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YouTube recommended his interview to me, and at first I was primed to disregard it. The general, Robert Spalding, has some more mainstream, traditional views of America, which I once held. That said, his analysis of the China situation is very interesting, especially as this interview was posted near the time of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Spalding's thesis, from his book Stealth War, covers a wide range of topics, including the economic and political infiltration of China and the CCP into the West and the USA. This includes such as Joe Biden's and Mitch McConnell's ties, the relevance of the 5G controversy, the meaning of the vast China's "ghost cities" and more. Spalding explains that China's big expansion more recently is being financed by the "American recovery" money from the 2008 crisis, which ironically includes American worker retirement funds. Chinese law makes repatriation of foreign capital to the respective home countries' next to impossible, which also means that American and other corporate financial statements are, once again, incorrect as to asset quality categorization.

The end of the interview contrasts Trump (and a prior mention of Bannon) as being a lone pillar against what China is doing. Of course, we have some different ideas about how all this plays together.

Spalding was booted out of the Obama NSC because of a leaked paper of his regarding taking a different tack on the domestic development of 5G, which Spalding discusses China's leading implementation to be very invasive to its citizens, for purposes of maintaining CCP control (which they discuss is like a mafia).

Spalding is a member of the CFR, so this should guide one's interpretation of it all.

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