Terence McKenna

not "Terrence McKinnon". I'll delete this comment once you fix the spelling. :)

Once again, a great article from Joe on Postflaviana!

(Oops, can't delete... I'll just leave it.)
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Claude Badley

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I'm horrified, Bateson & Co. are still at large, Jerry!

At a brainless brainstorming conference in my city, called Beyond Paradigms, there is one Nora Bateson speaking - and yes, she's Gregory's daughter and belongs to the Bateson institute. She is talking about complexity. I'm not going to this loony-toon multi-day conference because I would get abusive. The good Georgist speaker there has also been teamed up with the notorious P- K- who will ruin the conference with his bland pronouncements and misleading calls for funding, as well as his membership of the Liberal Party which seeks only to sell out and sell off my state to foreign and elite interests.

Yours faithfully
Claude ever so Badly