That moment when atheists take the Bible more literally than Christians

I live in a pyramid made of chimpigs.

Somewhere at or near the top or certainly much higher than I am, sit the ones who believe in... well, I don't know what they believe in, and it very well may be that they don't, either. Maybe the closest I can come is to say that they seem to believe in "whatever works," including claiming a belief in Christianity which is only such a thin veil for their obsession with domination and exploitation. Two Corinthians, anyone?

Somewhere beneath them are people who may actually believe in the Bible to one extent or another, but don't seem to explore or question that belief, nor do they seem to question the incongruence between their own consumption and general behavior and the tenets of the book they're only too happy to claim as their own.

Further down, still are these scientifically-minded atheists and agnostics, utterly convinced of how "reasonable" they are. Many of them are quite content to acknowledge what a "great guy" Jesus was. But as close as my own position supposedly is to theirs, I really find them to be the most frustrating gatekeepers of the old superstitions. I think they toss out the parts of the faith that can have value - the ritual, the philosophy, etc. - but want to retain, and even expand (as seen in this video) a false historical narrative!

And even in the unlikely event that there is a literal history contained in the gospels to be reconstructed, what would even be the point? Can we feed hungry people if we resolve the conflict caused by Herod's death preceding Quirinius' census? Will xenophobia disappear once we know the hour and minute at which Joseph cut the umbilical cord?

Obviously not. Therefore, it seems to me that in their attempts to be "reasonable," these scientifically-minded "atheists" are unconsciously working to bolster false belief in a fictitious historical narrative. Very frustrating :: sigh ::

Richard Stanley

Yes, this is generally what I was trying to say elsewhere about the making 'literal' of what had previously been metaphorical myths, for transferring collective wisdom from one generation to the next.

The Jewish canon turned these stories into an unprecedented historical narrative mashed up with their intolerant version of the one god. And then this was layered upon with Xianity.

And if so-called rationalists are doing just such, just think what the religious zealots are up to? As the late William F. Buckley said, "Immanentizing the Eschaton". Of course, Bush 41's "thousand points of light" keep precessing inexorably and so now the 'global' zealots (sorry about the mixed metaphors) are stuck fulfilling their narrative, or else will they lose face .. or more?

The Fifth and Sixth Trumpet have clearly sounded, the Jesuit pope has stared into the bottomless pit (September 2015) and then subsequently declared that the new savior has been born. The two witnesses have metaphorically been destroyed by the beast unleashed from the bottomless pit, and now in November the 7th Trumpet has sounded, surrounded by his Jesuit script(ure) handlers.