The Flavian Signature - Galilee - Sacrificial Purification

Jerry Russell

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There seems to be one big parallel running from Luke 9:18-36 and JW 4,10,610 thru 5,1,20, with extra parallels coming from Matt 16:14-17:8, encompassing CM #10 and #11 as well as this.


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Luke 9:18-25 and Matt. 16:21-26 is "Loose and Bound", i.e. Vespasian and Titus as the real God and son of God - Simon is told this and offered the "keys to Rome" but refuses so Titus responds with "Get behind me satan ... you are a stumbling block!"

The rest of Luke and Matthew (notwithstanding a small block to do with the Son of Man) is the above parallel about divine precincts vs. three tabernacles, i.e. a famous place of worship for several gods/prophets where everyone was killed leaving Titus as the supreme.

Need to check CM#10 and 11, but the above are all separate - most parallels like these are evidently based on large paragraph blocks - in the larger scheme of things - in Josephus and the Gospels:


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There could be more to understanding this parallel from the next verse:

Mark 9:9-13
9 As they were coming down from the mountain, He gave them orders not to relate to anyone what they had seen, until the Son of Man rose from the dead. 10 They seized upon that statement, discussing with one another what rising from the dead meant. 11 They asked Him, saying, “Why is it that the scribes say that Elijah must come first?” 12 And He said to them, “Elijah does first come and restore all things. And yet how is it written of the Son of Man that He will suffer many things and be treated with contempt? 13 “But I say to you that Elijah has indeed come, and they did to him whatever they wished, just as it is written of him.”