason symbolism. For pictures, see:
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I'm pretty sure there was a book published in the last year or so that documents the British involvement with Mr. Wahab, about the time of the American Revolution.
New books are coming out all the time that discuss the Hempher diary, with varying degrees of credulity or skepticism. I can't find any books that are obviously breaking new ground aside from that.
I'm not sure the Hempher diary is the same account as what I'm referring to, based upon the description given in your link. But, I haven't yet found my prior references to the matter.

As I remember, the person involved was a British government official and the contact with Wahab was much later than the Hempher diary allows for. As I said, much closer to the time of the American Revolution. Maybe it is all crap, but assuming the account I'm remembering is correct maybe the Hempher account was put out to muddy the waters?

In any case, if the linked book is correct, the interests of the Saudis and the Brits clearly overlapped significantly against those of the Ottomans.
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Besides this aspect of Islam is others. Like the association of the Nazari (Aga Khan Ismaeli) Shiites with the Crusade era Knights Templar, and 1,000 years later we find a close association between the Aga Khan and such as the Bush family. The Nazari collaborated with the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected president of Iran in the 1950's. Back in the day, the Nazari had a special cadre that became famous as the Assassins.