The Distributed Idea Suppression Complex, DISC

Richard Stanley

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The following discusses a range of topics in contemporary society as to how the top echelon of society manages to control the narrative for any issue important to the maintenance its hegemony over the masses. Eric Weinstein has coined this as the DISC construct.

As such the discuss the multi-institutional corruption of Science (using the 'broken' mice), the Jeff Epstein and Prince Andrew business, and more. Weinstein differentiates between a journalistically 'uninteresting' story from an 'anti-interesting' story. The latter is why otherwise interesting and important stories die because the DISC construct serves to make them variously ignored. This is how the best independent coverage of matters such as 9/11 were successfully dealt with, with a refusal of mainstream media and individuals to engage with them, rather to focus on obviously ridiculous strawman theories.

On it's own, Weinstein's discussion of the Epstein matter is very insightful, his questions pointing to the real, hidden power construct, ala the metaphor of the Matrix.


Claude Badley

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Welcome back, Richard. Glad to read your ongoing posts again.

That's a very good video too, Richard, since Eric Weinstein (EW) seems to know his stuff re journalistic self-censorship. He may do better still in the future too, since, given his corrupt origins in mathematical physics he seems to be learning more & more of the actual physical world.

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Richard Stanley

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If you liked that, watch this one about the "secret seminars" at Harvard, and presumably elsewhere.

From this we can discern the manner in which elite society has sidestepped the rules and norms which most had assumed were in place for everyone. I think generally this system has been in place for far longer that Weinstein appears to think. Epstein has a name and acronym for the elite layer, that I forget, so maybe another member can post that after watching these.

I probably should have emphasized about the first video that Weinstein asserts that Epstein's role as a hedge fund manager, and the fund itself, have all the hallmarks of an intelligence front, not remotely functional in terms of such as traceable trading activity, yet the MSM refuses to go there. Such is how Western Civililization really works, not by sham democracy .. or republics. It's all a rigged shell game.
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