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The Forbidden Bookshelf is a project of Professor Mark Crispin Miller to republish books that have been shaded by various means so as to effectively censor them. One means is to have the media marginalize them by declaring them to be works of "conspiracy theory".

These are all well documented works, but now cost a mint to buy from their original releases.

Here are a few of them that are right up our alley.

  • Votescam, By James Collier and Kenneth Collier
    The groundbreaking investigation into the corruption of American democracy, beginning at the voting booth.
  • Dallas '63, By Peter Scott
    With a foreword by Rex Bradford and a preface by Bill Simpich: From deep within American society emerged the plot that killed a president.
  • Inside Job, By Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker and Paul Muolo
    A fast-paced and gripping account of one of history’s most infamous financial disasters. [The Savings and Loan Scandal]
  • The Wages of War, By Richard Severo and Lewis Milford
    A disturbing chronicle of the US government’s mistreatment of American soldiers and veterans throughout history, with a new introduction by Charles Sheehan-Miles.
  • Deadly Deceits, By Ralph Mcgehee
    A veteran of two and a half decades with the Central Intelligence Agency unmasks the culture of lethal lies at its foundation in this devastating exposé, now with a new foreword by David MacMichael.
  • Science of Coercion, By Christopher Simpson
    A provocative and eye-opening study of the essential role the US military and the Central Intelligence Agency played in the advancement of communication studies during the Cold War era, now with a new introduction by Robert W. McChesney and a new preface by the author.
  • The Lords of Creation, By Frederick Allen
    An acclaimed classic detailing the economic history of America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and exposing the capitalist giants who changed the world.
  • Blowback, By Christopher Simpson
    The true story of how US intelligence organizations employed Nazi war criminals in clandestine warfare and propaganda against the USSR, anticolonial revolutionaries, and progressive movements worldwide that were claimed to be Soviet pawns; includes a new, previously suppressed introduction by the author on the CIA’s declassification of Nazi-related records.
  • The Phoenix Program, By Douglas Valentine
    A shocking exposé of the covert CIA program of widespread torture, rape, and murder of civilians during America’s war in Vietnam, with a new introduction by the author.
  • The Hidden History of the Korean War, By I. Stone
    Journalistic icon I. F. Stone’s courageous, controversial book both raises and answers troubling questions about this forgotten war; now with a new introduction by Bruce Cumings.
  • Assassination on Embassy Row, By Saul Landau and John Dinges
    Edgar Award Finalist: The gripping account of an assassination on US soil and the violent foreign conspiracy that stretched from Pinochet’s Chile to the streets of Washington, DC, with a new introduction by Ariel Dorfman.


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