The bomb that went boom the boomers they called us

Jerry Russell

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Moved these two posts from Loren to this thread, since the main topic seems to be 'population reduction'.

P&P episode 36 is mainly about American militarism, and how it is fed by Hollywood propaganda. Joe mentions several times, that he thinks the goal of all this militarism and propaganda is genocide.

But, isn't there another instrumental goal to the militarist propaganda? Namely, isn't it aimed at supplying personnel, funding and support for the military? And isn't this military power being used to project Globalist and Corporate power in regions of the globe that have been deemed insufficiently subordinate to the Imperial project?

Tim and Joe have a subtle anti-Jewish slant that comes through in a couple of places. Starting about 42:00, the hosts discuss who "They" are:

I suggested that maybe perhaps another topic might be who they is... I ran into that over the weekend... some relatives are talking about who 'they' is. They said, "who's they"; and I go: B'nai B'rith, ADL, Council of Foreign Relations...

elite Jewish banking families, skull and bones...

At 44:30, Joe returns to the topic of "they" after a digression about democracy:

...there is a system of control that's invisible inside the thing. It has to exist, it does exist. We don't understand the real connections that the secret society has through the generals and chiefs of staff. I mean, they're probably family members; ethnic, you know, cryptos or whoever. They are people who have taken oaths.

At 50:45, Joe says:

to understand what's going on you have to look far deeper into what the oligarchs intend for the region. And therefore, the way that they get to that point, every single thing, every element... you know, the Yemen situation, Saudi Arabia is now battling there. All of this is nonsense, all of the rationale. It's all just population reduction. Over a long term you're gonna end up with the Muslims being moved out, and greater Israel, you know, from the Nile to the Euphrates and beyond. That's what the phrase actually states. So that's really what is gonna be the end result. That's what the Oligarchs want. And everything goes on in between is just you know cockamamie tactical propaganda maneuvers.

Joe's concept of the Secret Society is that it is basically a Jewish ("crypto") ethnic conspiracy. I don't see the concept here that the oligarchs have any goal other than the glorification of Israel; or that Muslims (especially Sunni) are not so much being targeted for destruction, as they are being groomed to become good Global citizens.