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For a prior instance of nuclear saber rattling, and also in proximity to the Cold War rise of the Kim Dynasty. It also invokes the Virgin Mary (and the Fatima business), and as a result, I checked Stellarium, and it seems that the Sun was in Virgo at the time. So as the Sun was shining in the Vatican windows, apparently so was the Virgin, our Lady of Fatima. I wonder if there is some kind of inside joke, or other cryptic aspect, about the zig-zagging Sun?

The following excerpt is part of the historical background to the Vietnam conflict.

The Knights of Columbus, BTW, are the Catholics' mirrored answer to the Freemasons, even using near identical seating arrangements to the masonic lodges.

The Miraculous Zig-Zagging Sun
Pius XII not only was cognizant of the Boston "preventive atomic war" speech delivered by the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus but he came out in the open to magnify its message in one of the most astounding performances ever staged by any modern Pope. That is, he mobilized the Catholic world to support Catholic Matthews' preventive atomic conflict, indeed to condition hundreds of millions of members of his own Church to accept it as the necessary measure ordained by Heaven itself, so as to further his own long-range political schemes. How did he do it? By staging the greatest fake miracle of the century.

Only three months after his Privy Chamberlain, Mr. Matthews, Secretary of the American Navy, had called on the U.S. to begin the war against Bolshevik Russia, Pope Pius XII was visited at the Vatican by none other than the Virgin Mary herself, in person and with no little commotion. It happened in October of that same year, 1950. Pope Pius XII kept the celestial visitation to himself for a short while. Then disclosed it to a few Vatican inmates, after which, being the skillful strategist that he was, he set in motion his religious machinery with the specific intent of coming to the help of Mr. Matthews' "preventive war" policy.

Pius' objective was a logical one. Once he had made sure that Mr. Matthews' war seeds had sunk well into the minds of political and military leaders, he gave himself the task of implanting them with equal effectiveness in the minds of the Catholic millions, not via politics or propaganda, but directly via religion. To that end, after the Virgin had visited him at the Vatican he ordered that her coming celebrations at Fatima, Portugal, should be the most spectacular ever staged. The papal ordinance was fulfilled to the letter. The following year, in October, 1951, a monster pilgrimage of well over one million people was convened before the shrine.

To mark the exceptional character of the celebration, Pius XII dispatched there his own personal representative, a top cardinal. He charged Cardinal Tedeschini with a most extraordinary task, namely, to disclose to the millions of devotees that the Virgin Mary had visited him, Pope Pius XII.

And so it came to pass that one October day, after the one million throng had sung the Ave Maria, recited the Rosary, and re-sang the Litanies, Cardinal Tedeschini faced the massive crowd, and in a voice filled with emotion, solemnly disclosed to the astounded pilgrims that "another person has seen this same miracle . . . " (namely the miracle of the Virgin Mary appearing to the three children back in 1917, when the sun zig-zagged in the sky.) "He saw it outside Fatima," the cardinal went on to say. "Yes, he saw it years later. He saw it at Rome. The Pope, the same our Pontiff, Pius XII . . . yes he saw it." [1] The cardinal then gave a few relevant details concerning when and how the miracle occurred. "On the afternoon of October 30th, 1950, at 4 p.m., "said the cardinal (that is, three months after Catholic Matthews delivered his preventive atomic war speech), "the Holy Father turned his gaze from the Vatican gardens to the sun, and there . . . was renewed for his eyes the prodigy of the Valley of Fatima." And what was the prodigy? Here are the exact words of the cardinal, sent there specifically by Pope Pius XII himself to disclose the story to the world:

Pope Pius XII was able to witness the life of the sun (author's reminder: a huge burning sphere 866,000 miles in diameter) . . . under the hand of Mary. The sun was agitated, all convulsed, transformed into a picture of life . . . in a spectacle of celestial movements . . . in transmission of mute but eloquent messages to the Vicar of Christ.

This did not occur once, but on three successive days: October 30 and 31 and November 1, 1950.The Catholic press and hierarchies exulted. Catholic theologians, including Jesuits, gave thanks to the Virgin for the privilege. Some of them, nevertheless, commented that Pope Pius XII must have been a greater saint even than they had suspected since, while Catholic tradition was full of visions in the lives of the patriarchs, apostles and martyrs, there were no recorded instances in modern church history of a papal vision having been announced in the lifetime of a Pope.[2]

The one million pilgrims, at the cardinal's disclosure, became delirious. So did countless millions of Catholics throughout the world. If the Virgin Mary had appeared to the Pope, obviously then her promises about Bolshevik Russia being converted to the Catholic Church were about to come true. And how could they be fulfilled if not via the "preventive war" preached by Catholic leaders in the U.S. ...

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The situation is rapidly deteriorating in Korea now. North Korea says that Trump's recent speeches and tweets amount to a declaration of war. I'm not sure about that, but the trade embargo declared by Trump (going past even draconian UN-authorized trade restrictions) could easily be seen not only as an act of war, but also a war crime. The Geneva Convention says it's a war crime to try to deprive the civilian population of basic means for survival.

North Korea says they now have the right to shoot down American bombers flying nearby, even outside North Korean airspace.

Joseph DeThomas, a longtime diplomat and currently a professor at Penn State, says "The lamps are going out in Asia." Comparing the situation to the events leading up to WWI, he says:

...many historians now credit Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany’s July 2, 1914 telegram to the Austrian government, which gave his ally a so-called blank check to do whatever it wished in the crisis with Serbia, as the fatal step that set the machinery inexorably in motion for the catastrophe of World War I. Trump shares one common and dangerous trait with the Kaiser: both were amateur militarists given to public bluster and adopting an ultra-nationalist bully-boy style of diplomacy, in part to cover up vast weaknesses in their own characters and their lack of understanding of their countries’ true strengths. But neither of these individuals intended to unleash catastrophe. Certainly, the Kaiser would never have sent his blank check if he had known it would result in the fall of his own dynasty, the disappearance of centuries-old empires, the death of millions, and the emergence of Nazism in his country. No doubt, Trump sees himself as a heroic figure standing up to a mad tyrant using rhetoric, economic pressure and, if necessary, military force to break him. He does not see because he does not understand the vast risks he is running for his own citizens, or millions of residents of East Asia.

Rick, of course, will take issue with the claim that Trump is unintentionally drifting into the situation. But regardless of intention, the flow of things seems to be set in motion.
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This is a similar phenomenon as described by Keith Hunter, only in addressing how the planets' positions correlate to the Sun Spot Cycles. This by affecting the angular momentum of the Sun, apparently stressing its surface and interior.