How far did you go, it starts off poorly for roughly the first 15 minutes, but eventually you can see the discussion.
I watched the whole thing, but only because it popped up on YouTube. When I go to the site link there is no video, only links for Jamie Janover show up.
Another bombshell from Charles N. Pope: "Mary de Vere married Sir Eustace (Hart). The name Eustace Hart is a complete joke name. It means "Stag of Fruitful Seed." King James had proved himself as the most fertile prince of that time, and that's why he was the new Great King. Eustace Hart has King James written all over it".
The descendants of Mary de Vere were eventually the closest by blood to Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, Lord Great Chamberlain
This would include her American descendants by Sir Eustace Hart ( "joke name" for King James I).
Except for public family trees, the documentation and very existence of John Hart appeared to have been "scrubbed" (as Miles Mathis might put it), so that no one could make an American connection from Declaration of Independence Signer John Hart back to Edward de Vere and Francis Bacon.
Charles N. Pope believes that the John Hart who eventually came to America was John Casimir (Hart), King of Poland and one time Jesuit Cardinal.
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This is a very strange biography for sure. This John Casimir is a Sforza, and really got around Europe besides the dual career with the Jesuits. Or, is it once a Jesuit always a Jesuit?
officially unrecorded son John Hart, presumed to be the founder of the Vere/Hart American family.
The following examples will show you how Byzantine the relationships can be from this family (after all, they were once Byzantine Emperors themselves). After the Civil War, a descendant of this Vere/Hart American family married the great-great-grandaunt of the heir to the third largest cranberry producer in the United States, who also became a Republican county chairman and "boss", whom a former governor called "the chairman of the chairmen". This "boss" was the first cousin of the father of Kellyanne Conway, former counselor to the President. In turn, Kellyanne Conway is the first cousin of the father of Giovanna Coia, a White House press assistant, who last year married John Pence, the nephew of VP Mike Pence, and who is a senior advisor for the Trump campaign.
Other Vere/Hart descendants are the first cousins of the father of a then New York model and actress, whom then bachelor Donald Trump asked out for a date. However, she turned him down, as he was old enough to be her father, and so missed out on a chance to possibly become a future First Lady. Or, unknown to either of them, was his status not high enough for a cousin of these Elite descendants at the time? Anybody need a road map to figure all of this out (and to think that this all started from "dead end" ancestor John Hart!)?
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In the 12th-century, Melusine's descendant, Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford and legal pretender to the Earldom of Huntingdon, was appointed as King Richard I's Steward of the forest lands of Fitzooth. As Lord of the Greenwood and titular Herne of the Wild Hunt, he was a popular people's champion of the Sidhé heritage - as a result of which he was outlawed for taking up arms against King John. It was he who, subsequently styled Robin Fitzooth, became the prototype for the popular tales of Robin Hood.