The Final Trump of the Narcopalypse

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Richard Stanley, Jun 12, 2018.

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    The following 77 minute video is an interesting talk on Trump's narcissism. It was made just before the inauguration, and so we can see whether Grannon got anything right or not. Richard Grannon is someone focused on NLP and narcissism, NPD.

    My view is that Trump is indeed a real narcissist, but that this aspect was recognized long ago and steered towards what we are witnessing. He was being groomed for this by at least the 70's if not before. As Trump said recently about preparing for the current summit with Kim, that he's been training for this all his life. Was this just a rhetorical flourish?

    If it is possible to use psychological techniques to mitigate against a narcissistic personality, then it should also be possible to steer one as well. But there are likely no published studies of this being the case as to the moral outrage that might arise, like the outrage against Machiavelli's The Prince. There is no moral outrage expressed against the Biblical Samson, because this character's behavior is 'normalized' within its religious context.

    At just after 15 minutes in Grannon makes some interesting comments about Putin's defense of Trump's moral behavior regarding sexual behavior with women. Why would Trump need prostitutes when he has such proximity to so many stunning beauty contest women, and besides, Russia has the best looking prostitutes. So much for Russian Orthodox moral superiority. Or is this evidence of it?

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    Funny that you should mention narcissism on the eve of the summit meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un. At the summit, Trump presented Kim with an amazingly narcissistic video production. It was created as a fake movie trailer, meaning that we are supposed to imagine that an entire Hollywood movie could be produced about the simple subject matter. Trump and Kim are presented as the two Great Men who can actually Make a Difference, as opposed to the millions of faceless drones celebrating their greatness.

    But it struck me, that the video also portrayed the narcissism of American and indeed Western material culture. If Korea's Great Leader makes the Right Choice, the North Korean people will be ushered into an age of material prosperity, filled with cars and machinery and life-saving medical technology. The downside of being a low-cost labor country in the Western system; as well as Western worldwide problems of pollution, resource depletion, monetary insanity, and oligarchy, are passed over without any mention.

    I wasn't sure whether to post this video, because (1) no doubt, everybody has already seen it; and (2) within a day or two, I'm sure someone will come up with a much funnier parody; even though this is already a White House self-parody. But, for the record, here it is.

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    Yes, this is pretty amazing. One has to wonder if anyone in the Trump family is self-aware enough to appreciate the vapidness being portrayed, or not? This is much like Ivanka's glowing selfie with her son in contrast with children being torn away from their parents at the border.

    I forgot to mention, in terms of narcissism about Trump's claims that he is the only one who can accomplish the necessary great deeds. His quickey, smoke and mirrors Kim summit seems all staged to demonstrate to his cult that he does indeed have such messianic power. It did accomplish some nice things for China and Russia however, and I'm guessing Kim will take great advantage as well.

    I was just reading Redles intro in his Hitler's Millennial Reich where the proto-Nazis of the day were very concerned with the materialism and 'modernism' of such of the Weimar era society. They were very concerned with the cultural degeneration of Germany, which they frequently called 'American' (when not blaming the Jews), and thus they were primed to accept their prophet and messiah, Adolf Hitler. That cultural 'degeneration' was brought on by the various social dynamics of such as decades of industrialization prior to WWI, and its urbanization. These were 'traditionalists' bemoaning the arrival of the 'modern' world. Now we Americans are in the midst of our own relative Wiemar era and we have our narcissist proclaiming he is the only one who can fix our problems.
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    We need to see how the geopolitical alignments play out. Perhaps Kim has genuinely made a choice to join the Western team. And if so, perhaps the North Korean nukes will be re-targeted towards Kim's former partners in Russia and China.

    Western industrial capitalism does need an Enemy, otherwise why would we need to spend all that money on armaments? Everybody can't join the Western economy, otherwise who would all those ICBM's and SLBM's be targeted at?

    Perhaps what we've seen unfold, is that China and Russia have desperately been trying to join the West -- not only for economic benefits, but because they don't want to be the target of economic sanctions, color revolutions, CIA assassinations, or possible nuclear war. But, it hasn't worked for them! No matter how many concessions they make, they're still targeted for nuclear annihilation.

    If Kim decided to dump the Chinese and join the American side instead, who could blame him? Or perhaps he's trying to play DeGaulle's game, as when DeGaulle said that French nuclear weapons could fire in any direction. As to Kim giving up his nukes, I'll believe it when I see it.
  5. Jerry Russell

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    Sure enough, Trump has become an inspiration to fake trailer directors everywhere. From Jimmy Kimmel....

    And, "Conan"...
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