The AI take over is here ?

Richard Stanley

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I watched an edited version of the same interview last night. Unlike this version above mine didn't have the opening blurb about September 23, 2017, and that something specific related to Sophia indeed happened on that date, besides my claim to Jerry that, at a minimum the date is a astrological time marker for Revelation 12.

This is also very interesting given the massive events going on in Saudia Arabia, besides the making of Sophia a citizen. Symbolically, the odd ceremony where Trump and Globalist laid their hands on the glowing orb, a so-called palantir ball, as in Lord of the Rings (see below). And that Kushner has the embedded chip (the mark of the Beast) company running out of 666 Fifth Avenue, a property that he grossly overpaid for, BTW. Also, that Trump accolyte, Peter Thiel, is associated with Palantir Corp.

There is also discussion about the massive energy needed to power this, and I wonder if this is really what happened to thorium power, killed by the AEC/NRC in its infancy. There is also mention of connections to the Clintons, so is the Uranium One deal a misdirection.


They also discussed what I have mentioned before, about the possibility of an encryption backdoor into crypto-currencies.

In the edited version I don't remember them stating what exactly what happened on 9/23/17. So, I am watching your version above, to see what I missed, but I still didn't see it.

According to Rev 12, the new savior is born, which is what the September 23rd meta-alignment displays. If this is something that Sophia is supposed to represent, then this does make sense in one school of astrological, esoteric JudeoChristianity. Namely that the feminine Sophia, representing Wisdom will reclaim authority from the prior paradigm. So what does this mean for the Space Jesus concept promoted by the Vatican? Is Space Jesus also a misdirection from AI?

And so, as Michaels suggests, who gets to control this AI, the elites, ... or us?